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Islamabad: Public Meeting Organized by Pakistan Workers Action Committee

By PTUDC Islamabad

On 17, May 2017  Pakistan Workers Action Committee organized a mass gathering at community Centre Aabpara, Islamabad. After 1st May program this workers action committe was formed that includes the representatives of PFUJ, PWD, WAPDA Hydro Union, CDA Union, CAA Union, SME Bank Union, State Bank Union, PTUDC, PWC, PWFF, PTCL Line Staff Union, APCA, Punjab Teachers Union, Rail Mazdoor Itehad, People Unity PIA, Sports Board Union, ZTB Union, Radio Pakistan Union, AWP, PTV Union, Akhbar Faroosh Union, TMA Municipal Labour Union Rawalpindi, Federal Teachers Association and PIMS Gazetted Association.

The meeting was attended by a large number of workers and a complete strategy of all the unions was discussed for the protest, that is going to be held on 23 May 2017 in front of Parliament. The meeting was presided by Chaudhary Yaseen, Secretary CDA Workers Union. Speakers said that we need to get united to defend the interest and the rights of the working class. All the unions will participate with great enthusiasm and full strength to continue the struggle of working class. At the end of the program leaflet and posters were finalized by the committee. It was decided that all the unions would participate with their banners.