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Pakistan: Study Circles held by RSF

By Revolutionary Students Front (RSF)

RSF Rawalpindi/Islamabad organised a series of study circles in twin cities to politically organise, agitate and educate students and youth. The first two study circles of this series showed an overwhelming response which is an early sign that thirst for alternatives in society is growing day by day.

First Study Circle was organized on 4th June in F9 Park, Islamabad on the topic “Current Political Crisis and a revolutionary way out”. The discussion was led by Omer Abdullah followed by contributions from Asif Rasol of the Railway Labor Union and Dr Hasib Ahsan of the Young Doctors Association. The session was concluded by Asif Rashid of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign whereas it was moderated by Abdur Rehman of RSF. A large number of students and workers turned out for the circle.

Second Study Circle took place in Rawalpindi Allama Iqbal Park on 11th June on the topic “Role of media in capitalist State”. Amir Raza, a Screen Writer/Producer and author, delivered a comprehensive lecture on the historical evolution and the role of state and capital in media and popular culture. A question and answer session took place afterwards.

RSF has decided to continue open study circles in the twin cities and spread the practice across the country.