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International Call: Release Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar, Withdraw False Police Cases

By Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF)

On May 26, 2019 a peaceful procession in the Waziristan region led by Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar, both Members of National Assembly (MNAs), was fired upon by army men, leaving at least 13 dead and over forty injured.

Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar were elected as Members of the National Assembly (MNA) in the general elections held in 2018. They are also leaders of the Pashtun Defence Movement/Pashtun Tahfuz Movement (PTM), a mass social movement that emerged two years ago.

The PTM demands an end to military operations in the region bordering Afghanistan. This region is inhabited by ethnic Pashtuns. Their demands have brought them in conflict with the country’s powerful military. For the last two months, the military spokesperson has been passing threats to the PTM. Besides, the media were publicly advised by the military not to give any coverage to the PTM.

These threats and media blackout translated into a tragic reality on May 26. On the one hand, the peaceful procession was fired upon. On the other, media unanimously reported that the PTM activists led by Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar attacked a military check post and ensuing violence claimed the lives of three protestors besides injuring three soldiers.

Ironically, video footages —filmed through mobile phones—have emerged. These videos clearly show that Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar were fired upon from behind. While people were falling to bullets, Ali Wazir, instead of running to safety, went back to help an injured comrade. As he approached his comrade, near the checkpost, he was arrested by the military.

The next day, he was produced before the Anti-Terrorism-Court and remanded for eight days. Meantime, the entire opposition in the Parliament has demanded his release. He suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.

There have been unconfirmed allegations of torture as well. In the event, even if he is released for now, his life remains threatened. Like the rest of the PTM leadership, he has been subjected to a vicious hate propaganda. He is being portrayed by the mainstream media and the military as a foreign agent, a traitor, and a terrorist.

Fact of the matter is, the PTM staunchly believes in non-violence while 16 members of Ali Wazir’s family, including his siblings and father, were assassinated by the Taliban owing to his family’s opposition to the Taliban. He emerged as a symbol of anti-Taliban struggle before the rise of the PTM.

We urge you to sign this petition for these democratic demands:

  1. The urgent release of Ali Wazir and his PTM comrades
  2. An end to vilification campaign against the PTM leadership
  3. Withdrawal of fake police cases under anti-terrorist laws against Ali Wazir and the PTM members.

First signatures:

Serge Aberdam, historian, France

Fernando Acenio, Direção SEPE, Itaocara Teachers Union; Richard Clayton, Direção do SEPE-RJTeachers Union; Felipe Duque, Direção do SEPE-RJ Teachers Union; Armindo Lajes – Direção do SEPE-RJ Teachers Union, Rodrigo Teixeira, Direção do SEPE-RJ Teachers Union; Thaís Coutinho, Direção do SEPE, Regional III Teachers Union; Telma Luzemi, Direção do SEPE, Regional III Teachers Union; Rose Pinto, Direção SEPE, Petrópolis Teachers Union; Mara Cotinho, SEPE Porciúncula Teachers Union; Juliana Santos, SEPE Valença Teachers Union; Valdir Vicente, SEPE Nova Iguaçu Teachers Union; João Silva, SEPE Cabo Frio Teachers Union; Brazil

Gilbert Achcar, Professor, SOAS University of London, Britain

Ricardo Acuña and Marcela Miño, Board of Directors of the CTA Autónoma of San Migue, Argentina

Abdul Moiz Aftab, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Rocío Agüero, delegate of the Sports Department of the UNLA, Argentina

Wanderleia Aguiar, coordenação Emancipar RJ Net of Popular School; Yure Marx, Coordenador geral do Emancipa Pádua/Itaocara Net of Popular School; Juliano Teixeira, coordenação Emancipar RJ. Net of Popular School, Brazil

Manuel Aguilar Mora, Liga de Unidad Socialista (LUS), Mexico

Umair Ahmad, Youth for Human Rights, Pakistan

Saeed Ahmed, Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign, Pakistan

Sofía Ahun, Secretary of the UTS, Argentina

Badrul Alam, Communist Party of Bangladesh-ML(CPBML), Bangladesh

Aabida Ali, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Farman Ali, Secretary Information, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Karamat Ali, Secretary, National Labour Council, Pakistan

Sohnia Karamat Ali, Montreal, Quebec

Raja M. Ali Saleem, Associate Professor, Forman Christian College, Lahore, Pakistan

Alejandra Almada, Secretary of the Student Center, Mauricio Ruisoto, Sociology Council member, Federico Quintana, Communication Council member, Lorella Morselli, Social Work Counsil member, UJS-PO, Faculty of Social Sciences (UBA), Argentina

Jorge Almagro, activist MOTOARG, Argentina

Yamile Almeida, ATE Ministry of Social Development of the Province of Buenos Aires Local Board, Argentina

Guillermo Almeyra, periodista y ex profesor universitario, Mexico-Agentina

Martín Álvarez, Board of Directors of SUTEP, Union of Workers of Public Spectacles, Córdoba, Argentina

Victor Amarilla, Socialist Convergence (La Verdad), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alia Amirali, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Erick Andrade, Nathalie Drumond, Giulia Tadini, PSOL Brasília DF, Brazil

Gilvandro Antunes, Julio Câmara, Bernardo Correa, Camila Goulart, Antônio Neto, Gabi Tolotti, Marcus Vianna, PSOL Porto Alegre RS, Brazil

Roger Aragão, Professor da Unifesspa, Brazil

Tamires Arantes, PSOL São José dos Campos SP, Brazil

Valerio Arcary, Resistencia/PSOL, Brazil

Cinzia Arruzza, Professor New School New York, USA

Shahzad Arshad, Revolutionary Socialist Movement, Pakistan

Saleha Athar, Member federal committee, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Lionel Aymard, militant associatif, syndical et politique, France

Ellahi Bakhsh Baloch, Development Practitioner and Human Rights Activist, Pakistan

Abulcair Balindong, Chairperson, MindanaOne Peoples’ Movement (MindanaOne), Peace, Human Rights and National Minority Rights Advocate, Mindanao, Philippines

Ernesto Barbante, Youth League for Alternative Socialist, Brazil

Camila Barbosa, Pedro Maia, Júlio Pontes, Danilo Prisco, Tatiane Ribeiro, PSOL Natal RN, Brazil

Paweł Bartolik, journalist, translator, Poland

Christiane Baysse, La Riposte, Quincey, France

Bronwen Beechey, Fightback, Australia/New Zealand

Pierre Bellenger, Fonctionnaire retraité de la Ville de Paris et syndicaliste CGT, France

Olmedo Beluche, Polo Ciudadano de Panamá, Panama

Raúl Benavidez, General Delegate, Maximiliano Bares, Aeronáutico Local Board, Eva Perón, Local Board, Marta García, del Quemado Local Board, ATE Hospital, Argentina

Carlos Bernales, periodista, Perspectivas Anticapitalistas, Partido Revolucionario de las y los Trabajadores, Peru

Olivier Besancenot, Spokesperson, NPA, France

Gérard Billy, trade-unionist (retired), France

Sandra Bloodworth, co-editor of Marxist Left Review, journal of Socialist Alternative, Australia

Anthony Bobo, member of the NPA, France

Pascal Boissel, President of the Union syndicale de la psychiatrie, France

Sâmia Bomfim, Deputada Federal do PSOL SP, Brazil

Juan Bonatto, Human Rights Secretary of the AJB, Buenos Aires Judicial Association, La Plata Department, Argentina

Peter Boyle, Socialist Alliance, Australia

Tom Bramble, Socialist Alternative, National Tertiary Education Union (Life Member), Australia

Johanna Brenner, Emeritus Professor, Sociology Department, Portland State University, Socialist-Feminist, USA

Rosa Brodersen, Carlos Sacarelo, María Ramírez and Yamila Yafar, Delegates of ATE Education, Argentina

Diego Bruno, AGD-FILO, university teacher, Argentina

Ricardo Bruno, ATE Delegate of CNEA (National Atomic Energy Commission), Argentina

Marcelo Calviño, ATE Ministry of Infrastructure Buenos Aires Province Local Board, Argentina

Fernanda Camargo, Dirigente PSOL/Curitiba e ex-candidata à co-governadora, Brazil

Ivan Canoletto, PSOL Guarulhos SP, Brazil

Orallo Carlos, Socialist Workers Party, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marcelo Caro, Andrea Segovia and Martín Leyes, Delegates of SUTEBA La Plata, Claudia Ghergo and Marcela Castro, Delegates of SUTEBA Lomas de Zamora, Germán Gómez, SUTEBA Congress Delegate of San Isidro, Marcelo Iommi, Silvina Carbone and Cristina Santillán, Delegates of SUTEBA Avellaneda, Liliana Mischoff, Silvia Puca and Gabriela Golletti, Delegates of SUTEBA Lanús, Patricia Ríos, SUTEBA Congress Delegate of La Plata, José Alejandro Zarauza, Lionel Rubén Del Horno, Mariana Aranda, Evelina Naveira, Mónica Baez, Mónica Morales, Mónica Gil, María Julia Ramírez, Grisela Rubies, Glasses Rubies, Emilce Cean, María Polizzotto, Liliana Mischoff, Silvia Puca, Gabriela Golletti, Samantha Rojas, Emilce Cean and Isabel Miszka, Delegates of SUTEBA Lanús, Olga Villarreal, Secretary of Political and Trade Union Training of SUTEBA Quilmes and Diana Thom, Secretary of Social Promotion and Tourism of SUTEBA Quilme, Argentina

Gary Cartwright, Publisher, EU Today, European Union

Josemar Carvalho, Rede Emancipa de educação popular e dirigente do PSOL, Brazil

Jose Castillo, National Directorate of the Socialist Left, Argentina

Edgardo Castro, General Secretary of the ATE Subsecratariat of Labor CABA Local Board, Argentina

Samara Castro, OAB RJ Union LAYERS, Brazil

Romulo Cavalcanti, Presidente do PSOL Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Daniel Ceriotti, nutricionista, Uruguay

Fathi Chamkhi, Popular Front, Member of the Parliament, Tunisia

Gérard Chaouat, Emeritus Research Director at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris, France

Kunal Chattopadhyay, Professor of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, and Radical Socialist, India

Anuradha Chenoy, former dean at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India

Roy Chetty, retired tax auditor, activist for socialism, South Africa

Danielle Cheuton, trade-unionist, France

Thiago Cocaro, Presidente do PSOL Saquarema, Brazil

Lucrecia Cocha, Luciana Echevarría, Pablo Londero and Néstor Gea, Departmental Delegates of UEPC, (teachers’ union of Córdoba), Argentina

Marijke Colle, ecofeminist, SAP-GA, Belgium

Laura Colpachi, Researcher, Political Science, Argentina

Terry Conway, Socialist Resistance, Britain

Raymond Coppin, President, Republican Association of Veterans (ARAC, Chenôve 21300) for Friendship, Solidarity, Memory, Antifascism and Peace, France

Philippe Corcuff, universitaire, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon, France

Jorge Costa, Member of the Parliament, Left Bloc, Portugal

Maurício Costa, Gabriela Ferro, Guilherme Fregonese, Paula Kaufmann, Julia Machini, Joyce Martins, Evelin Minowa, Pedro Serrano, PSOL São Paulo SP, Brazil

Max Costa, Coordenador da UNIPOP, Brazil

Christian Couverture, teacher trade unionist, France

Eduardo Cuzziol, Giovanna Marcelino, PSOL Campinas SP, Brazil

Randolf S. David, Profesor Emeritus of Sociology, University of the Philippines

Alex De Jong, Co-Director IIRE Amsterdam

Christian Delarue, altermondialiste, responsable associatif, Rennes, France

José Deswarte, retired teacher, NPA, France

Sushovan Dhar, Radical Socialist, India

Leandro Dias, Presidente PSOL/PR, Brazil

Fiona Dove, Transnational Institute

Felicity Dowling, National Secretary, Left Unity, Britain

Bernard Dreano, cofounder of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly international network

Jacek Drozda, Independent researcher and labour activist, Poland

Enrique Alfredo Duarte Rodríguez, Partido Revolucionario de las y los Trabajadores, Mexique

Penelope Duggan, Editor International Viewpoint

Patrick Dupin, member of the NPA, France

Israel Dutra, Secretário de Relações Internacionais do PSOL, Brazil

Jérôme Duval, member of the CADTM Belgium

Lujan Echeverria, Professional Center for Human Rights, Argentina

Akhtar Ehtisham, retired physician, writer, peace and human rights activist, India / Pakistan / Britain / Canada /USA

Jorge Escamilla, investigador social, Mexico

Patrick Farbiaz, Ecologie Sociale, France

FATE Trade Union Alternative (Tire Union – Gray List), Argentina

Dianne Feeley, editor of the magazine Against the Current, USA

Yiannis Felekis, Fourth internationalist, Greece

Gabriel Feltrin, Dirigente do Juntos/PR, Brazil

Tiago Ferreira, sociologist, Spain

Fabiola Ferro, Secretary AGD-Philosophy, university professor, Argentina

Richard Fidler, retired lawyer, independent journalist and internationalist activist. Editor of the blog Life on the Left, USA

Alicia Flores, ATE Delegate of the Milstein Hospital (formerly French Hospital), Argentina

Leandro Fontes, Executiva Estadual do PSOL RJ, Brazil

Elea Foster, Fourth Internationalist, Greece

Pascal Franchet, President, CADTM-France

Mirna Freire, Executiva Estadual da CSP-Conlutas RJ, Brazil

Pedro Fuentes, Dirigente of the MES/PSOL, Brazil

Vanesa Gagliardi, Secretary of Ademys, teachers of CABA, Argentina

María Garbino, Delegate of ATE Anses / Pablo Lopardo, Board of Directors CTA Autónoma of Moreno, Argentina

Sara Carmen Gaspar, Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores (PRT), Mexico

Franck Gaudichaud, Lecturer in Grenoble Alpes University, France

Jean-Luc Gautero, Lecturer in Philosophy of Science, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Joel Geier, International Socialists, USA

Luciana Genro, Movimento Esquerda Socialista, MES Socialist Left Movement, Deputada Estadual do PSOL RS, Brazil

Véronique Georget, member of the NPA, France

Sílvia Giese, Executiva Municipal do PSOL/Belém, Brazil

Gelsimar Gonzaga, PSOL Itaocara e ex-Prefeito prefeito da cidade, Brazil

Oxley Greg, Director, magazine La Riposte, member of the PCF, Paris, France

Carlos Guanciarossa, Press Secretary of the Retired Center of ATE Province of Buenos Aires and General Secretary of the Mosconi YPF FETERA Association, Argentina

Sébastien Guex, Professor, Lausanne University, Switzerland

José Gusmão, Member of the European Parliament, Left Bloc, Portugal

Laurent Gutierrez, professeur, member of the PCF and la Riposte, France

Anne Gutierrez-Vigreux, Conseillère Municipale de Longvic, France

Christian Haasen, Member Public Service Union Ver.di, Germany

Bouhbib Hamid, University Teacher, Algeria

Health Care Workers Alternative, Argentina

Andy Heintz, author and freelance writer, United States

Lucía Helín, Board of Directors of AGD (university teachers) Philosophy and Letters, Argentina

Frederico Henriques, Fundação Lauro Campos, Brazil

Ernesto Herrera, Correspondencia de Prensa, Uruguay

Alex Hinno, Member of the Comunitat Palestina de Catalunya, Catalonia

Helena Hirata, Emeritus Research Director at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France

Robert Hirsch, trade-unionist (retired), member of Ensemble !, France

Norbert Holcblat, economist, France

Annie Hsiou, Estevan Martins, PSOL Ribeirão Preto SP, Brazil

Maryam Hussain, Retired professor at National College of Arts,
Climate change activist, Pakistan

Gayaal Iddamalgoda, Solicitor, First Union, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Maral Jefroudi, Co-Director IIRE Amsterdam

Daniel Johnson, writer and teacher, Turkey

Michael Joosten, Activist, the Netherlands

Bonn Juego, Academic, Finland/Philippines

Imran Kamyana, Editor of the online Urdu magazine Roznama Jeddojehad

Harsh Kapoor, founder and editor South Asia Citizens Web (SACW), India

Sheema Kermani, Artist, Pakistan

Pierre Khalfa, Member of the Copernic Fondation and of the Scientic Council of Attac, France

Dr Lal Khan, editor Asian Marxist Review, Pakistan

Nighat Said Khan, Women Action Forum, Pakistan

John Kirkland, Carpenters Local Union 167, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Isabel Koifmann, sindicato Ecos, Uruguay

Stathis Kouvélakis, Reader in Political Theory, King’s College, Britain

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, researcher and editor, Warsaw, Poland

Manon Labaye, NPA municipal councilor in Poitiers, France

Federico Lafaire, SAP-Grenzeloos, The Netherlands

Andrea Lanzette, Community Board of Director of CTA Autónoma and Congress Delegate of SUTEBA Lanús, Argentina

Agustina Larsen, President CECIM-UBA, Partido Obrero, Argentina

Marie Lassen, Member of the Leasership of the Red-Green Alliance, Denmark

César Latorre, General Delegate of the Italian Hospital-ATSA, Argentina

Sosa Laura, Delegate of Amsafe Santa Fe, Montenegro Claudia, Gaitán Maricel and Fernández Facundo, Delegates of Amsafe Rosario, Argentina

Daphne Lawless, Fightback, Australia/New Zealand

Patrick Le Moal, retired labor inspector, France

Fred Leplat, Socialist Resistance, Britain

Norma Lezana, General Secretary of the Association of Professionals and Technicians of the Garrahan Hospital, Argentina

Daniel Libreros, Movimiento Ecosocialista, Colombia

Marianne Ligou, Academe, member of Attac, France

Zeneide Lima, Executiva Nacional do PSOL, Brazil

Sumanasiri Liyanage, Former Professor in Political Economy, University of Peradeniya, Left Voice, Sri Lanka

Anne-Marie Loop, actor, France

Ana Mainer Martín, artist-musician, France and Spain

María Marta Lopes, Teaching Assistant of UTE, Argentina

Salvador López Arnal, colaborador de El Viejo Topo y de rebelión, Spain

Samuel López, Student Council member FMED-UBA, Partido Obrero, Argentina

Carlos Lordkioanidse, Former detainee disappeared, Argentina

Rhayane Lourenço, Coordenadora do Emancipa/Curitiba Net of Popular School, Brazil

Michael Löwy, Emeritus Research Director at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris, France

Carlos Loza, Survivor of the clandestine detention center ESMA (School of Mechanics of the Navy), Argentina

Łukasz Ługowski, journalist, Poland

Bartosz Łukaszewski, sociologist, PhD, WULS, UKSW, Poland

Silvana Louzada, Dirigente Sindifrj Teachers Union, Brazil

Rob Lyons, International Solidarity Coordinator, Socialist Action/Ligue pour l’Action Socialiste, Canada

Jeff Mackler, Socialist Action, USA

Rene Magtubo, chairperson, Partido Manggagawa, Philippines

Nicolás McNamara, Secretary of Youth of the CTA Autónoma of Santa Cruz and President of the Student Center of UNPA, Argentina

Bruno Magalhães, Observatório Internacional do PSOL, Brazil

Christian Mahieux, International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles

Khalid Mahmood, Executive director, Labour Education Foundation, Pakistan

Rechidi Mahmoud, General Secretary, PST, Algeria

Jan Malewski, editor Inprecor

Nasir Mansoor, Deputy secretary general, National Trade Union Federation (NTUF), Pakistan

Jamil Maqsood, Director for Brussels & Eastern Europe. International Human Rights Council. An accredited NGO with the Europeen Parliament.

Artur Maroń, Cultural Studies, University of Wrocław, Poland.

Maroon List – Private Health Care Workers Association (FATSA), Argentina

Marcelo Martínez, Delegate ATE SRT, Argentina

Szymon Martys, journalist, Poland

Alain Massalsky, Teacher, Ensemble Insoumis, France

Gustave Massiah, Cedetim, France

Yousaf Masti Khan, President, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Marisa Matias, Member of the European Parliament, Left Bloc, Portugal

Jany Maufrais, militante associative et syndicale, Orléans, France

Amna Mawaz Khan, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Nenad Mecava, fine artist, Amsterdam, Nederlands

Fernanda Melchionna e Silva, Deputada federal do PSOL RS, Brasil

Richard Mellor, U.S. blog Facts For Working People, USA

Adriano Mendes, Diretor da UNE Union National Students, Brazil

Omar Menoni, obrero jubilado, Uruguay

Lone Ree Milkær, Ph.D. student, Denmark

David Miranda, Deputado Federal do PSOL RJ, Brazil

Kamal Mitra Chenoy, Professor, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India

Yorgos Mitralias, journaliste, Greece

Claudio Mora, General Secretary of the CTA San Fernando and Delegate of FATE, SUTNA (tire workers union), Argentina

Felipe Moreira, PSOL São Paulo, Brazil

Marie-Thérèse Moreno, Jobseeker, France

Gippò Mukendi Ngandu, Sinistra Anticapitalista, Italia

Djermoune Nadir, Architecte/urbaniste, enseignant/Institut d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme Blida, Algeria

Mohammad Nafees, Freelance Journalist and Researche, Pakistan

Pratip Nag, Radical Socialist, India

Ruben Navarro, Correspondencia de Prensa, Lyon, France

  1. H. Nayyar, academic and peace activist, Pakistan

Diego Z. Neri, editor, Bandiera Rossa website, Italy

Olivier Neveux, University Professor, ENS de Lyon, France

Alvin John Neyra, Alyansa ng Kabataang Mindanao para sa Kapayapaan (AKMK), Philippines

Colette Noë, activist for social and environmental rights, Louviers, France

Pablo Odriozola, Survivor of the clandestine detention center “Azopardo”, Argentina

Honorio Oliveira, Executiva Estadual do PSOL RJ, Brazil

Lasse Olsen, Deputy Mayor, the City of Aalborg, Denmark

Geral Jan Omelio, Youth Section, Philippines

Nahuel Orellana, Board of Directors of CTA Autónoma of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina

Marcio Ornelas, Presidente do PSOL São Gonçalo, Brazil

Victor Ottoboni, Secretary of minutes and press of the Union of Tire Workers of Argentina

Priscila Ottón and Pablo Ottón, Subdelegates of ATEN (teachers union of Neuquén), Argentina

Niels Overgaard Hansen, member of Socialist Workers’ Politics (SAP), and of the Fourth International, Denmark

Sophie Ozanne, member of the NPA, France

Guillermo Pacagnini, General Secretary of CICOP, Trade Union Association of Health Professionals of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Naíde Pacheco, Presidenta do PSOL/Marabá, Brazil

Luciano Palagano, Executiva Estadual CSP-Conlutas e militante MES/PR, Brazil

Ugo Palheta, Sociologist, Assistant professor, Lille University, and director of the online magazine Contretemps, France

Jaime Pastor, Professor, Political Sciences (Spanish State) and editor of the magazine Viento Sur

Laila Pecheny, Social Communication Council member UBA, Socialist Left, Argentina

Dante Peixoto, PSOL São Carlos SP, Brazil

Rogge Perfecti, PSOL Macaé, Brazil

Patrice Perret, responsable syndical retraité, France

Sandro Pimentel, Deputado Estadual do PSOL RN, Brazil

Gastòn Pinchetti, La Virginia Local Board (Rosario Food Union), Argentina

Ítalo Pires, AOB RJ Union LAYERS, Brazil

Emilio Poliak, Secretary of Organization of the CTA Autónoma of Santa Cruz, Argentina

Christine Poupin, Spokesperson, NPA, France

Chantal Pottier, member of the NPA, France

Joël Pottier, member of the NPA, France

Mutiara Ika Pratiwi, Perempuan Mahardhika, Jakarta, Indonesia

François Preneau, retired, trade unionist and member of Ensemble !, France

Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM), Malaysia

Masood Punjabi, trade union activist, Stockholm, Sweden

Chiara Puppo, Secretary of Women and Dissidences CECSO, Socialist Left, Argentina

François Preneau, trade-unionist, member of Ensemble !, France

Awais Qarni, Central Organizer Revolutionary Students Front(RSF), Pakistan

Alexandre Raguet, NPA activist, France

Asia Rahman, Politician for Vänsterpartiet (Left Party), Sweden

Leonardo Nicolás Rando, ATE Delegate of the Ministry of Culture, Marcela Salas, secretary of tourism of ATE Lanus, candidate to sec for the Multicolor list of ATE, Daniela Saavedra, delegate of ATE Health Care, Argentina

Ammar Rashid, Secretary Information, Awami Workers Party Punjab, Teacher at Quid Azam University Islamabad, Singer, Pakistan

Dr Taimur Rehman, General Secretary, Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party, Pakistan

Vivi Reis, DNPSOL e suplente de deputada federal, Brazil

Daniela Reiß Varas, doctor, Germany

Hans-Peter Renk (solidaritéS), conseiller général (Le Locle), Switzerland

Rebeca Riela, economist, Uruguay

Mariana Riscali, Tesoureira do PSOL, Brazil

Betina Rivero (Palpalá), Leonardo Rivero (Jujuy), Delegates CTA Autónoma and Congress Delegate of ATE, Argentina

Rolando Rivero and Alejandro Omarle, APUBA Delegates, Argentina

Roberto Robaina, MES Socialist Left Movement, Roberto Robaina, MES Socialist Left Movement, Vereador de Porto Alegre RS, Brazil

Sylvain Roch, member of the CGT Union, Corèze, France

Heloíse Rocha, Presidenta do PSOL/Santarém, Brazil

Victor Rodrigues, member of the PCF, France

Xavier Rousselin, Divisional Engineer of Agriculture and Environment, France

Pierre Rousset, ESSF, France

Talat Rubab, editor of Labour Education, Pakistan

Daniela Saavedra, delegate of ATE Health Care, Argentina

Julia Saavedra, Board of Directors of AEJBA (Judicial CABA, Argentina

Hilda Saeed, Former chairperson Women Commission Pakistan, Women Action Forum Karachi, Pakistan

Yohichi Sakai, Japan Revolutionary Communist League, Japan

Akrour Mohad Saddek, President of the Municipal People’s Assembly (Townhall) of Barbacha-Béjaia, Algeria

Olivier Salles, member of Ensemble !, France

Catherine Samary, Economist, France

Edgard Sánchez, PRT (Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores), Mexico

Marcelo Santana, Direção do Sinpro Teachers Union, Brazil

Patrick Saurin, member CADTM-France

Jakob Schäfer, activist in the trade union left, Germany

Sukla Sen, Peace Activist, India

Danilo Serafim, Secretária Executiva Nacional da CSP-Conlutas, Brazil

Mônica Seixas, Deputada Estadual do PSOL SP, Brazil

Nisar Shah, Jammu Kashmir Awami Workers Party, Kashmir (Pakistan side)

Umar Shahid, Information Secretary, PTUDC, Pakistan

Ferida Sher, Activist (retired from Development activism), Lahore, Pakistan

Michał Siermiński, doctorant en philosophie, Pologne

Jurandir Silva, PSOL Pelotas, Brazil

Soren Sondergaard, Member of the Parliament, Denmark

Bambi Soumar, member of the CADTM/Senegal

Adama Soumaré, Alternatives, Senegal

Alda Sousa, former Member of the European Parliament, Left Bloc, Portugal

Heitor Sousa, Member of the Parliament, Left Bloc, Portugal

Camila Souza, Executiva Municipal do PSOL do Rio de Janeiro e dirigente GTN Juntos!, Brazil

Laura Spinelli, Associate Secretary, Maximiliano Lalli, Secretary of records, Valentina Viglieca, Secretary of Training, Agustina Grinberg, Local Board delegate, Paola Molina, Local Board delegate, Lucía Giménez, Delegate, Moroz, Nahuel, Delegate, Javier Rodríguez, Delegate Museum of Engraving, Fernando Franco, Delegate MNBA, ATE Culture, Argentina

Nicolas Springer, member of FSU trade union, France

State Workers Alternative – Lilac Orange List ATE, Argentina

Juan Staiano, President CEFyL-UBA, Partido Obrero, Argenina

Marcin Starnawski, academic teacher and translator, Poland

Dr. Farooq Sulehria, Assistant Professor, Beaconhouse National University Lahore, Pakistan

Abbas Syed, Academic, Pakistan

Paweł Szelegieniec, Political Scientist, Poland

Roxana Szyszko, Executive Committee of the CTA Autónoma of Lanús, Argentina

Giulia Tadini – PSOL Brasília DF, Brazil

Arlette Tardy, member of the NPA, France

Mansoor Tareen, organizer of PTM-Sweden

Farooq Tariq, Spokesperson, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Teachers Alternative, Argentina

Mohammed Tehseen, Executive director, South Asia Partnership

Bernhard Thiesing, Member Public Service Union Ver.di, Germany

Francisco Torres, Secretary of the National Federation of Teachers, FND-CTA Autónoma, Argentina

Juan Tortosa, solidaritéS, Switzerland

Eric Toussaint, CADTM International Spokesperson

Josette Trat, Sociologist, France

Rafael Trujano Fermoso, Jubilado, Sindicato de Telefonistas de la República Mexicana, Mexico

Anwar Ul Haq, Economist, Pakistan

Zafar Ullah, Member of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, Islambad, Pakistan

University Teachers Alternative, Argentina

Miguel Urbán Crespo, Member of the European Parliament, Spanish State

Ingrid Urrutia, General Secretary of ATE INCAA Local Board, Argentina

Jesus Uzkudun Illarramendi Activista social por la Salud Laboral Euskal Herria, Euskadi

Seth Uzman, rs21, UCU member, Britain

Alejandra Vaca, Secretary of Gender of UTS, Argentina

Gastón Vacchiani, Secretary General UTS (Union of Health Workers) Córdoba, Argentina

Roseline Vachetta, former Member of the European Parliament, France

Charlotte Valløe, Denmark

Achin Vanaik, Retired Professor of International Relations and Global Politics, former Head of the Department of Political Science and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi, India

Julien Vanhove, CADTM Belgium

Christian Varin, Fourth International

Paulo Vasallo and Alejandro Parlante, Municipal Delegates of Rosario, Argentina

Mariano Veiga, Union Secretary, Interdiciplinary Union Association of the Moyano Hospital (AGIHM), Argentina

Marie-Christine Vergiat, Member of the European Parliament, European Left, France

Pietje Vervest, Transnational Institute, The Netherlands

Pedro Vianna, poet, teacher in the Master’s degree Human Mobility Universitat de Valencia (Espagne), former judge assessor at the National Court of Asylum, France

Gérard Vidal, photographer, director, France

Laerson Vidal, Presidente da Ap-Ler e dirigente MES/Paraná, Brazil

Luigi Viglino, Sinistra Anticapitalista, Italy

José Villa, local commission SIAT TENARIS, Argentina

Violet List Unión Ferroviaria, Argentina

Ahmad Waqas Goraya, Abducted activists living now in exile, Pakistan / The Netherlands

Claudio Wasquin, Deputy Secretary of the CTA Autónoma of Santa Cruz, Argentina

Thomas Weyts, SAP-Gauche anticapitaliste, Solidair Gent, Belgium

Ani White, Editor, Fightback, Australia

Violet Wilson-Baird, Executive Assistant, UnionAID, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Vivi Widyawati, Perempuan Mahardhika, Jakarta, Indonesia

Simon Wood, member of “The Australian Greens”, Australia

Nora Zaldua, Massacre Commission of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Susana Zaldua, Massacre Commission of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luis Zamora, Autodeterminación y Libertad, Argentina

Philipp Zehmisch, Laal Hartal, Lahore, Pakistan

Stefan Zgliczyński, Le Monde diplomatique, Poland

Muhammad Zubair, Member Fairness Committee, Magna international, Toronto, Canada

and hundreds of other signatures..

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