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Mirpurkhas: Two Days Marxist School 2019 – A Great Success

By Muneesh Dharani

Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) organized Two Days Marxist School on 12, 13 January at Mirpurkhas, Sindh. Despite heavy financial odds, difficult transportation, and deteriorating living conditions, more than 100 comrades from Karachi, Hyderabad and Dadu participated in this historic event. Most of the comrades including 15 female comrades reached Mirpurkhas by the evening of 11th January to attend the school with revolutionary spirit.

Comrade Lajwanti

On the morning of 12th January, The School started by reciting revolutionary poetry, singing revolutionary songs and anthems. Nathu Mal, from the Hyderabad, welcomed all the participants. The first session on World and Pakistan Perspective was chaired by Lajwanti Tawar from Hyderabad and Hatim Khan from Karachi led the discussion. Hatim explained the overall economic crisis of the world and its social and political impacts. He explained the recent “Yellow Vest” movement that started from France and spread in the europe and beyond. He discussed the trade war between America and China. He explained the rise in the value of the dollar and the decline in the currency of Pakistan and other third world economies and the increasing debts. Devaluation of Pakistani Rupees will increase the inflation rates and subsequently decreasing the living standards of working people which are already in the worst state. The leadoff followed by questions and contributions. Lata, Pershotum, Jamun Das, Sadam, Akram, Rahul, Qarni and Anwar Panwar took part in the discussion and Majid from Dadu answered the questions and summed up the whole discussion on World and Pakistan Perspectives.

After the Lunch break, The Second session ‘Socialism & Art’ was conducted. Which was based on the newly published book by The Struggle Publications with the same title. The session was chaired by Sajjad Jamali while Rameez Misrani from Dadu led the discussion. The leadoff followed by questions and contributions. Imran Kumbhar, Ijaz, Saeed Khaskheli, Babar Panwar, Haji Shah and Imran Kamyana contibuted in the session while Kapil from Hyderabad answered the entire questions and summed up the whole discussion.

Day 1

Marxist School 2019 at Mirpurkhas ended with raised fists and revolutionary slogans.

The second day of school, 13th January begins with reciting of revolutionary poems and songs by different comrades. The third session of the school was based on the “History of Student Politics and the role of RSF”. The session was chaired by Saif Mandahar and the discussion was led by Munesh Dharani from Hyderabad. Munesh shed light on the History of students’ politics. He also analysed the objective state pakistani youth and students specifically, also discussed the role of RSF and the strategy and tactics. He strongly stressed upon the work for the development of the student front, the “Revolutionary Students Front” (RSF).  The leadoff was followed by regional youth work reports from Karachi, Hyderabad & Dadu. Afterwards, Jannat, Rahul and Qarni took part in open discussion. Nisar Chandio from the host region presented the school’s finance report and Imran Kamyana concluded the school in his closing remarks. The school was historically marvellous. The culture, environment and mood were full of enthusiasm, energy and the revolutionary spirit. Marxist School at Mirpurkhas ended with Workers’ Internationale anthem, raised fists and revolutionary slogans.

Day 2