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PTUDC Preparations for May Day Activities


This year’s May Day is going to be held at an important junction of history. Globally, capitalism crisis has unleashed its true face.  Draconian policies are implementing everywhere, from austerity to massive cuts; working class is being crushed and marginalized. However, these are the recipes for a new wave of class struggle. The crisis has manifested itself through political channels. Recent events are clearly showing that how old capitalist order is finishing and a new order is going to form. However, in this environment; working class is being organized for its defiance.

Around the world; May Day is a significant event for working class. Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) is fully geared for massive rallies and seminars on May Day in more than 60 cities of Pakistan. Corner meetings, group discussions with workers are underway to organize activities. May Day poster has been printed which read “Only way out is Socialism”  and being pasted on the walls of major industrial units and working class districts across the country. The poster is getting a tremendous response from workers and message is reaching to the wider number of workers.

Special issue of Mazdoornama (Worker’s Voice) is being published which carry news of workers from every corner of the country. Mazdoornama is the only genuine voice of working class of Pakistan which give space to reports and news of workers. Workers news are often neglected or presented in a distorted way on mainstream corporate media. In given situation, Mazdoornama is the only ray of hope for workers to extend solidarity and to develop their own alternative media in order to disseminate their experiences to fellow workers.

A website of PTUDC has been launched in the Urdu language which will update about working class issues and activities of PTUDC. The English version of the website is planned to be launched soon. The website will also feature struggle of workers and material for the education.

In Pakistan; current right wing Govt’s is attacking workers’ rights. Massive privatization of public assets planned and unemployment is soaring. Disposable income is falling rapidly and eight hours working day has become a distant dream. Under these worst conditions, millions of people are falling below the poverty line. In this background, there is a vacuum for genuine workers leadership.

In this situation, PTUDC is forefront in every battle against draconian policies and organizing workers to fight back. Although workers of the public sector such as WAPDA, Post Office, PIA, Railway and others are under continuous fear of losing jobs due to privatization. At many places PTUDC will be organizing activities jointly with Public sector institutions like WAPDA, Railway, Post Offices, Steel Mills, Sanitation, Hospitals, School workers and their unions. Also, Sports factories, Hospitals, Food and Beverages industries – like Unilever, Coca-Cola and Nestle- Chemical industries and other sectors will be co-hosting May Day activities with PTUDC.

Thousands of leaflets on current issues also have been published in every place and will be distributed during activities. Mazdoornama will be available and sold accordingly in these activities. At many places, PTUDC Comrades and sympathizers will be intervening in all activities at their towns.

PTUDC is a torch bearer of workers’ rights in the country and we demand to end all privatization and privatization ministry, itself, and all privatized institutions should be renationalized and put under the democratic control of workers. We demand minimum wage should equal to one tola (12 Gram) of Gold and put end to all draconian policies against workers.

We appeal to the workers of the world for support and solidarity with working class of Pakistan.