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May Day 2017: Seminars, Rallies and Programs Across Pakistan by PTUDC

By Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC)

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized May Day seminars, rallies and different programs in more than sixty destinations of Pakistan, from Baluchistan to Kashmir and Swat to Karachi. Comrades also intervened in other programs organized by different trade unions. Bookstalls were established in many programs which contain the writings of Lenin, Marx and Trotsky. A Special May Day issue of ‘Mazdoornam’ and fortnightly ‘The Struggle’ were sold and leaflets were distributed in each activity. Here we are publishing a brief report of May day activities of PTUDC for our readers.    


Pakistan Workers Confederation, Baluchistan Workers Federation, United Labour Federation, Railway Workers Union, Para-Medical Staff Association, Mark Factory Employees Union and the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized a rally and Mass gathering in Quetta on the event of May Day. The Rally of Mark Employees Union, WASA Employees Union and PTUDC started from Mark Factory at 10 am, while Railway Workers Union Rally started from Railway Station, both rallies joined each other at irrigation office Chaman Gate and transformed into one large massive Rally. Rally marched from GPO Square to Mannan Square and from Jinnah Road, it entered into Metropolitan Sabza Zar and transformed into a massive public gathering. Participants chanted slogans in the rally, a huge number of participants from Para-Medical Staff Association joined in from different districts of Baluchistan.

The Public meeting was presided by Manzoor Baloch, General Secretary of Mark Factory  Employees Union, while Hassan Baloch from Baluchistan Workers Federation was the chief guest. Central Chairman PTUDC Nazar Mangal, President Agriculture Workers Union Muhammad Hanif, President Railway Workers Union Gulam Nabi Birohi, General Secretary Metropolitan Ithad Labour Union Nadeem Khokhar, Chairman Para-Medical Action Committee Tariq Kadezai, Abdul Salam Zehri, Ali Raza Mongol, President WASA Union Abdul Hakeem, Mama Salam Larhi from United Labour Federation, Ali Baksh Jamali from Pakistan Confederation and Rauf Khan from Agriculture Workers Union were among the Speakers. Speakers paid tribute to the Struggle of Chicago Martyrs. They encouraged the struggle of Para-Medical workers and criticized the government for not considering the rightful demands of the workers. They opposed the police repression on the peaceful workers and condemned the policy of Privatisation. Master Zafar Ji and Lal Jan Ajiz from Post office recited revolutioner poems in the meeting.

Another program was organized by  Pakistan Workers Confederation Baluchistan in Municipal Park, which was Presided by Haji Muhammad Ramzan Achakzai from the WAPDA Hydro Union and the President of Pakistan Confederation. Baluchistan Labour Federation and the other Trade Union Participated in it with the great number of participants. All Pakistan Labour Federation also organized a public meeting which was presided by Lala Sultan. People Labour Bureau and Railway Mehnat Kash Union also observed May Day activity on Railway Platform. PTUDC made deep interventions in all other programs as well and sell Mazdoor Nama and four nightly The Struggle, while distributed many leaflets.


United Workers Alliance organized a rally and Public meeting in Kalat. The rally started from Muncipal Comittee which passed through Town Road, Shahi Bazar, Hospital Road and in Town hall it was transformed in mass meeting, which was presided by Muhammad Afzal Mangal, the president of United Workers Alliance while Prince Moosa Jan of BNP was the chief guest. Dad Muhammad Baloch of PTUDC and NOPE, Ashraf Dahowar of Teachers Association, Hidayat Ullah Banagalzai of PHE, Municipal President Mir Ahmad Pandrani, Muneer Shahooni of Zameendar Action Committee, Mir Mubarak Muhammad Hasni, Muneer Ahmad Mangal of PWD and Khizar Rehman of Paramedical Staff were among the speakers.


The WAPDA Hydro Union and Other unions jointly commemorated International Workers Day with revolutionary enthusiasm in Mastung. A rally and public gathering was organized. Speakers of the event include Muhammad Yar Alizai, Mir Shadi Khan, Manzoor Baloch, Iqbal Zahri, Mir Sikandar Mallzai, Bismil Baloch, Takri Abdul Samad, Ishaq Lahri and Abdullah from PTUDC.


Under the platform of Mazdoor Ithad a rally was organized from Mazdoor Square Postoffice, At Azadi Square, it becomes mass gathering. Chairman Mazdoor Ithad Sabir Qalandri, Abdul Nabi Karkhi, Javed Ahmad, Hazoor Baksh, Agha Zulfiqar, Hameed Khiyazi, Lal Jan Lango and Noor Ahmad Jan from PTUDC spoke to the participants. 


All Pakistan Confederation and other Trade Union organizations organized a program and Rally on the occasion of May Day. Chairman Hydro Union Mir Afzal Khosa, Amjad Gishkosri from PTUDC, Sohail Ahmad, Said Ullah Magsi, Sallah ud Din Silachi, Younis Solangi, Mir Saleem Shahwani and Shoaib Khujak spoke to the gathering. 


On this May Day rally took place in solidarity to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. The rally started from Numaish Chorangi and almost 17 organizations participated with great enthusiasm. Women were present in large number. The rally was led by Advocate Ghulam Nabi Khoso, Arif Junejo, Abdul Sattar Gopang, Maariam Gopang, Kalamti Raja, Muhammad Khan Bhargarhi, Karamat Ali, Usman Baloch, Liaqut Ali Sahi, Jannat Hussain, Majid Memon, Zahid Sharif, Farhat Parween, Ghulam Mehboob and Irshad Ali. The participations of rally were chanting the slogans against poverty, inflation, unemployment feudalism and capitalism. After passing from different points the rally reached Press Club. The stage was set in the Backyard of Press Club. More than 2000 people participated in the jalsa. Rasheed A Rizwi Retired Justice Supreme Court was chief guest of the program. The program was opened up by Faheem Siddiqui from Geo News. He invited Karamat Ali to start the program. On the walls of walls of yard all the unions displayed their placards, banners and their demands. The program was attended by PTUDC, RSF, JKNSF, KPT Labor Union, Pakistan Union of Journalist, Karachi Union of Journalist, Hosiery and Garments Union, Democratic Workers Union, PIA, Railway Workers Union, Karachi Press Club, Sindhi Hari Theerek, CBA State Bank, Pakistan Steel Mill, Pakistan Post, Awami Workers Federation, Human Rights Association, Paramedical Staff Association, Shoemaker workers Union and UBL. Jalil Shah, Habib-yd-diin Junaidi, Myhammad Anawar Rind, Hoor-ul-Nisa Palejo, Sono Gopang, Rehana Yasmeen, Asad Iqbal Butt, Liaqut Ali Sahi, Comrade Maji Memon, Comrade Zahid Shareef, Ghulam Mehboob, Saeed Baloch, Mehnaz-Ur-Rehman Advocate, Ghulam Nabi Khoso, Arif Junejo and Muhammad Khan Bhargarhi addressed the program. All of them said that we need to be united to fight against capitalism. Contract System and privatization was opposed by the speakers. Workers presented resolutions which were unanimously passed by all the participants. Cultural Program was also presented; Sindhi Music and Tableau drama were presented in the program. The brother of Habib Jalib Saeed Perwez also attended the program. At the end Labor leader Rsoll Baksh Palejo attended the program. He addresed the program and appreciated workers for this marvelous program. The only book stall in program was by The Struggle.   Media gave full coverage to the Book stall. It was highly appraised by workers and the rest of the participants. All the publications were sold out.


Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and All Pakistan NARA Employees Union organized a rally in Hyderabad from Haider Chowk to press club to pay tribute to the great struggle of Chicago Martyrs. The rally was led by Hassan Baksh Khooso from OGDCL, Saeen Baksh Dayo, Meeral Bhargarhi from APCA, Aziz Khoso from Railway Mehnat Kash Union, Ramesh Kumar from the WAPDA Hydro Union, Salman and Adnan Moeen from PTCL, Sheikh Adnan from Treet Corporation Limited, Chetan from Shoemakers, Harchand, Lala and Shugun Premi and other union leaders, workers, women, men and students joined the rally.

The rally was led by Advocate Nisar Ahmed Chandio general secretary of PTUDC Sindh and Raza Khan Swati President NADRA Employees Union and Senior Vice President of PTUDC Sindh. Participants were holding banners and placards with the slogans against inflation, unemployment, privatisation, poverty and to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. Nisar Ahmed Chandio, Avinash Information Secretary of PTUDC Sindh, Hassan Baksh Khoso leader of OGDCL and vice president of PTUDC Sindh, Saeen Baksh Dayo, Sheikh Adnan from Treet Corporation Limited, Adnan Moeen from NTC, Raza Khan Swati addressed the rally at Press Club Hyderabad.

Mirpur Khas

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized a rally from station Chowk to Press Club Mirpur Khas to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and against inflation, poverty, privatisation and unemployment. Union leaders Shazia, Raveena, Jamna, Shameem, and Purshotam , Khalid Jutt, Phutto Mil, Mangal Ram from PTUDC, Ramesh Kumar from Railways, Chandi Ram, Muhammad Ali Rahmu from Pakistan Paramedical, Haji Shafi Muhammad from Brick Klin Workers, Shoukat Butt from Highways, Shakeel Hussain Shah, Saleem Khan, Muhammad Hussain Areesar from GESTA, Mazhar Abbas District President APCA, Tahir Sheikh, Malik Sattar, Raja Habib, and including Peasant Leader Mohan many other workers participated in the rally. They paid tribute to martyrs of Chicago and strongly condemned anti-labor policies of the government and with that various leaders addressed the rally at the press club.

Mirpur Bhathro

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT) organized a rally to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and against poverty, inflation, privatisation and unemployment. Workers, youth, farmers and various trade union leaders participated in the rally. Rally reached Press club after passing through the whole city and turned into a mass gathering. Sikander Zounr, Jabbar Zounr, Ghani Zounr, Sikander Shoro and Ghulam Hussain Mir Bayher addressed the rally.

Kairpur Miras

Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign organized Jalsa to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago on the night of May Day. It was attended by various labor organizations. The program was presided by Nawab Wasan MNA PPP. Comrade Saeed Khaskheli from PTUDC said that for decades now the whole working class has been  under attacks, and the the leadership of working class and PPP is serving the interest of the elite class. And he said that even in these conditions working class is not going after any political party but instead they are learning from their experiences. There is no way out for PPP to go for its Socialist Manifesto otherwise the party is doomed to die.  Amjad Lashari and Basheer Arain addressed the jalsa. After that Nawab Wasan addressed the jalsa. The program was ended by Lok Music.


International workers day was observed in Sukkur. The main rally took out from Hira medical complex and it was organized by the Hydro Electric Union and Workers Confederation. It was attended by Pakistan motor works association Sukkur, Sindh paramedical staff Sukkur, Pakistan Workers Federation, Railway Workers Union, PTCL CBA Union, Municipal Labor Union, Sui Gas Union and Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC). The rally crossed Teer Chowk and Barrage Road and turned into a Mass meeting at the clock tower. It was addressed by the trade union representatives and they said that privatization is an attack on workers by imperialist powers.

Labor union leaders harshly criticized Pakistan Peoples Party’s provincial leadership and said that they have betrayed the working class. The slogan of Peoples Party was Food, Clothing and Shelter but their policies and political positions are pro-capitalist. All leading unions vowed that if workers of any organization get deprived of their rights or if they are abused in any sense then we will protest together. The resolution that minimum wage must be equivalent to one tola (12 Gram) god was presented and it was unanimously approved by workers with great enthusiasm. Saeed Khaskheli of PTUDC identified deficiencies of global capitalism in a comprehensive manner.


PTUDC Dadu has organized a rally from Highways Labor Hall to Latif Labor Hall Wapda in which hundreds of workers from several trade unions reached Latif Labor Hall, chanting slogans against inflation, load shedding, unemployment and privatization. Rally turned into a protest when reached Latif Labor Hall. Wapda Hydroelectric Central Labor Union helped to organized the event. The program was presided by the District President of PTUDC Dadu Muhammad Morial Panwar whereas Wapda Hydroelectric Central Labor Union’s leader Muhammad Warail Mirani was the chief guest of the event. Stage secretary was Hanif Misrani and Amin Jamli welcomed the participants.

Abdul Hameed Jamali from the Wapda Hydro Union, Muhammad Warail Mirani, Zmeer Ahmad Korijo, Altaf Palh, Raja Rafiq Panwar from Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association, Bashir Ahmad Solangi from Municipal Employees Union, Muhammad Malah, Muhammad Morial Panwar from Highways Labor Union & PTUDC and President PTUDC Sindh  Anwar Panwar addressed to the participants. Speakers highlighted the importance of the May Day and paid tribute to the sacrifices of the Chicago workers. They emphasized to speed up the struggle for the workers.

K.N. Shah

PTUDC organized a rally in K.N. Shah on May Day 2017, to pay tribute to the Chicago workers and their struggle. The rally started from Baloch Petrol Pump to Press Club which was against Unemployment, Inflation, Load-shedding and Privatization. Labor leader Wazir Gadhi, Essa, Rasheed Bhagio, Ejaz Babar, Sohail Chandio and Asif Lakher addressed to the participants. Speakers highlighted the conditions of workers and their issues. They emphasized workers to be united, until which they cannot achieve the goal.

Nawab Shah

A rally was organized by PTUDC & Mazdoor Ithad from Taj Colony to Nawab Shah Press Club under the leadership of Hanif Lakho. Hundreds of the workers and students from different institutions participated in the rally including Wapda Hydro Union, Paramedical Staff Association, Hari Welfare Association and People’s Labor Bureau. Slogans were chanted against Privatization, Load-Shedding, Unemployment and Inflation. They paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago workers’ struggle.

Rally was turned into a political congregation in which Hanif Lakho, Ejaz Shiekh, Asif Soomro, Ejaz Bhagio of BNT, Wazir Rind, Shabir Lakho, Ali Asghar Khaskhaili from Wapda Hydro Labor Union, Khan Bahadur Bhatti from PPP, Akram Khaskhaili from Hari Welfare Association and Durr Muhammad from Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association addressed to the participants. They discussed the current conditions and issues of working class.


On occasion of International Workers Day, a mass meeting was organized by PTUDC and other Labour Organizations in Johi, Sindh. Anjum Khosa welcomed the participants and Amin Laghari served as a stage secretary. The chief guest of the program was Anwar Panwar President of PTUDC Sindh.

Anwar Sial from Barbers Union, Yamin Thaheem and Jaman Babar from the Tailors Union, Azizullah Soomro from Primary Teachers Association, Ghulam Shabir Shiekh from Sweepers Union, M. B. Babar the leader Press Club Johi, Khadim Khoosa from BNT, Hari leader Ibrahim Malah, Ghulam Haider Ghayel, Zahid Panwar , Abdul Wahab, Ghulam Qadir and Razzaq Rind addressed to the participants. They paid tribute to workers of Chicago and stressed to continue the struggle till socialist victory.

Qazi Ahmed

PTUDC and Mazdoor Ithad

organized a rally from Naar Bagh to Press Club Qazi Ahmed. Hundreds of workers participated in the rally. The rally was led by Sikander Khaskheli, Yar Muhammad Lakho, Maula Baksh, Gul Hassan, Waris Buzdar, Khushal, Abdul Hafeez Chuno and Chaman. After passing through different points of the city the rally turned into Jalsa at Press club. The labor leaders addressed the jalsa and said that poverty, unemployment and inflation are like evil for the working class. We have to transform this system with a socialist revolution.

Thari Mirwah

PTUDC and BNT organized a rally from Handyari to Press Club Thari Mirwah. The rally was led by Sharjeel Shar, Naseem Ijaz, Aalim Haider Khaskheli, Manzoor Dasti and Arif Nawaz Shar. After entering the city the rally joined the Hamali Mazdoor Union. And it was led by Abdul Ghafoor Jogi. It turned into jalsa at Press Club. Deedar Shar, Ameen Khaskheli, Pervaiz Jogi, Ameer Baksh Mangi, Ayaz Jogi and Sharjeel Shar addressed the jalsa and said that capitalism is the root cause of all the problems faced by working class. Socialist Revolution is the only solution to get rid of all the problems.

Shahdad Kot

The workers of Shahdad Kot paid tribute to martyrs of Chicago and various labor organizations took out rallies. Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign and the Sindh Tameerat Union organized a rally and it passed from different points of the city. The rally was led by Ali Baksh and Nadir Magsi from the Tameerat Union and Sikander Sailer from PTUDC.

While on the other hand labor unions linked with Shahdad Kot Trade Union Workers Federation took out raly from Labor hall. The rally was participated by  Bairi Union, PTUDC, Unemployed Youth Movement, Sindh Tameerat Union, Inqalabi Hari Jedojohad, WAPDA Hydro Union and Rice factory. After passing through different points of the city it turned into a jalsa at labor Hall. It was addressed by Nadir Magsi, Wahab, Gul Jan, Qadir Baksh, Urs Sailar, Zakir Hussain, Qurban Somro, Ghulam Radool Mangnahar, Sikander Sailer, Ghulamullah Sailer.


The system of the day is unable to solve issues of working class. Socialist revolution is inevitable. The rights of working class, enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan, have never been practiced, judiciary and other institutions have class-based performance, different rules for poor and the rich. The institutions made for the masses have been outdated. Although, Chicago worker’s struggle brought working hours in a day to 8 hours, but in Pakistan, still most of the workers are bound to work for 12 hours a day. Minimum wage is determined unjustly but even then never paid up to the determined level to most workers. Minimum wage should be as high as the price 1 tola gold. This was discussed in the rally, organized by PTUDC on May Day, by Central Secretary General PTUDC Qamar uz Zaman Khan, Dr. Muneer Ahmad of Employees Union Fauji Fertilizer Company, CBA. Ali Nawaz Pathan General Secretary of Bagging & Loading Contractor Machi Goth, Habib Chandia District Chairman PWD Punjab Workers Union, Jam Ali Hassan of Bagging & Loading Contractor Fatima Fertilizer Employee Union CBA, Ashiq Hussain District President Brick kiln Worker Union, Rana Mujahid Ali President Landa Bazar Victims’ Union, Khawar Bajwa President Peoples Youth Wing South Punjab, Babar President PTUDC Sadiqabad, Abbas Taj Painters Union, Bashir Ahmad Soomro President Peoples Labor Bureau Sadiqabad, Talib Hussain Vice-President Jamal-Ud-Din Sugar Mill Unite 2. Speakers paid tribute to the Chicago workers and promised to go on the same lines on which they went. Mass Meeting was started by standing for one mint in silence to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago, workers of Baldia Town Factory Karachi and workers of Colony Textile Mill Multan. Rally was started from Baag Fauji Fertilizer Company Gate No.8. A number of workers welcomed in the rally at Machi Goth railway crossing. Rally turned into a political gathering when reached at Gate of Jamal Deen. Speakers condemned the exploitation of workers in Sugar Mills. Hundreds of workers from Al-Sadaqat union CBA of loading contractors of CBA of Fatima fertilizer company, employee union CBA of Fauji fertilizers participated in the rally. Rally reaches at Ghousia chowk Sadiq Abad where PWD employee union, Wapda Hydro Union, Lunda Bazar Association, Union of Journalists, Revolutionary Riksha union, Itehaad Vegetables and Fruits Stall union, Peoples Youth Organization, Sui Gas Employees Union, Peoples Labor Bureau, Tibbi Waghaawar Youth Alliance and APCA workers join the rally. Food Market Ittefaq Pallay Daar Union. Rally turn into a political gathering when reached railway Square. Following resolutions were unanimously passed at the mass meeting.

  1. Minimum wage should be as high as the price of 12-gram gold.
  2. Weekly working hours should not be more than 35 hours, there must be four shift instead of three.
  3. The complex system must be abolished. All workers must be given the status of the permanent employee.
  4. All workers must be given health, Transport, residence, pension and gratuity facilities.
  5. Labor colony, labor hospital must be built in Sadiqabad.
  6. The policy of privatization must be ended; private industry should be nationalized and its control must be given to the workers.
  7. All rusticated workers from NFC, Fatima fertilizer, JWD Sugar mills, Unilever Rahim Yar Khan should be re-hired.
  8. Priority must be given to the native workers and the local industry.
  9. The Murders of Mashaal Khan should be punished.
  10. The brutal act of Gaddani shipyard and Colony Textile mills incidents must be punishment.
  11. Victims of Landa Bazar must be given compensation and stop dislocating Landa bazar residuals from railway Land.

Rahimyar Khan

On the event of international workers day, PTUDC organized a glorious rally with the number of participants in Rahim Yar Khan from City Bridge to Railway Chowk. The rally was led by Haider Chughtai of PTUDC, Syed Zaman Khan leader of District Workers Action Committee (DWAC), Chairman DWAC Naeem Mahendra Advocate, Malik Muhammad Ali General Secretary of DWAC, Malik Naeem Media Advisor of DWAC, Sami Baloch and Shahid Ullah of PTUDC.

Imran Arshad Employer Welfare Association, Abbas Ali, Khawaja Naeem, Makhdoomzada Usman Muhammad from Pakistan Peoples Party, Engineer Javed Akbar Dhillon, Chaudhary Boota Abid of APCA, Sardar Hassan Khan Niazi, Chaudhry Shahid Talib, Sher Khan Bangash, Advocate Fida Hussain Sanwal from District Courts, Muhammad Ali Malik from Medical Lab Technologist Association of Pakistan, Muhammad Arif, Ahmed Khokkar from Worker Union Unilever, Azeem Mahendra, Muhammad Pervez, Aslam Bhatti from Coca-Cola Workers Union CBA, Mumtaz Shah from Primary Elementary Teachers Association, Kanwar Rehmat Ali from Workers Welfare Society Labour Colony, Aqeel Ahmed, Malik Nadeem from MRDW Unilever, Sami Baloch, Rab Nawaz from Revolutionary Workers Union of Unilever, Tahir Noor Jamal, Riaz Hasnain from WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union, Abubakar, Farooq Bhatti, Mehran Chachar from PTUDC, Momin Zar from Pakhtoomkhwa Mili Awami Party, Ashraf Peer from Jaag Welfare Movement, Abdul Wahid Nari from Brick Kiln Workers Union, Razzaq Soomro from Peoples Labor Bureau, Arshad Butt from Class Four Association, Hasnain Shah, Behzaad Khan, Moon Khan from PSF, Faheem Nawaz Advocate from PYO, MD Ganga from Pakistan Kisan Ithad, Malik Akbar from AWP, Ahmed Nawaz Soomro from Pakistan Saraiki Party, Doctor Muhammad Aslam Naru from Pakistan Peoples Party Zulfiqar Bhutto, Qayoom Shakir from Rahek Sudhar Tehreek, Saradar Ahmed Pahoor General Secretary of Photo Journalist Association, Muhammad Afzal Chaudary NCHD Employees Association, Sohail Ahmed from Peoples Unity, Dolat Kumar, Nabeel Kumar from Minority Rights Party, Umair Bhatti from Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT), Rasheed Dostam Revolutionary Poet and a number of thousands participated in the rally.

Protest against inflation, unemployment, poverty, load shedding and sacked workers of Unilever demanded their reinstatement was also held at Railway chowk. Haider Chughtai, Nawaz, Naeem Mahendra Advocate, Muhammad Ali Malik and Syed Zaman addressed the protestors. Participants urged the government for the reinstatement of workers of Unilever. The allottees of labour colony, labour court and labour hall should be given proprietary rights. They demanded the minimum wage of workers to be equivalent to one tola gold. Illegal and unconstitutional Letter against Sheikh Zayd Medical College and Hospital Employees Union Association must be taken back immediately. Contract employees and daily wage workers should be given permanent jobs. All non-doctors should be given pay packages and health professional allowance as there are for doctors. The leaders of Workers Unilever Pakistan Walls Rana Ishtiaq, Javed Khokar, Bilal Asif and Mudasir came from Lahore to participate in the Rally.


PTUDC and Kisaan Kath organized a massive public meeting in front of Municipal Park Jampur. The meeting was presided by the Portrait of Mashal Khan. Malik Yaseen Machi served the duties of stage secretary. Speakers include Ishaq Mustafa Hajana, Shahryar Zauq, Allah Baksh Baloch and Sardar Rauf Lund. Different revolutionary poets recited poems, Dr. Jalal, Ishrat Laghari and Abdul Kareem Mohsin were among them. Whereas, young Mubtasim Lund recited Faiz’s revolutionary poem. After meeting a huge rally was carried to Traffic Square against Load-Shedding, Unemployment, Privatization, Inflation and Terrorism. Participants chanted revolutionary slogans.

Muhammad Pur

PTUDC, BNT, RSF and PPP organized a huge rally from Kotla Square to Highway. A huge number of pedestrians and youth on Motor Bikes and Cars joined the Rally. Revolutionary and public issue based slogans were chanted. In evening a massive social gathering was maintained in Union Council Muhammad Pur, which includes poetry, songs, traditional dance and speeches. Irshad Nasir  and Abul Kareem recited revolutionary poems, Ijaz Hussain and Azam Lashari sang workers songs, young girl Noor Haq Nawaz delivered a passionate speech, other speakers include Chacha Gulam Rasool of PPP, Raheem Ahmadani and Zarbakht of RSF, Asif Gishkori and Bao Nazar and Shahryar Zauq of PTUDC and Atif Javed of BNT. Fahad Siyal and Kaleem served the duties of Stage Secretary and other administrative tasks were done by Khaleel Bhatti and Hamza Bhatti. Comrades, Workers, Peasents and Students from Rajan Pur, Fazil Pur, Kotla Shair Muhammad, Mahirwala, Kotla Muglan and Jampur participated in the event.

Kot Addu

PTUDC and Peoples Labour Bureau organized a Rally in Kot Addu to pay tribute to the struggle of Martyrs of Chicago. Hundreds of worker from Alfath KEPCO Employees Union, Para-Veterinary Staff Union, Irrigation Power Employees Union, WAPDA Hydro Union, Punjab Teachers Union, Mazdoor Union OGDCL, Jidojahid Mazdoor Union TMA, Mazdoor Insaaf Union PARCO, Railway Workers Union, Riksha Union, Babers Association and APCA participated in the Rally, which started from Railway Station at 9 am. Rally was led by Ghazanafar Ali Shah Chairman Alfath KEPCO Employees Union, District President PPP Bilal Khar, Senator Amjad Abbas Shah, Ex-MPA Mahir Irshad Siyal,  Chairman WAPDA Hydro Union Abdul Rehman, District Muzaffargarh General Secretary APCA Hameed Akhtar and Ali Akbar from PTUDC. Participants chanted slogans to pay tribute to Chicago workers and against terrorism, fundamentalism, Load-Shedding, Unemployment and for the rights of workers. Speakers stated that only the working class rule can end all the deprivations of society, workers must unite themselves and Struggle for Revolution. In the rally, workers decided to initiate a movement against the non-payments of TMA workers’ salaries, restructuring of Workers Action Committee is also decided which is approved by the participants.


On May Day 2017, Revolutionary Student Front (RSF) and PTUDC conducted a seminar titled “International Workers Day”. The program was presided by Altaf Khokhar and the chief guest of the program was Haider Abbas Gardezi, while Nadeem Pasha of PTUDC was the stage secretary of Seminar.

Zeshan Shehzad opened the discussion by highlighting the historical importance of May Day. The struggle of Chicago workers was to bring working day from 16 hours to 8 hours for the workers, he asserted. He said the demand which Chicago workers struggled for is still important and relevant in countries like Pakistan.  Babu Nafees Ansari of PPP, Tariq Chaudhry, Nadir Gopang of RSF, Malik Basheer of Peoples Labor Bureau, Mashkor Hussain of Multan Institute for Kidney Diseases Employees Union, Kamran Magsi of PPP and Rashid khan addressed to the participants. They paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago workers and emphasized the unity of workers to bring tangible change in the society. On this Occasion, Usama and Shanawar sung revolutionary songs to pay tribute to the struggle of workers, they themselves created lyrics and composition of the song.

Concluding the discussion, Haider Abbas Gardezi addressed the impacts of historical events including French Revolution, Paris Commune, May Day 1886, Bolshevik Revolution, on the world. He also elaborated the importance of workers movement in Pakistan. In the end, Altaf Khakhor emphasized on the need to build a revolutionary party with the help of unity among workers. The program was ended by singing the workers Internationale.

Other Activities in Multan

A delegation of PTUDC and RSF visited the protest of Lady Health Workers at Nawan Shehr Chowk for solidarity and support.

Moreover, Peoples Labor Bureau organized a political congregation in which Nadeem Pasha, Aslam Ansari and Nadir Gopang made their points in their speeches, explaining the conditions of working class in Pakistan and the role of political parties.


PTUDC organized a Mass Meeting at Kiyani Hall District Courts Faisalabad. The program was chaired by Ismat Parween of PTUDC. City organizer PTUDC Faisalabad Adil briefly explained the goals and strategy of PTUDC. Labor leader Malik Muhammad Ramzan and  Sharjeel from Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT) highlighted the overall situation of industrial workers. Organizer RSF G.C University Faisalabad Imtiaz highlighted the situation of working class on the global scale. Malik Muhammad Saeed recited a revolutionary poem. Rana Naeem Dastageer, Adeel Taj, Malik Sardar Muhammad from Peoples Party said that the survival of Pakistan Peoples Party is only possible on the basis of Socialism. Ahmed, Saifee, Ammar highlighted the role of capitalist that how they fill their pockets by the exploitation of workers. They said that this class based system can only be eradicated by workers led mass revolutionary party.

Ilyas Khan of PTUDC, the Chief Guest, said that May Day was chosen for international workers day in Second International, he explained the strategy and action plan how workers can end capitalism and transform it into a classless society through socialist revolution. The program was ended by singing Workers’ Internationale.
After the program, a torch bearer rally was held and it was dedicated to Mashal Khan.


May Day is linked with international proletariat. It is remembered for the historical struggle of Chicago workers for Eight hour day movement. But the police opened fire on the peaceful demonstration by the workers. PTUDC organized rally to mark the Day. Forward Gear Workers Union, Aiwan Sports, Saichan Sports, Daska Bar Council, and Lecturers Association participated in the rally. The rally started from Sahuwala Forward gear factory. Number of workers in the rally were riding bikes with red flags in their hands. Workers chanted the slogan “Long Live Socialist Revolution!”, “Long Live Workers Unity!”. The first stop was Gogi Square where workers chanted the slogans and the second one was Sabaleem Square. The rally passed by general bus stand and turned into a mass gathering at Court Square. Muhammad Ali Butt president Forward Gear Workers Union delivered a historical speech and said the capitalism is an obsolete system. And that history has shown that workers had always fought for their rights. Now the time has come to unite the workers on the class basis. He paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and said that the real tribute can only be paid by the elimination of this crony capitalism. After that, workers chanted slogans at Sialkot’s famous Allama Iqbal Square. Shah Shams Tabriz from Forward Gear, Muhammad Yaseen, Qari Afzal Cheema, Nasir Butt Advocate city President PTUDC Sialkot, Umar Shahid Information Secretary PTUDC, Advocate Ayaz Tipu from RSF, Hassan Malik addressed the rally. They vowed to struggle against capitalism and to establish a classless society through socialist revolution.


All Pakistan Workers Confederation and Brick Kiln Workers Union organized a rally on May Day. PTUDC participated with great enthusiasm. Rally passed from different points of the city and ended up in front of Press Club Lahore. Participants in the rally chanted slogans in the favor of their demands. Workers of PTUDC sold Mazdoornama and fortnightly paper Class Struggle in the rally. Workers supported and appreciated the work of PTUDC in their speeches.


Pakistan Workers Confederation and PTUDC organized May Day program at 10:00 am in Press Club Rawalpindi. Workers, women and students from the WAPDA Hydro Union, Municipal Labor Union TMA, Railway Workers Union, PWD Workers Union, Federal Union of Journalist, JKNSF, RSF, PTUDC and AWP participated in the program. Muhammad Akram Bunda, Malik Fateh Khan, Pervez Cheeda, ZafarUllah Niazi, Dr. Farzana Bari, Afzal Butt, Doctor Changez, Asim Sajjad, Chaudhry Masood Ul Hassan, Ishaq Meer, Asif Rasheed, Malik Nawaz and Taimoor Khan addressed the program and paid tribute to the Martyrs of Chicago. They said the organic crisis of capitalism has proved that there are no signs of recovery and workers cannot get benefits from this obsolete system.  Only workers can eliminate the barbarism and extremism from the society. It is only possible through socialist revolution. Other than that workers movement was discussed in detail and they said that we have to eliminate elite class prevailing in labor unions. After the program rally took place against Poverty, Inflation and Unemployment. And after the rally joint meeting by all Labor unions was held and laid the foundation of Workers Action Committee. The meeting of the committee was called on 4th May 2017 at 4 pm in press club Islamabad. In this meeting, the strategy for joint struggle will be discussed in detail.

Hassan Abdal

On May day, PTUDC and Peoples Labor Bureau organized a massive public meeting in Hassan Abdal. The program was presided by Dr. Lal Khan, Editor Asian Marxist Review (AMR) and International Secretary of PTUDC. Nadeem Afzal Chan, General Secretary of Pakistan People’s Party Punjab was chief guest of the event, The Program was chaired by Dr. Changez Malik from PTUDC. The program was opened up by Ishaq Mir’s revolutionary poem after that Asif Rasheed, organizer RSF North Punjab addressed the program. He said that capitalism is responsible for the problems of working class and the only solution is Socialist revolution. After that Dr. Imtiaz Abbasi, Chairman Punjab Teachers Association addressed the program. He explained the problems of teachers and the privatization of schools in Punjab. He said that Peoples Party has to revert back to its Socialist Manifesto. Ramzan Lagahari, President Peoples Unity PIA, Comrade Raja Imran, Chief Organizer Mazdoor Ithad, Asif Khan from Kacchi Abadi Hassan Abdal, Bacha Khan from the Brick Kiln Union, Siraj Gul Khattak President People’s Labor Bureau, Ahar Hayat Khan, City president PPP Attock, Sardar Saleem Haider former Federal Minister addressed the program. Nadeem Afzal Chan said Pakistan Peoples Party is the party of working class. The party is hijacked by capitalists and the feudalists of this country and we have to fight against these corrupt people. Dr. Lal Khan explained the organic crisis of capitalism and the conditions of the working class, and this system is exploiting the working class all over the world. The real power is in the hands of working class and they are the real producers of everything available on this planet. Working class is politically alienated right now but one day they will change the course of history, and the working class will transform the existing system with a socialist revolution. Workers and Students participated from Rawalpindi, Taxila, Fateh Jang, Wah Cannt, Islamabad and Attock.
Mazdoornama and the fortnightly The Struggle was sold in the program. Workers and participants highly apprised PTUDC and its publications. Workers chanted slogans against anti-labor policies. The program was ended up by singing workers’ Internationale.


On this May Day, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized seminar in Swat Goalarie. Johr Iqbal chaired the seminar. Firstly, Riffat said that today workers are facing immense problems and only the unity and solidarity of the workers can get rid of these problems. After that Kursheed, Bacha Zada, Ayaz Khan, Ameen Khan and Rasheed Sulemani participated in the discussion. Ameen Khan participated in the program on the behalf of Khyber Building Labor Union and he said that practical struggle of workers is the only solution for current problems. Rasheed Sulaimani said that he is proud to be the son of a worker. He added that the time has come to fight against the current socio-economic system. At the end, Khairullah summed up the discussion by saying that there is a basic contradiction between capital and labor and working class is exploited everywhere in the world. And the International proletariat has to build an organization against the capitalist class. These problems can only be alleviated through a socialist Revolution.


May Day celebrated in Banu with great enthusiasm.  PTUDC organized a rally and it was held at Peoples Secretariat near Salami Mosque. It passed from different points of the city and ended up in front of Press Club Banu. The rally was attended by People’s Labor Bureau, Municipal Committee, Pakhtun Matarqi Leekwal and a large number of workers. In front of the press club, the rally turned into a public meeting. Bakht Niaz Khan Sikandari Advocate, the city president PTUDC Banu, Nisar Mandan Advocate General Secretary District Bar Association Banu, Adnan Hashmi General Counselor and former Information Secretary People’s Lawyers Forum, Haji Zafar Ali Khan Former city president PPP, Shakeel Ahmed Advocate, Atif –ur-Rehman Advocate former president PYO, Ramzan Babar former President Peoples Labor Bureau, Saleem, Nafees-ur-Rehman, Hidayat Mandan, Sabahat Khan, Shafqatullah Khan, Muhammad Ali Khan said that today is international workers day and this exploitive system is going to die. Workers must wipe out black sheep from their ranks. Speakers said that the day is not so far when working class and the masses would learn lessons from their life and they will end capitalism. They will change the whole political scenario and they will also establish a workers state.


Protest organized by the PWD Union

PWD has announced that it will celebrate the International worker’s day as a day of protest. They organized a protest in front of Peshawar press club where they paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago workers and chanted slogans against corrupt and anti-worker laws. On this occasion, Gul Zamin and others, while addressing the participants, stated that government always create such laws which are anti-workers, while the prime purpose of these laws is to protect the profits of the bourgeoisie. Today there is a dire need for workers’ unity so that they fight for their rights.

Rally Organized by Railway Workers Union

Railway workers union started their rally from the railway station which ended in a protest at Peshawar press club. Participants chanted slogans in the favor of workers and against capitalism. Addressing to the protesters, Farhad Khan General Secretary of Railway Workers Union, Sayed Ishfaq Bacha Divisional President, Saleem Shair Pao General Secretary of Nadra Employees Union, Fazal-e- Qadir Organizer Railway Workers Union, Saleem Kakar Chairman Railway Workers Union, Muraad President Raksha Union, Lal Zaman Qadri, Ahmad Ali and Sangeen Bacha from PTUDC, asserted that the sacrifices of Chicago workers brought us 8 hours working day. But today conditions are even worse for the workers than ever. Not a single political organization is on the grounds to protect the rights of the working class, this gap needed to be filled with a revolution which will eradicate the roots of capitalism.

Pakhtun Student Federation Organized a Seminar in Peshawar University

This was the first time that any student federation or organization of the university dare to organize a seminar on international workers day. Students with the Marxist tendency within the Pakhtun Student Federation (PSF) has organized this historic activity. Seminar took place in Pearl Lawn of the University. Stage Secretary was Ali Khan, Abdul Rehman, Abid Yousuf Zai, Ali Bawar, Nazim Yusaf Zai, Akhtar Iqbal Yousaf Zai of PSF and Khalid Mandokhail of PTUDC addressed to the seminar. Speakers paid tribute to the struggle and sacrifices of Chicago workers. They said sacrifices of Chicago workers must not go in vain and we take oath on this day to carry forward the mission of martyrs workers to struggle till the last breath for scientific socialism.



PTUDC and Jammu Kashmir National Student Federation (JKNSF) organized an agitational rally under the Neelam Bridge on the May Day, in the district of Muzafarbad, on the issues of temporary contract base jobs, fewer wages, terrorism, load-shedding, dearth, unemployment, and impecuniously on various common issues. This rally took the start from under the Neelam Bridge, at 10 am, in which over many students and people participated. They raised slogans against IMF and World Bank and on other Government institutions.Central President of PTUDC Azaad Kashmir, Naveed Ishaq, Ex.President of JKNSF, Rashid Sheikh, Member of PTUDC Azaad Kashmir Amjad Butt Shalla, Secretary General of Kashmir Ahtasham Gardezi, District Organizer of PTUDC Muzaffarabad, Awais Ali, City President NSF Khawaja Mujtaba, Comrade Naseer and others addressed the rally. They exclaimed that the whole working class is still containing fruitful results from the sacrifice of the martyrs of Chicago, by working for 8 hours a day. They took the oath to continue their struggle till they would be successful in bringing socialist revolution. They demanded to pay workers, equal to a 1 tola gold and kept to an end the temporary contract base system and deployed them on the permanent basis.

Furthermore, they were condemning against the National Action Plan of Government which was harassing Progressive forces, Nawaz League Government fired off contract base workers from their jobs. TEVTA workers were on strike from the last month, but Government did not take any action. Moreover, they promised to fight against this brutal capitalist system. Murawat Rathore performed the duties of Stage Secretary in procession.


JKNSF and PTUDC arranged a rally on May Day. It walked from Post Graduate College Ground and the procession was organized at Kachehri Chowk. The protestors raised slogans against the atrocious capitalist system and sadistic Government as well, on the issues of terrorism, dearth, unemployment, compensation, load-shedding and on various student problems. They indestructibly expressed solidarity with the students of Indian Occupied Kashmir, on their struggle, by handing on placards. Central President of JKNSF, Basharat Ali Khan, Member of PTUDC, Farooq Khan, Chief Organizer of NSF, Tanweer Anwar, Vice President Khalil Babar and others, addressed to the participators. While, Central Speaker of All Azaad Kashmir Anjuman Tajiraan, Kashif Abbas performed the stage secretary duties. Afterwards, the participators of the rally also attended the seminar, which was held by APCA, where President of JKNSF Basharat Ali Khan, Divisional President of Postal Employees, Haleem Sajid and Senior Vice Chairman of NSF Rizwan Nour, accosted with people.

PWD Workers Union also held May Day event, which was attended by numerous workers of PWD Union and by masses of LHWs and others. They started their rally from PWD rest house and took a round of the city.Workers, very enthusiastically, took part in it and remarkably raised slogans on the miserableness and pauperism of the state. General member of PTUDC Azaad Kashmir, Abdul Waheed Khan, Chairman PWD Workers Union, Sardar Asif Khan, District president of PPP, Sardar Raees Inqelabi, Ex.Administrator of District Sadhonti, Sardar Manzoor Husssain, President of Paramedical Azaad Kashmir Sardar Afzal Shaheen, District President of LHWs, Aqeeda Khanum, Central member of PWD workers Union, Aashiq Butt, Aftaab Ahmad, PSF member, Ayaaz Raheem, Member of NSF, Junaid Iqbal, Member of Teacher’s Association, Saad Nasir Jamaal or others accosted and remarked that the hunger,inhumanity and other indignities in which society is pulling down. Further, they said, due to these circumstances, people were forced to attempt suicidal actions. The participators anticipated the “Red Salute” to the martyrs of Chicago and furiously, said that they would continue their struggle until they supplanted this tyrant system.