The Asian Marxist Review (AMR) was launched in June 2002 from Lahore, Pakistan. It was produced in print format on a quarterly basis principally to provide an in-depth analysis on the situation in Asia with particular emphasis on the South Asia and Middle East.

South Asia was once a loose regional entity from Herat and Kabul in the West to Dacca and Rangoon in the East. The region was subsequently balkanised into many states by the various western imperialist powers to derail the developing revolutionary movements against colonialism. A similar process was carried out in Middle East following the collapse of Ottoman Empire after First World War. In this process of colonisation, the imperialists practised the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ pitching the indigenous peoples against each other on the basis of religious, ethnic and other prejudices of the past. The native ruling elites that were nurtured by the imperialists in their image proved to be equally reactionary. In the post-colonial period the so-called ‘national’ ruling classes under ‘democratic’ setups, monarchies and dictatorships callously continued the naked exploitation and coercion.

These societies have only deteriorated and decayed under historically obsolete capitalism. From the burning national question to poverty, unemployment, state oppression, imperialist exploitation, civil wars and terrorism… the burgeoning crisis of capitalism is calamitously worsening the plight of the toiling masses in these regions. The main aim of the AMR is to analyse the situation from Marxist standpoint, prepare the forces of Revolutionary Socialism and unite the working classes and peoples of various national, religious, ethnic, caste and tribal backgrounds, across these artificial frontiers on the basis of Marxist Internationalism. This is crucial in the victory of the struggle for a revolutionary transformation of society. The ultimate task ahead is the creation of a voluntary Socialist Federations in South Asia and the Middle East.

The AMR website started working in June 2016. Now it has been decided to publish future print editions of the AMR from India. This will be an important milestone in this struggle we have endeavoured to undertake.

After the demise of our former Editor Dr Lal Khan, Awais Qarni, previously working as executive editor, is now performing the duties of Editor of Asian Marxist Review since February 2020.

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