Pakistan Reports

Hyderabad: Anti-Privatization Labour Conference by PTUDC

By Muhammad Khoso

On 9th September 2018, Anti-Privatization Labour Conference was held by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) at Hyderabad Press Club. The conference was presided by PTUDC Sindh President, Anwer Panhwar.

Trade union leaders from the Sindh, as well as leaders of Para Medical Staff Balochistan and NOPE Balochistan, participated in the conference. Rahul from Hyderabad performed the duties of stage secretary while General Secretary PTUDC Sindh, Advocate Nisar Ahmed Chandio briefly explained the strategy and goals of PTUDC and warmly welcomed all the delegates.

Trade union leaders from different institutions addressed the conference and highlighted the issues that working class is facing such as privatization, poverty, inflation and government anti-labour policies etc… The newly elected government of PTI is initiating anti-workers policy, which includes the dismissal of thousands of daily-wage workers, shutting down of utilities stores all over the county and the planing for the privatization of 200 state-owned enterprises. These attacks will create more difficulties for the working class of the country. These policies shows the real agenda of PTI government.

During the election campaign, the promises of delivering millions of new jobs and end of unemployment were made by PTI, but recent actions are totally opposing it. In just  few days of government, the price hikes of electricity, gas, LPG, food etc…, proved that the actions of newly formed governement will not be different from its predecessors. The privatization of state-owned enterprises will not only be the economic disastor for the country but the working class will be affected the most. Trade union leaders in the conference emphasized upon the unity of the working class. They encouraged the role and struggle of PTUDC against the anti-labour policies.

Central General Secretary of the Railways Workers Union Junaid Awan, Provincial President Sindh Raza Khan Swati, Provincial General Secretary of Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association Sharif Palari, General Secretary APCA Sindh Miral Bhurgari, President APCA Sindh Asadullah Durrani, President PTUDC Sindh Anwar Panhwar, General Secretary PTUDC Sindh Nisar Chandio, Ali Raza Mongol from Balochistan, Ali From NOPE Balochistan, Vice President APPT Mohammad Perhyal, Leader of HDA Employees Union Aslam Abbasi, Former Chairman PTUDC Riaz Lund, Akbar Memon from Pakistan Steel Mills, Faraz Baig from State Life, Nisar Laghari from Teachers Association, Fahim Abbasi from Treet Corporation, President All Sindh University Federation Raza Durani, Divisional President Railways Mehnat Kash Union Niaz Khaskheli and other trade union leaders addressed the conference. Hanif Imam from Dadu presented the resolution which was unanimously approved by the participants.