Lal Khan

Obituaries: Dr Lal Khan

By Asian Marxist Review

Several mainstream newspapers and left parties’ official websites have published obituaries on Comrade Lal Khan. We are publishing some links here for our readers. (Fourth International’s Official Website) published “Farewell Comrade Lal Khan” and “The Importance of Being Lal

International Socialist League, published “We Lost the Pakistani Revolutionary Marxist Leader Lal Khan

Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL, Brazil) published (Portuguese) “Nota de Pesar | Lal Khan

Esquerdaonline (Brazil) published (Portuguese) “Nota de Pesar pelo falecimento de Lal Khan, revolucionário do Paquistão

Socialisten (Denmark) published (Danish) “Kammerat Tanveer Gondal (Lal Khan) er død – pakistansk revolutionær og marxist indtil det sidste

Left Horizons (London) published “Obituary: Lal Khan, Pakistani Marxist” (USA) published Lal Khan’s articles as tribute to his struggle “Lal Khan: What a heart has ceased to beat

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontieres (France) published (French) “Pakistan : Quel cœur a cessé de battre – Lal Khan, ta mémoire sera honorée

Pierre Rousset wrote in ESSF (French) “La gauche pakistanaise – Lal Khan : Un camarade, un ami, un passé, un présent…

Sosyalist Emekçiler Partisi (Turkey) published (Turkish) “Pakistanlı Devrimci Marksist Önder Lal Khan’ı Kaybettik

The News (Pakistan) published “Leftist leader Dr Lal Khan passes away” and “The importance of being Lal

Naya Daur (Pakistan) published “Obituary | Dr. Lal Khan’s Life Was A Struggle For A Just World

Daily Dawn wrote “Tributes paid to Dr Lal Khan

Imtiaz Alam, Secretary General South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA, wrote a column in Daily Jang (Urdu) ” واہ کیا آدمی تھا لال خان

Khawar Naeem Hashmi wrote in Daily 92 News (Urdu) “جدو جہد کبھی قبر میں نہیں اترتی

Haider Abbas Gerdezi wrote in (Urdu) ” لال خان: چھوٹے عہد کا بڑا آدمی

Dr Tahir Shabbir, a Marxist poet, paid tribute with his poem (Urdu) “‘نظم: ’لال خان

Haider Javiad Syed wrote in (Urdu) “ڈاکٹر لال خان کا سفر حیات تمام ہوا

Malik Siraj Ahmad wrote in (Urdu) ” ڈاکٹر لال خان کی جدوجہد کو سرخ سلام

Zeeshan Hussain wrote in (Urdu) “ ڈاکٹر لال خان ! سرخ سلام کامریڈ

Zawar Hussain Comrade wrote in (Urdu) ” جدوجہد کا استعارہ : ڈاکٹر لال خان

Awais Qarni wrote in “Memories of Comrade Lal Khan“, in (Urdu) “کامریڈ لال خان کی یادیں ۔۔۔” and in ESSF (French) “La gauche révolutionnaire au Pakistan : Souvenirs du camarade Lal Khan

There are many more tribute, obituaries and series of articles on many websites including and