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Turkey’s New Operation to Syria!

By Socialist Laborers Party- SEP (Turkey)

“Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into Northern Syria…” The statement made from Washington was declaring that the US endorses TAF’s (Turkish Armed Forces) operation into Syria. The US will remove its troops from the area and will not support the military operation… The first statements were like this and then the rest of it came afterwards. “They will not defend the SDF against Turkish attacks anywhere“, a US official told Reuters anonymously. Then it was announced that US troops withdraw from some areas on the border of Turkey. With the complete pullback of US forces from the region, the TAF is expected to invade. The SDG declared that they would defend the territory and fight tooth and nail, but the disproportion between the forces is obvious.

The chauvinistic yell of the AKP-MHP choir is noisier than ever… Those who determine ‘oppressing the Kurds’ as their life purpose have always been victorious(!) but it is obvious that neither the war nor the resistance ends. But except for fascist idiots, everyone knows that war politics against Kurds goes nowhere! For sure, tens of millions of angry Kurdish youth will not evaporate just because the chauvinists want so. They will continue to exist, they will continue to demand their rights, struggle for them and they will always be an essential element of Turkey and the entire Middle East.

The emergence of a united class movement and the shift of the already radical and leftist Kurdish youth towards socialism and internationalism -without limiting itself within national perspective- is the power that could change the fate of Turkey, the Middle East and the entire world. This is the only solution that will bring chauvinists, all kinds of bourgeois despots and imperialism to the knees and ensure true equality and sisterhood of the people.

We have repeatedly stressed that the United States, the greatest enemy of the workers of the world, cannot be trusted. We have repeatedly cited what happened to Barzani, a tight US ally, two years ago. But the SDF was unilaterally and blindly bound more and more to the United States, while it is known that the Kurds have been betrayed by imperialism many times in history… On the other hand, it was obvious that the US could not resist the pressure of Turkey who is also its NATO ally. So, what was expected, came to the light: the US betrayed Kurds once again. The SDF did not even seek a balance with the Assad-Russia bloc. Now, there is no use of complaining about the US.

Tomorrow maybe the long border from Kobani to Derik will be taken away from the Kurdish national movement like Idlib and Afrin. Turkey aims FSA (Free Syrian Army) jihadists to be the police of the region, to change the demographic structure, to build constructions, to manage institutions like PTT (Turkish Post Office) branches and so on. In short, Turkey aims to be a permanent invader in the region. With the help of a nationalist wave, they will try to take advantage of economic and political benefits.

The class-conscious workers who are oppressed under poverty and exploitation should know that if Rojava will be occupied tomorrow, the Kurdish workers, you work with, will feel a pang of sorrow in the heart. Therefore, it is time to defend the rights of Kurds. If you want this order of exploitation to change, you must stand side by side with the Kurds and you should be able to look at their faces. Keep in mind that those who do not let the Kurds breathe, do not let the workers breathe too. Those who have been kicking the workers with inflation, low wages, workplace homicides, unemployment; and have been banning your right to strike or speech or resist are now trying to oppress the Kurdish who fought for their historical gains.

“Our destiny is common with Kurdish people against capitalism and imperialism, chauvinism and fascism. Therefore, we must say no to the oppression of the Kurdish people and the destruction of the Kurdish regions.”

Courtesy Sosyalist Gundem