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Bolshevik Day Activities Across Pakistan

By Zeeshan Butt

Month-long activities, programs, seminars and lectures were observed and organized by The Struggle, PTUDC, JKNSF and BNT on the occasion of 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution in different cities, areas and regions of Pakistan from Pakhtunkhwa to Sindh, Kashmir, Punjab and Baluchistan. We are publishing here a brief report of these programs for our readers.


On 6th November 2016 BNT and PTUDC celebrated the 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution (1917) in Dadu, in which youth and workers zealously participated. Current international and national scenario including socialist perspective were discussed in this seminar. The honourable guests were Muhammad Moriyal Punwar (leader of the Highways Labor Union and President of PTUDC Dadu), Raja Rafiq Punwar (Leader of Pakistan Paramedical Association Dadu) and Anwar Punwar (President PTUDC Sindh). The speakers of the program were Hanif Misrani, Rashid, Shahzaib, Ejaz Baghio and Rameez Misrani. They asserted that the tradition of Bolshevik Revolution is not yet over, the name of Karl Marx doesn’t vanish even after painstaking efforts made by capitalists, there isn’t any third option before the world: socialism or barbarism. Hafeez chaired the program and Anwar Punwar summed up the discussion. In the end, participants sang Internationale and a cake cutting ceremony was also held.


On 6th November 2016, a program was organized to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution (1917) in Peshawar University. Meeting was chaired by Khalid Mandokhail, whereas Sangeen Bacha opened the discussion by highlighting the achievements and political decadence of Bolshevik Revolution and explained that today humanity is facing problems including poverty, helplessness, unemployment, corruption and other painful social issues, Bolshevism is the only solution to eradicate them all. In the end, Khalid Mandokhail concluded with these words: we are not celebrating the anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution due to dogmatic belief but for scientifically learning from the lessons of this great Revolution we oath that we will crush the darkness of capitalism and bring the new dawn for the humanity.


On 7th November, a Marxist school was arranged on the anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution in The Struggle’s office by JKNSF. The agenda of the school was “Russia from Revolution to Counter-Revolution”. The school was chaired by Abdul Malik and Danial delivered lead off on the agenda. In his lead off, He described the history of Russian revolution, Its importance and the bureaucratic decay of Stalinism. Moreover, restoration of capitalism in Russia and its impacts were also highlighted. After the lead off Khalil Babar, Tasaduq, Wajid Ali, Ibrar Lateef and Tanveer Anwar continued the discussion in the light of questions. Later, Basharat Ali briefly explained Organization, Its importance and its dire need. In the end, Haleem Sajid summed up the School. The school was ended by singing workers’ Internationale.


On 9th November 2016, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) organized a program on the 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution with the Title of “The Beginning of Human Emancipation” in The Struggle’s office Rawalpindi. Rehana Akhtar Chaired and Asif Rasheed opened discussion on it. He explained that this Revolution brings fundamental changings in way of thought and life. For the first time in history, the power shifted from handful minority to the vast majority of the working class. Private property was abolished and productive resources were nationalized.in contrast to any bourgeoisie analyst Lenin and Trotsky, the leaders of October Revolution, they outlined the perspective of the fall of Soviet Union if it stuck in one country. The fall of Soviet Union was fall of Stalinism and Socialism on one country. Socialism is internationalism otherwise nothing.

Zahid Arif, Shafqat Mehmood, Irfan Pitafi, Shahid Akbar, Ahmad Ammar, Sohail Akhtar, Changez Malik and Tariq also participated in the discussion. In his conclusion, Asif Rasheed forced on the Building of a Revolutionary Party. The program summed up with Workers’ Internationale.

Mir Pur Bathoro

On 12th November 2016, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized a lecture program in Bathoro, Sindh on the anniversary of “The Bolshevik Revolution and Present Situation”. Jabbar Zounar welcomed all participants from Youth, Peasants and workers of different areas and Nathu Mal delivered the lecture. He discussed Bolshevik Revolution and present situation of world economy and politics in detail. The revolution developed a classless society, in which the purpose of production was not profit but to cater the basic human needs, he said. Today, in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world people died because of poverty and hunger, no matter if it is a dictatorship or so-called democracy production is based on workers’ exploitation, he added.  The working class has the power to run the system, and the capacity to overthrow this system, this is what October Revolution proved true. The working class has the power to revolt against this oppression and build a classless society which in only possible in Socialism, he concluded. Revelatory poetry and anthems were also part of the program, the program concluded with Cake cutting ceremony.


On 13th November 2016, PTUDC organized a Seminar in Thatta city to pay tribute to the Great Bolshevik Revolution on its 99th anniversary. Stage secretary Abbas opened the seminar by welcoming the participants. Hafeez introduced the topic of the seminar and Rahul discussed the pre and after revolution situation of Russia, the gains of planned economy and the characteristics of workers’ state in his speech. The Revolution fully transformed Backward Russia into world’s biggest economy with a huge force of doctors, engineers and scientists, he said. We have a task to provide an ideological force and leadership to the working class and overthrow this class base system and end the misery of people. Other speakers include Ijaz Jakhro, Ayaz and Nathu Mal. Salman Jahkhro and Asghar Memon recited revolutionary poems.


The Struggle and PTUDC Multan have organized a program on the celebration of the Bolshevik Revolution, a milestone in the history of paramount significance. Participants were from different walks of life including trade union leaders, students, professors, engineers, lawyers etc. Awais Qarni, Nadeem Pasha, Tariq Chaudhary, Aslam Ansari, Nadir Gopang and Bashir Malik made their speeches about the importance and relevance of Bolshevik Revolution in present times. Speakers asserted: it was the first time in history that the working class took power in their hands, under the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky, and shaken the roots of capitalism. Bolsheviks utilized the two basic components of socialism, planned economy and proletariat democracy, and changed social fabrics of society. Under the leadership of Bolsheviks, built millions of schools, kinder gardens, health facilities centres, collective kitchens and provided it to the masses on free bases. A revolution was witnessed in the fields of science, culture, industry, art and infrastructure. This was made possible only by eradicating the sense of private property and launching five-year plans under the workers’ democracy within the limits of planned economy. They also emphasized counter-revolution of Socialist Russia, which was due and predicted by the Bolsheviks themselves. Speakers stated the impact of Bolshevik Revolution was international in its nature. While addressing the participants, comrades highlighted the organic crisis of late capitalism and the dire need of Bolshevik Revolution today. As Frederick Engels stated ‘There are only two alternatives for humanity, Socialism or Barbarism’.  A revolutionary song was also presented in the celebration ceremony by Rana Sumair, Noshair Khan and Zeehsan Butt.


On 13th November 2016, PTUDC and BNT a ceremony was held on the occasion of the 99th anniversary in Staff Colony Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Ammar Yasir chaired and Saif led the debate on the history of Russian Revolution, the character of proletariats, the gains of the revolution and its Stalinist degeneration. Ahmad discussed Pakistan’s 1968-69 revolution and its impacts. Noman Saqi discussed historical evolution of working class and need of socialism in today’s circumstances. Umar Rasheed concluded the program and discussed current world economic, political, social situation and put stress on the dire need of a revolutionary party. The program ended with workers’ international anthem.


PTUDC and BNT organized a seminar on the 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution on 20th November 2016 in which youth, women, workers and trade union leaders participated enthusiastically. In this seminar “Perspective of the worker’s movement in Pakistan” was discussed and paid tribute to the Bolshevik Revolution. The program presided. Nisar Ahmad Chandio whereas other speakers were: President NADRA Employs Union Raza Khan Sawati, leader of Treat Corporation Employs Union Adnan Sheikh, Ex-general Secretary Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association Pershotam, leader of PTUDC Hyderabad Avinash, Nathu Mal, Women Organizer Lajwanti, Neelam and Lata, Provisional leader BNT Dr Venod Kumar, leader of BNT Jamshoru Haji Shah and Sarfraz Chulgari. Speakers asserted that capitalism is unbearable for the masses which is making basic necessities of life inaccessible for them. In such a situation expecting any sort of development is just as to live in the fools of paradise, the movement is shattered due to the disloyalty of trade union leadership. The need of the time is to gather these movements under a single platform and struggle against all the issues collectively. So that movement, likely to emerge, should be turned into a revolution. Bolshevik Revolution was the first step towards a classless society, which was impossible without the Bolshevik Party. The Same fatal crisis of leadership is prevailing in Pakistan; this gap can only be filled the party, equipped with Marxist ideology. Sohail Chandio performed as stage secretary in the seminar whereas comrade Asghar Maimon and others presented revolutionary poems and songs.


On the 99th anniversary of Bolshevik, a seminar was organised by JKNSF in Post Graduate College Hall, and oath ceremony of a newly elected unit was also the part of the program. The program started under the presidency of newly elected president Amir Sohail and, central editor Azam (organ of JKNSF) Danial Arif and district president Rawalakot Al-Tamash Tassduq were chief guests. Firstly, Al-Tamash Tassaduq briefly described the Bolshevik Revolution. Later, Danial Arif highlighted achievements of Bolshevism and its dire need in present-day. After this, city president Mujtaba while explaining Bolshevik leadership and methodology of revolutionary work he talked about organizational targets. Others speakers of the event were president Degree College Qazi Amir and ex-joint secretary Raja Hasnain who enriched the discussion. Ex-central president Rashid Sheikh concluded the discussion and congratulated the newly elected unit. He emphasised the responsibility of youth and described the difference between Socialism and Stalinism, and termed Russian Revolution as a way to freedom.


On 20th November 2016, PTUDC organised a seminar on the 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution in Pak Teas House in which students, workers and people from different walks of life participated zealously. Rizwan Akhter was stage secretary. In the beginning, Shafiq Ahmad Shafiq recited the revolutionary poem after which the discussion was opened to the participants. Awais Qarni, briefly explained the events of Bolshevik Revolution, described the reasons for defeat of 1905 revolution, and highlighted the importance of Bolshevik Party’s effective intervention in movements, emerged after the devastations of first world war. He also emphasised on the impacts of Bolshevik Revolution on the international scale and underlined the causes of Soviet Union’s collapse. Sajida Mir, Ilyas Khan and Aman Ullah also spoke in the event, they discussed gains of the Russian revolution and also discussed the revolution of 1968-69 of Pakistan. Dr Tahir Shabir recited a revolutionary poem. Imran Kamyana concluded the event in his speech. He discussed the miracles that planned economy made and fundamentally changed the way of life. He also discussed the current capitalist crisis.


On 20th November, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized a seminar on the 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution. Workers, Leader and Students from the Forward Gear Union, Anwar Khawaja Group, Sir Ji Care, Punjab Teachers Union, Professors and Lecturers Union, Sialkot Bar Hall, Daska Bar Hall, Tata Sports, Ali Trading, Taj Mahal Factory participated in great numbers in the seminar.  Babar Patras was stage secretary and Lal Khan, International Secretary of PTUDC was the chief guest of the event.

Comrade Ahsan opened the discussion with a revolutionary anthem. Majid, Haseeb, Nasir butt, Ramzan and Ayaz sung revolutionary songs. Umar Shahid discussed the situation of working class around the globe and specifically in Pakistan. He said there is no capacity of reforms in capitalism. Then Umar Rasheed advanced the discussion in his speech, he said that October revolution is the event that shook the course of world dynamics, he also discussed the historical developments of Bolshevik Party. After that Nasir butt, Abuzar and Waheed Bukhari shared their thought. Forward Gear Union President spoke about workers’ movement in Pakistan. He showed his commitment to fighting for the rights of workers in his speech. Lal Khan put a detailed analysis of Bolshevik Revolution, the gains and success of the revolution proved that without profit motive a healthy society could be developed under planned economy.  He also discussed the decline of Soviet Union under a bureaucratic regime. He also discussed the events of 1968-69 of Pakistan, a revolution could be made if a strong Bolshevik party exists in that times, he said. Today, no political party has the program and manifesto that can change the situation and life of misery of working class. Only the working class itself can end this poverty, hunger and misery of working class under a Bolshevik Leadership. The seminar ended with workers’ Internationale anthem.


On 26th November 2016, PTUDC and The Struggle organized an event for 99th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution and Lunching ceremony of V.I. Lenin’s masterpiece, “Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder, current Urdu edition. Workers from Pakistan Steel, Voice of Officers Association, Port Qasim, KPT, Pakistan Post, State Bank, Habib Bank, PC Hotel Workers Union, Shoe Makers Workers, Garments Workers, Pakistan Railways and Students, Teachers, Professors from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Law College, Karachi University, Federal Urdu University participated in the program. Youth from BSO, PSF, JKNSF and Family of Abducted progressive social worker Wahid Baloch joined the event.

PTUDC central President Nazar Mangal joined the program as Chief Guest, Lal Khan, International Secretary of PTUDC, as Special Guest. Before the formal start of program 2-minute silence observed to pay tribute the struggle of Fidel Castro. Nathu Mal opened the program with Revolutionary song. Jannat Hussain, Anwar Panwar, Hani Baloch (Daughter of Wahid Baloch), Majid Memon, Riaz Hussain Lund, Dean of Social Sciences of SZABIST Dr Riaz Ahmad spoke to the participants. Well known Revolutionary Union leaders, Liaqat Sahi, Habib ud Din Junaidi, Shiekh Majeed, Asim Jan Wardik, Mirza Maqsood, Shafee Sial, Junaid Awan Ubaid Khan, Ex- Federal Labour Minister and leader of UBL union Aziz Memon, Mirza Tahir Hussain, Jalil Shah and others also participated in the program. Lal Kahn in his detailed speech said communism is the only way out for humanity. He also condemned the abduction of comrade Wahid Baloch, and we firmly stand with his family against this brutality. Nazar Mangal exposed the brutal policies of capitalists against the working class and said we will fight until the Revolutionary victory.