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Kashmir: Activities on Death Anniversary of Maqbool Butt and Chakothi Martyrs

By Jammu Kashmir National Student Federation (JKNSF)

Maqbool Butt was the hero of the national struggle in Kashmir, who was hanged by the Indian State on February 11, 1984. In order to commemorate his 33rd and 27th death anniversary of the martyrs of Chakothi, JKNSF organized a series of public meetings, rallies and seminars across Pakistani occupied Kashmir. A large number of people participated in these activities where Marxists of JKNSF put the case for a socialist solution to Kashmir question. Here we provide brief report of activities;


At Muzaffarabad, JKNSF commemorated anniversaries of Maqbool Butt and Shuhda-e-Chakhoti with revolutionary enthusiasm. For the preparation of program, an agitation camp was organized at Chalha Chowk on 10th February, which was attended by hundreds of students and youth. On the morning of 11th February, number of youth gathered from different areas of Muzaffarabad at post-graduate college ground. At 11 am an agitation rally started which pass through different parts of the city and ended at Press Club.  During the rally, participants raised socialist slogans and condemned capitalist brutality. At Press Club rally turned into a public meeting. Khawaja Jameel Central Secretary General, Asmat Ullah Central Vice President, Rashid Sheikh ex-Central President , Awais Ali ex-Central Secretary General , Khawaja Mujtaba City President, Shahid Lateef Central organizer, Rizwan Chaudhry Organizer Medical College, Basit Baghi Organizer Kashmir University, Aamir Sohail President Degree College, Faisal Rathore President Kashmir University and Dilwar Rathore Leader Kashmir University while addressing meeting said,”Maqbool Butt never compromised on his ideology rather he preferred to be hanged at Tihar Jail. By killing Maqbool Butt, ruling class thought that they can finish struggle of Kashmiris for independence, prosperity and end oppression. But on the basis of scientific socialism, thousands of JKNSF workers are still moving while firmly holding the red flag. Trampling bloody LOC under their feet, Liaquat Awan, Farrukh Qureshi and Sajjad Anjum also proved that JKNSF doesn’t accept partition. The speakers expressed complete solidarity with the revolutionary movement in Kashmir and exposed the role of ruling class and terrorist organization across LOC to crush the movement. They also demanded to ban terrorist organizations and put the case for socialist revolution as the only salvation for the region.

Marwart Rathore District President JKNSF was stage secretary and at the end, many students from Garhi Dopatta Degree college joined JKNSF.



On 11th February, at Rawalakot a massive protest rally organized which started from Degree College ground. After the city round, it ended at a local hall where it culminated in a large public meeting which was organized jointly by JKNSF, JKSLF and JKLF. The seminar was addressed by Basharat Ali Khan Central President JKNSF, Khaleel Babar Senior Vice President JKNSF, Saddam Hayat Central Convener JSLF and Altamish Tassadaq District President JKNSF.

On this occasion, speakers said that proxies have been developed to de-track the Kashmir freedom movement which is a conspiracy to put obstacles. Whenever any genuine movement threatened ruling classes, they try to spoil it through vicious propagandas. In order to crush movement ruling elite had started proxy wars and revolutionary leaders were crucified. But history has shown that ruling class can kill a man but cannot finish his ideas. Maqbool Butt was martyred but his revolutionary legacy is emerging again from various parts of Kashmir. We will fulfil the mission of Maqbool Butt for eradicating the capitalism and lay foundations of genuine freedom.


JKNSF organized a protest rally on 11th February at Press Club Rawalpindi; the rally was led by JKSNF  Rawalpindi branch leadership. A number of youth and students took part in rally and raised socialist slogans. From the Murree road, the rally ended at Press club where it turned into a public procession. While addressing participants; Wajid Asghar JKNSF Rawalpindi’s President, Shafqat Raheem Vice chairman, Adnan Saagir General Secretary, Zubair Latif and Zahid Arif said, “JKSNF has continued its struggle for the socialist emancipation of Kashmiri people and stood up for the rights of people. Speakers vowed to fulfil incomplete mission of Maqbool Butt and to continue their struggle till socialist revolution.  Other speakers were include Usman Rasheed, Awais, Noman Ijaz, Farhan Majeed, Ubaid Gulzar, Adnan Ashraf and others


On 11th February, At Rest House Palandari a public seminar was organized which was attended by a number of youth and students from Post Graduate College Palandari, Red Foundation Palandari, Emerson College, Pilot High School Palandari and others. This seminar was presided by Yasir Hanif Central Information Secretary JKNSF while Abdul Wahid Central General Secretary PTUDC Kashmir was the chief guest. At this occasion speakers said while addressing, “The everlasting struggle Maqbool Butt and other martyrs of Chakhoti against national and imperialist oppression, ban upon students unions, capitalism and for the socialist emancipation of Kashmir is still alive. In the light of their ideas, JKSNF will continue its struggle for a classless society. Other speakers were Ayaz Raheem District Sr Vice President PSF, Junaid Iqbal leader NSF, Rizwan Rasheed District Finance Secretary JKNSF.

At end of seminar, participants protested against Saudi Arab state oppression on immigrant workers. Abdul Wahid Central General Secretary PTUDC Kashmir while addressing condemned Saudi oppression and showed solidarity with workers.