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Pakistan: May Day 2018

By Saifee

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized May Day seminars, rallies and different programs in many cities of Pakistan. Comrades also intervened in other programs organized by different trade unions and labour organizations. Bookstalls were established in many programs which contain the writings of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and other Marxist teachers. Special May Day issue of ‘Mazdoornama’ and fortnightly ‘The Struggle’ were sold in each activity. Here we are publishing a brief report of May Day activities of PTUDC for our readers.


PTUDC and Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) organized an agitational rally from Upper Adda on May Day. In which many students and workers participated. They raised slogans against capitalism, privatization, inflation, poverty, unemployment, temporary contract base jobs, expensive education and anti-workers budget. Rally walked from Upper Adda, CMH Chowk and returned to Upper Adda where the procession was organized. Central President of PTUDC Kashmir Naveed Ishaq, District Organizer of PTUDC Muzaffarabad Tariq Chugtai, Former President of JKNSF Rashid Sheikh, Amjad Butt Shalla, Central Deputy General Secretary JKNSF Basit Irshad Baghi, District President JKNSF Faisal Rathore, Awais Ali of PTUDC, President GBSO Kashmir University Shujat Balti and others addressed the rally. While Murawat Rathore served as stage secretary. They exclaimed that the whole working class is still containing fruitful results from the sacrifice of the martyrs of Chicago, by working for 8 hours a day. They vowed to continue the struggle till the successful socialist revolution.  Moreover, they promised to fight against this brutal capitalist system. Furthermore, they demanded:

  • End of the temporary contract base jobs and deployed them on the permanent basis.
  • Immediately action on the charter of demand presented by workers’ trade unions.
  • Lift the ban on trade unions
  • End of degradation of class IV workers.

They also declared complete patronage with the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) and condemned the Genocide of Hazara Community in Quetta.


JKNSF and PTUDC arranged a rally on May Day. It walked from Degree College Ground and the procession was organized at Central Chowk. The protestors raised slogans in favour of Chicago workers’ struggle and against the atrocious capitalist system and sadistic government as well, on the issues of inflation, the business of health, class-based educational system, terrorism, privatization, and unemployment, IMF, World Bank, Capitalism and Imperialism. Central President JKNSF Abrar Latif, Khalil Babar of PTUDC, Chief Organizer JKNSF Tanveer Saleem, editor “Azam” Altamash Tasadque, Shafqat, Mujeeb and Umair from Ponch University addressed to the participants.  Afterwards, the participators of the rally also attended the seminar, which was held by PWD, where Abrar Latif and Bushra Aziz accosted with people.


May Day event was held by PTUDC and PPP. They started their rally from PWD rest house and took a round of the city. Workers, very enthusiastically, took part in it and remarkably raised slogans on the miserableness and pauperism of the state.  It was attended by workers and comrades of  PWD Workers Union, Forest Guard Association, Health Employees organization, Technical Employees Kashmir, Municipality Workers, APCA, PPP, Lawyers, Teacher Organization Kashmir, JKNSF, PSF and PTUDC. After a round of the city, a seminar was held at Sadhanoti Mall Hall. The event was presided by President PWD workers Union Sardar Khalil Ahmad whereas Sardar Raees Inqelabi of PPP was Chief Guest. General Sectary PTUDC Kashmir Abdul Wahid, District Organizer PSF Saad Nasir, President JKNSF College Unit Tayyab, Sardar Muhammad Raheem of APCA and others addressed to the participants. The participants paid tribute to the Chicago martyrs and furiously said that they would continue their struggle until they supplanted this tyrant system.

Kotli Sehnsa

On the International Labor day under the banner of PTUDC, a seminar was held at High School Sehnsa. Workers and students from different institutions participated in it. Central Senior Vice President PTUDC Kashmir Rashid Naeem, Tehsil President Teachers Organization Ameer Afzal, Zafar Advocate of PPP, Asim Khan of JKNSF and Asmat Ullah Abid addressed the participants. While Yasir served as stage secretary. They paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago workers.

Hassan Abdal

On May Day, PTUDC and Peoples Labor Bureau District Attock organized a massive public meeting in Fauji Mills Market, Hassan Abdal at 5 PM, in which more than 1500 workers participated. Workers from Bhatta Mazdoor Union, Fouji Mills, Ganj Glass Factory, PTUDC and PPP participated. The program was presided by PPP District President Attock Ashar Hayat Khan. President of Peoples Unity of PIA Rawalpindi/ Islamabad Ramzan Lagahri was the chief guest of event. The Program was chaired by Central Joint Sectary PTUDC Dr Changez Malik. The program consisted of different agendas i.e. Working class movement, Privatisation, What is Socialism? the methodology of movement and struggle, problems of contract and daily wages Jobs. Secretary-General Railway Mehnat Kash Union Rauf Awaz, Human Rights activist Dr. Farzana Bari, President People’s Labor Bureau District Attock Siraj Gul Khattak, President JKNSF Rawalpindi Naeem Azad, organizer RSF North Punjab Asif Rasheed, Information Secretary  PPP Rawalpindi Malik Najeeb, President Hydro Union District Attock Raheem Shah, Zulfiqar Hayat Khan of PPP, President PYO District Attock Malik Umair, Fida Hussain Malik of PPP, Hafiz Muhammad Naz of Brick Kiln Workers Union, Asif of PPP, Sajjad Advocate and Ishaq Mir addressed the program.


Pakistan Workers Confederation (PWC) and PTUDC organized May Day program at 10:00 am in Press Club Rawalpindi. Workers from different trade unions, students organizations and political parties participated with red flags. Muhammad Akram Bunda of PWC served as Stage Secretary and Central Joint Secretary PTUDC Dr Changez Malik paid tribute to the Martyrs of Chicago and stressed upon the importance of Labor day in his opening speech. Secretary-General People’s Unity Rawalpindi/ Islamabad Sohail Mukhtar, Secretary General of Federal Union of Journalist Ali Raza Alvi, Vice President APCA Punjab Shahzad Kiyani, Chaudary Masood Ul Hassan of AWP, Zonal Chairman of WAPDA Hydro union Tariq Khan Niazi,Chaoudary Muhammad Ashad of Mazdoor Kisan Party,  Asif Rasheed of RSF, Human Rights activist Dr Farzana Bari, Malik Fateh Khan, Zafar Ullah Niazi and Additional Secretary Sail Conservation Workers Union Chaudary Zubair addressed the program. Regional Chairman of WAPDA Hydro Union, Javaid Iqbal Baloch was the chief guest of the event. He said the main task of today is to organize and strengthen the workers’ movement. A rally was organized at the end of the program, Slogans were chanted in the rally.

PTUDC Book Stall at Rawalpindi Press Club


On May Day different organizations and trade unions organized rallies from press club Lahore. Workers were holding red flags, placards and banners which were stated by words in favour of the struggle of martyrs of Chicago. Participants in the rally chanted slogans in the favour of workers demands. Rally passed from different points of the city and ended up in Aiwan e Iqbal Lahore. Workers from All Pakistan Workers Federation, WAPDA Hydro Union, Women Action Forum and AWP participated in it. PTUDC participated in the rally with the slogans of, minimum wage should be equal to 1 tola gold, end of contract labour, against privatization, Workers of the world Unit!. Comrades of PTUDC sold Mazdoornama and fortnightly The Struggle in the rally.


On Labor Day different left-wing organizations including  PTUDC, National Labor Movement and AWP, Brick Kiln workers and Pepsi Cola workers organized a camp at Zilla Council Chowk. They paid tribute to the struggle of martyrs of Chicago. Different trade unions, student organizations and a large number of workers visited the camp. They raised slogans against the privatization, inflation, unemployment and contract based jobs. Comrades of PTUDC sold Mazdoornama and fortnightly The Struggle in the rally. PTUDC workers were also holding banners against the Genocide of Hazara Community in the Quetta.


On May, Forward Gear Worker’s Union Sialkot in collaboration with PTUDC organized a seminar at Sambrial Press Club to reintegrate the labour movement in Pakistan. Workers of different trade unions including the unions of students attended the Seminar. President PTUDC Sialkot Nasir butt Advocate, President Forward Gear Workers Union Mohammed Ali Butt, President Dry Port Union Samberial Sheikh Shafique, Information secretary PPLA Sialkot Babur Patras, Ansar Baghi fro Mobile Union Sialkot, Umair Butt from RSF and others vowed to Unite Workers in order to achieve the ultimate goal, a Proletariat State.


The minimum wage of a labour should be as high as the price of 1 tola gold. According to the Supreme Court judgment temporary contract base jobs should be eliminated and conversion into the permanent basis. Obstacles in the way of the independent union should be ended. The right of Unilateral termination of the labour by the employer should be changed to the tripartite system. Labour department has been outdated, it should be dissolved to made competent institution for the labour protection. Labourers social security and old age employees’ registration should be done by CNIC in NADRA. This was discussed in the rally, organized by PTUDC on May Day, by Central Secretary General PTUDC Qamar uz Zaman Khan, Chairman Al Sadaqat Union  Ijaz Ahmad Cheena ,Chairman Fauji Fertilizers Employees Union CBA Nawab Din Lashari, City President PPP Bashir Ahmad Somro, President APCA Municipal Sadiqabad Haji Shamshad,Vice President Provincial Highways Union Punjab Raheem Yar Khan Habib Chandia, President of Painters Union Abbas Taj, General Secretary of Action Committee all Contact Employees Union Fatima Fertilizers Jahanzaib Babar, Abdur Rehman from Open Line Railway, President of People’s Youth Organization South Punjab Khawar Bajwa, President Punjab Teachers Union M.Khalid Chaudary, Vice President Bahawalpur Teachers Union Hafiz Muhammad Asif Nadeem, Asif Sattar from Maouj Satluj,Central Vice president Traffic Yard union Railway Abdur Rehman, Divisional president Open Line Staff Association Railway Tahseen Irshad. Rally was started from Bagh Bahisht. It walked from JDW Sugar Mills Unit 2, Reliance Mills, Fatima Fertilizers Company and Fauji Fertilizers Company and reached Ghousia Chowk where workers organizations of Sadiqabad welcomed it. Workers raised slogans against privatization, Capitalism, Feudalism, Contract based jobs, anti-workers laws while holding banners and placards in their hands in favour of their demands. Rally turned into a political gathering when reached at Bhutto Shaheed Chowk after moving from Hospital Chowk, Under Pass and Railway Chowk. Sabah Masood served as stage secretary. Following resolutions were unanimously passed at the mass meeting.

  • Under the banner of PTUDC, this Jalsa pays tribute to the struggle of the martyrs of Chicago.
  • This Jalsa pay tribute to the struggle of Pakistani Laborers. Red salute to the struggle of martyrs of Landhi Korangi Colony and textile mills Multan.
  • Punish the responsible of Baldia Town factory incident which causes the death of 289 workers.
  • The policy of privatization must be ended; private industry should be nationalized and its control must be given to the workers.
  • According to the supreme court judgment, 2012 temporary contract base jobs should be ended and deployed them on the permanent basis
  • The minimum wage of a labour should be as high as the price of 1tola gold
  • All rusticated workers from NFC, Fatima fertilizer, JWD Sugar mills, Unilever Raheem Yar Khan should be reinstated.

Kot Addu

Labor Day event was held at Tehsil Head Quarter Kot Addu. PTUDC and Mazdoor Action Committee organized a Rally from Railway Station Ground. Participants chanted slogans. The procession was organized at Thana Chowk Press Club. Raza Gurmani from PARCO, Fazal Gurmani, Zulfiqar Baloch, Station President Aziz Bhatti, Shahbaz Gaons Bukhari, Asif Khan Dasti of PPP, Hameed Akhtar and Yousuf Tanveer of APCA, Gul Muhammad Bhatti and Ghulam Ghaons from Municipal Committee, Amir Latif from RSF, Adil Shah of KEPCO, Razaq Khan of OGDCL, Abdur Rehman from WAPDA Hydro Union, Shahbaz from PSF, Naeem Chisti of Teachers Union, Nadeem Pasha of PTUDC, Ali Akbar, Shafqat Baloch, Masood Nabi and Engineer Wasif Qabil addressed to the participants. Speakers stated that only the working class rule can end all the deprivations of society.


PTUDC, Trade Cooperation Employees Union and All Pakistan NADRA Employees Union organized a rally in Hyderabad from Haider Chowk to press club to pay tribute to the great struggle of Chicago Martyrs. Meeral Bhargarhi from APCA, Ramesh Kumar from WAPDA Hydro Union, Adnan Mueen from National Telecommunication Employees Unity, Chetan from Shoemakers Association, Muhammad Khoosso, Harchand and Aneel Sahjani from RSF, Akram Misrani, Maneesh Kumar and Syed Haji Shah from BNT and other union leaders, workers, women, men and students joined the rally.

The rally was led by General Secretary of PTUDC Sindh Advocate Nisar Ahmed Chandio, President NADRA Employees Union Raza Khan Swati and Sheikh Adnan from Trade Cooperation Employees Union. Participants were holding banners and placards with the slogans against, recent anti-workers budget, inflation, unemployment, privatization, load shedding, poverty. Nisar Ahmed Chandio, Sheikh Adnan, Munawar Hassan, Faheem, Adnan Moeen, Raza Khan Swati and Advocate Sobha Bhatti addressed the rally at Press Club Hyderabad while Rahul of RSF served as stage secretary.

Khairpur Mirs

United Labour Federation and PTUDC organised a public meeting at Phool Bagh Khairpur. Amjad Ali Lashari, Muhammad Bakhsh Siyal, Ustad Bashir Ahmad Junejo, Aman Ullah Jagirani, Saeed Khaskheli, Turab Ali Rind, Aman Ullah Shiekh, Faiz Ullah Somroo, Arab Khoso and Ijaz Ali Abbasi spoke to the participants and paid tribute the workers of Chicago


On May Day a rally was organised from Hira Medical Center to Clock Square where it turned into mass gathering. Workers from WPDA Hydro Union, PTCL Union, Irrigation Union, Paramedical Staff Union, Sukkur Municipal Workers Union, Pakistan Post Union, Railway Workers Union and PTUDC participated in it.

Mirpur Bathoro

On May Day PTUDC and BNT organized a rally from Ali Bandar to Bus Stop. Workers, peasants and students from different institutes participated in the rally. At Bus Stop rally turned into a public meeting where Sikandar Zounr and Jabbar Zounr from PTUDC spoke to the participants and paid tribute to the Chicago martyrs.

Mirpur Khas

On the occasion of May Day, a great rally against privatization, inflation, unemployment, corruption, anti-workers’ laws and load shedding was organized by the comrades of PTUDC. The Rally started from Railway Square and at Press Club and turned into a mass meeting. Workers from APCA, Railways Workers Union BLLF, Brick Kiln Labor Union, Pakistan Paramedical Staff Union, Khushali Bank, Civil Society and other institutions participated in the rally with red flags and chanting slogans.


PTUDC Dadu has organized a rally from Highways Labor Hall to Latif Labor Hall WAPDA. Hundreds of workers from several trade unions reached joined rally chanting slogans against inflation, load shedding, unemployment and privatization. Rally turned into a protest when reached Latif Labor Hall. Rally was attended by different associations, trade unions and labour organizations including Highways Labor Union, WAPDA Central Labor Union, Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association, Rickshaw Drivers Association, Primary Teachers Association, APCA, Railway Workers Union, Municipal Workers Union and others. Muhammad Warail Mirani from WAPDA Labor Union, Nazeer Panwar, President PTUDC Sindh Anwar Panwar, District President of PTUDC Dadu Muhammad Morial Panwar addressed the participants. Speakers highlighted the importance of the May Day and paid tribute to the sacrifices of the Chicago workers.

Khairpur Nathan Shah

PTUDC and BNT organized a rally to pay tribute to the struggle of martyrs of Chicago on the Labor Day. That started from Baloch petrol pump and turned into a public gathering at Press Club. Participants raised slogans against inflation, unemployment and privatization. Ali Gadhi from Jamali Workers Union, Ali Hassan Janwari from STP, Sohil Chandio from BNT, Advocate Shaban Malah and Essa Chandio from PTUDC addressed to the participants.

Qazi Ahmed

PTUDC and Mazdoor Ittihad organized a rally from Naaz Bagh to Press Club Qazi Ahmed. The rally was led by Sikander Khaskheli, Yar Muhammad Lakho, Maula Bakhsh, Lachman, Ali Shair Malah and Ahmad Bhatti. The procession was organized at Press Club.

Shahdad Kot

On Labor Day, to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago PTUDC, Saraan Workers Union, Battery Workers Union, Rice factory worker union, Tameerat Worker Union, Jeep Dotson Drivers Workers Union and Inqalabi Hari Jedojohad organized a rally. After passing through different points of the city it turned into a jalsa at Koto Moto Chowk. It was presided by Urs Salero. Ghulam Ullah Salero and Sikander Salero from PTUDC, Qadir Baksh and Sattar Mangnahar from Inqalabi Hari Jedojohad, Social worker Wahab Pandhrani, Gul Jan Baruhi, Ghulab Khan, Nadir Magasi and Ali Baksh Karoro addressed the Jalsa.

Nawab Shah

A rally was organized by PTUDC & Mazdoor Ittihad from Taj Colony to Nawab Shah Press Club. Hundreds of the workers and students from different institutions participated in the rally including NDF and Hari Welfare Association. Rally was turned into a political congregation at Press Club in which Akram Khaskheli from Hari Welfare Association and Abid Lashari from NDF, Durr Muhammad from Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association, Wazir Rind from Mazdoor Ittihad, Hanif Lakho from PTUDC and BNT Provincial President Ejaz Sheikh addressed the participants. They paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago workers’ struggle.


On the occasion of International Workers Day, a mass meeting was organized by PTUDC. Hundreds of the workers and students from different institutions participated in the event while Amin Lagahri served as stage secretary. Anwar Sial and Hameed Lagahri from the Tailors Union, Sajjad Lagahri President of Rang Saaz Union, Shabir Rustamani, Imam Babar, Naqad Thaheem and Sadam Khaskheli spoke to the audience. While the chief guest was Chairman Municipal Committee Abdul Majeed Jamali.


In Quetta, May Day has observed by Pakistan Worker Confederation and Pakistan Workers Federation and other Labor organizations. Comrades and workers of Merck Employees Union, Public Health Employees Union and PTUDC started gathering in front of Merck Factory at 10 am and marched towards Chaman Gate Post to join the main Rally. While passing through different city points the rally reached Metropolitan Corporation, where it transformed into a mass meeting. Zaman and Nasir Rahi performed the duties of stage secretary while the meeting was presided by Mama Salam Bloch, President of Pakistan Worker Confederation. While speaking to the audience Khuda-e-Rahim, Ali Raza Mongol, Ali Bakhsh Jamali, Safdar Kurd, Pir Muhammad Kakar, Gulam Rasool, Nadeem Murad, Agha Noor Gul, Rahat Malik, Javed Nadeem, Akram Gul and others condemned the brutal anti-labour laws of the rulers. They said ruling elite is fooling people regarding CPEC, the only purpose of these projects is to exploit the working class and the loot of resources. The emancipation of working masses is possible to follow the footsteps of Chicago workers and unite all workers to put capitalism to the end.   


Mazdoor Ittihad organized a rally from Workers Square and at Central Freedom Square it transformed into a public meeting. A large number of workers and comrades from PTUDC and other trade unions and labour organizations joined the event. Abdullah Sasoli, the General Secretary of Mazdoor Ittihad served as stage secretary while Labor Inspector Qalat Davison Mir Munir Ahmad Mengal was the chief guest. Chairman NOP Kuzdar Division Jam Noor Ahmad, President Bolan Mining Enterprises Shah Nawaz Mengal, President C&W Union Abdul Hameed, President Municipal Corporation Union Ulfat Naseem, Sadar Agriculture Union Hazoor Bukhsh, Chairman WAPDA Hydro Union Qalat Division Abdul Malik Musiyani, General Secretary Paramedical Association Abdullah Sasoli, Muhammad Ismail of PLB, President APCA Sabir Hussain and other spoke to audience and paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago workers.


On the occasion of international workers’ day, a rally was organized by Railways Workers Union from Cantt station Karachi. A large number of workers from State Bank Union, PILER, PTUDC, NLC, JKNSF, Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) and other institutions participated. Participants chanted revolutionary slogans for their rights. Rally ended at Karachi Press Club and International secretary of PTUDC Dr Lal Khan, Qadir Khan Mandukhail, Liaqat Ali Sahi of State Bank Union, Karamat Ali of PILER, Junaid Awan of Railways Union spoke to the participants. They all paid tribute to the great struggle of Chicago workers.

From the last three years, a combined Public Meeting of different trade unions on the May Day became a tradition in Karachi. This year’s combined meeting presided over by the labour leader of 1968-69’s revolutionary movement, Usman Baloch whereas Dr Lal Khan, Senator Raza Rabbani and Afzal Butt were chief guests. The workers of different factories participated in the program while wearing their uniforms. Hundreds of Workers and comrades from PTUDC, State Bank Union (CBA), PILER, United Labor Federation, NTUF, Skyways Union of PIA, Pakistan Steel’s JAC, Exports Processing Zone Labor Union, Postal Workers Union, Textile Workers, JKNSF, RSF, DSF and other organizations. A book stall was managed by PTUDC. The speaker stressed the importance of this historic day. They spoke against the recent anti-workers budget, inflation, unemployment, privatization, load shedding and poverty. The only way to end all this misery is to organize workers movement and struggle for Socialism, they said.