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#GetOutIMF: PTUDC Observes May Day 2024 with Pro-Palestine and Anti-IMF Rallies across Pakistan

By Pakistan Trade Union Defence campaign (PTUDC)

Pakistan Tarde Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organised rallies, seminars and protests all across the country and its held areas to commemorate International Labour Day and to pay tribute to the struggle of the Chicago Martyrs. A brief report of these programs is being published here for our readers. The PTUDC along with Revolutionary Students Front (RSF), Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) and Peoples Revolutionary Front (PRF) held programs and conducted poster campaigns for May Day, which included the following demands:

  • Get Out IMF
  • Immediate fifty per cent rise in salaries.
  • The minimum wage to be raised equal to the value of one tola gold.
  • An immediate end to the policy of privatization, unemployment, forced dismissals and contracting system.
  • Collective democratic ownership of workers of all industries and the economy.

May Day 2024 poster by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC)



A protest rally was organized on the occasion of May Day in collaboration with other British trade unions and labour organisations under the auspices of the JKNSF UK branch. During the rally, the protesters raised placards and banners against Israeli aggression and Palestinian genocide and shouted slogans against the governments of the UK, United States and Israel. The participants of the rally demanded to stop the massacre in Gaza and the freedom of Palestine. A meeting was held at the end of the rally. Irfan Yaqoob, leader of NSF UK, addressed the meeting.


The ruling class of Pakistan has not been able to do anything for the betterment of the working class in the last seventy six years. The capitalist system has given nothing but backwardness and poverty to the country and the workers. Even clean drinking water has not been provided, facilities such as education and health are also being taken away. Institutions are being closed and privatized. Agricultural land have been taken away from the peasants and given to Arabs and Chinese corporations. The crisis of wheat and fertilizer is mainly indicative of the preparation of corporate farming. The working class must abolish this system and establish the rule of workers and peasants. Socialist revolution is inevitable.

These views were expressed by the speakers while addressing the public meeting organized by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign in Sadiqabad on 1st May 2024. Earlier, more than twenty trade unions, associations, farmers’ organizations took out a massive joint rally across the city. The May Day rally in Sadiqabad started from Fatima Fertilizer Company, which included hundreds of workers who carried red flags with hammer and sickle. The rally reached the Army Fertilizer Gate No. 1 through the Pakistan Highway, from where a large number of workers joined the rally raising slogans regarding the perpetuation of contract labour, implementation of the Minimum Wage Act and better working conditions. The rally was led by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Central Secretary General Qamar Uz Zaman Khan, and Labor Union CBA Employees Union General Secretary Nawab Deen Lashari. The rally reached the highway office through the Pakistan highway, from where a large number of laborers dressed in red joined the rally. The workers of All Pakistan PWD Union were led by Tehsil Chairman Habib Ahmed Chandia and Chaudhry Arshad. This rally at Ghousia Chowk was joined by a large farmers’ rally on Jamal Deen Wali Road. The farmers’ rally was led by Syed Mubasher Gilani, who has recently been elected as the Divisional Information Secretary of Teachers Movement in the college teachers’ election. A large number of workers from different labour unions led by Syed Mukhtar Al Hasan Gul, Chaudhry Hamza of Human Rights Committee, President of Revolutionary Rickshaw Union Nadeem Butt, Chairman of Jiye Pakistan Group Syed Akbar Shah, Dental Surgeon Farooq and Rais Ashiq Hussain joined the rally at Rescue 1122 office. The rally reached Hospital Road, Lakkar Mandi Mor where the delegation of Punjab Teachers Union led by District Rahim Yar Khan President Khalid Chaudhry and Secretary Information Sajid Mehmood joined the rally. The May Day rally passed through the railway road and reached the railway chowk where a public meeting was set up, Comrade Abdul Samad Advocate performed the duties of the stage secretary. Central Secretary General PTUDC Qamar Uz Zaman Khan, newly elected Divisional Information Secretary of Teachers Movement Syed Mubasher Gilani, Secretary General of Employees Union CBA Fuji Fertilizer Company Nawab Deen Lashari, PWD Chairman Habib Chandia, Pakistan Peoples Party Leader of Syed Mukhtarul Hasan Gul Advocate, Punjab Teachers Union District Rahim Yar Khan President Khalid Chaudhry, Brick Kiln Union District President Ashiq Hussain Bhatti, Revolutionary Rickshaw Union President Nadeem Butt, Masood Afzal Kashi spoke at the Mazdoor Jalsa, while Muhammad Ejaz and Adnan Nazer recited revolutionary poetry. The following resolutions were passed unanimously in the Jalsa;

  • All industries should be nationalized and placed under the democratic control of workers.
  • All temporary workers should be made permanent.
  • The contract system should be abolished.
  • The minimum wage should be equal to the price of one tola of gold and linked to the rate of inflation.
  • All private power companies should be confiscated and electricity should be provided at production cost.
  • The purchase of wheat should be ensured according to the rates fixed by the Punjab Government and the consumers should be subsidized to provide cheap flour.
  • By ending the business in education and health, the state should provide free of charge.
  • The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians should be stopped. The illegitimate Israeli state should be abolished. Only a socialist federation of the Middle East can establish lasting peace in the Arab region.
  • The veiled restrictions on freedom of expression, speech and writing should be removed.
  • Students Union should be restored and elections of students union must be held across the country.
  • Condemn all kinds of terrorism and killings in Balochistan, demand that human rights be respected.


In the occasion of International Labour Day, a massive rally was organized in Quetta, Balochistan by the Pakistan Workers Federation and other allied organizations to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago, and held grand Jalsa at the Rani Bagh Agriculture Garden. APCA President Dad Mohammad, Agriculture Karim Tareen, BDA President Shams, Kisco Union General Secretary Saeed Lahri, Worker Federation President Pir Muhammad Kakar, Muttahida Federation President Ali Bakhsh Jamali, Paramedical Association Provincial President Abdul Salam Zahri, Central Chairman of Baloch Students Organization Comrade Jaind Baloch, Central Chairman of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) Comrade Nazar Mengal and leader Comrade Zafar Ji, PHE leader Iqbal, General Secretary of Martindomeric Manzoor Baloch and other speakers addressed the Jalsa. All the speakers emphasized that the workers have no other option but the workers’ revolution against the severe imperialist attacks of the IMF. Labour leaders stressed upon the importance of the grand workers alliance in the speeches.


On 1st May, in Mastung city of Balochistan Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, Pakistan Works Confederation, WAPDA Hydro Union, Special Persons Organization, Government Teachers Association, APCA Balochistan, Paramedics Association and All Mazdoor Ittehad organised a rally and public meeting to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. After gathering at the Irrigation Department, the participants proceeded to the QESCO office in a procession where they were warmly welcomed by the workers of WAPDA Hydro Union. The rally took the form of a Jalsa at QESCO office raising slogans against the IMF dictated policies of the rulers, anti-labour actions of the government, privatization, outsourcing, downsizing and inflation. Munir Ahmad Shahwani of QESCO sub division Mustang, Ijaz Ahmed of APCA , Comrade Munir Ahmad of GTA, District President of Paramedics Zafar Baloch, Union President of Forest Department Muhammad Asif, Zahoor Ahmad Bugti, Asghar Lodhi of Agriculture Department, Syed Naseer Shah of Irrigation Department, District President of Pakistan Workers Confederation Mir Ahmad Baloch and leader of PTUDC Comrade Abdul Rahman Sangat spoke in the meeting. The workers vowed carry forward the fight of workers rights and will not hesitate to make any kind of sacrifice for labor rights.


A joint protest rally was taken from Old Campus to Hyderabad Press Club to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and in favour of workers’ demands to put an end to privatization, unemployment and inflation. The rally took the form of a Jalsa after reaching the press club. PTUDC leader Comrade Eser Das, APCA Central General Secretary Asadullah Durrani, APCA Provincial General Secretary Ashraf Bozai, Nadra Employees Rehabilitation Movement Leader Bakhtiar Khan, All Pakistan OGDCL Mafur Etihad Union Leader Ghulam Akbar, Treet Corporation Employees Union General Secretary Faheem Abbasi, PTUDC Provincial Vice President Comrade Sarang Jam, RSF Leader Comrade Lata, Sindh Hari Committee Leader Wajood Shar, APCA Leader Syed Munoor Shah, Al Shahbaz Irrigation Union Leader Aslam Bhatti, leader of All Sindh Lower Staff Union Imtiaz Ahmed and others spoke at the Jalsa. The speakers paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and stressed that the solution for the problems faced by workers today is to unite and fight together against the IMF imperialist policies being imposed by the local rulers.


Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) Dadu organized a rally from Highways Labor Hall Dadu to Press Club Dadu to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. The rally participants carried placards, banners and flags in their hands, chanting slogans against inflation, unemployment, privatization and the IMF. The rally turned into a grand meeting after reaching the press club. Mohammad Muriel Panhwar, Zameer Korrejo, Zamanullah Panhwar, Inayat Jamali, Anwar Panhwar and Badruddin Panhwar spoke at the meeting and said that whatever destruction has happened in the country is the cause of the looting of the capitalist system and global imperialist institutions. Out of the 24 crore population of the country, 18 crore people are craving for two meals a day. If this exploitation continues, a large majority of the country will suffer from starvation. They further said that the only way to get rid of this oppressive and exploitative system is to unite and organize the farmers and workers of this country and advance the socialist revolution.

Khawza Khela, Swat

A program was organized by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Awami Action Committee Khwaza Khela on the occasion of International Workers’ Day in Khwaja Khela Swat. Number of workers, youth, students and leaders of various trade unions, labour organisations, political workers and people from different walks of life participated in the program and paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. Miraj Afghan performed the duties of the stage secretary, while President Hairdresser Association Fazal Hussain, President Nan Bai Association Hassan, President All Car Painter Association District Swat Umar Muhammad, United Labor Union Upper Swat leader Nisar Ahmed, Union Council Taroge Chairman Fazal Khaliq, Uion Council Chairman Koz Clay, Khawaza Khela Ajmal Khan along with the union workers participated in the meeting. Speakers of the program including PTUDC Central Vice President Advocate Ghafran Ahad, President Coal Mining Workers Union Ali Sher Chamtalwal , General Secretary WAPDA Union Aziz Khan, Chairman Union Council Darveez Khan, President Traders Association Khwaja Khela Shah Bakht Rawan, President Parking Syed Shakir Ali, Rashid Ahmed Awami Khadim, Muhammad Ayaz Mushkomwal, Former President Press Club Khwaza Khela Hussain Sabqa, General Secretary United Labor Union Syed Rehman, Bakshi Mohammad leader PTUDC Swat, Central Leader RSF Rahul Prakash, General Secretary Public Health Union Subhan Ali Sobai and Awami Action Committe Khawza Khela leader Comrade Khurshid spoke and highlighted the historical importance of May Day and the obsolescence of capitalism. And made a detailed review of the problems arising on this planet from the brutality of the capitalist system and the lust for profit, and that the solution of these problems is not possible within the limits of capitalism. And discussed in detail the need and preparation for a new alternative system that there is no way out except world socialist revolution.


On May Day 2024, a rally was organised at Murree Road which culminated in a grand Jalsa in front of the Press Club, Rawalpindi. The May Day rally in Rawalpindi was dedicated to the oppressed workers and masses of Palestine. Thousands of workers and youth from Municipal Labor Union (TMA), Railway Labor Union, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC), RSF, JKNSF, People’s Unity PIA, Joint Employees Union Civil Aviation and House Building Union participated in the rally and paid tribute to the struggle of the martyrs of Chicago. It was decided to fight against inflation, unemployment, privatization, contracting and IMF policies.

Prior to that, A delegation of PTUDC and RSF, led by Dr Changez Malik, participated in the program and rally organised by All Pakistan Works Confederation to pay tribute to Chicago Martyrs.

University of Punjab, Lahore

Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) organized a study circle on the “History of May Day and Present Situation of Pakistan” at University of Punjab, Lahore. Deputy Secretary General Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) Mujeeb Akbar chaired the session. International Secretary of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) Imran Kamyana was invited to speak on the topic who gave a detailed lead off. Advocate Yasir Rasool and Advocate Shafiq Buzdar of PTUDC, Tabish, Sundus Malik and Central Organiser RSF Awais Qarni added to the discussion and Imran Kamyana concluded the discussion in the light of questions.

Prior to the study circle, in the morning RSF and PTUDC delegation visited different programs being held in different locations of Lahore by different labour organisations and paid tribute to the chicago martyrs.

Pak Tea House, Lahore

At evening, a Mushaira dedicated to the workers of the world was organized by the Progressive Writers’ Association (Punjab) at the historic Pak Tea House in Lahore, which was presided over by the well-known lawyer and leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan Advocate. While the special guests included Dr. Saadat Saeed, Hussain Majroh, Ashraf Javed, Dr. Khalid Javed Jan and Ms. Hamida Shaheen. On this occasion, the Pak Tea House was packed with attendees from various walks of life including students, workers, poets, writers and intellectuals. At the beginning of the program, Central Organiser Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) Awais Qarni, read an article written by Central Secretary General PTUDC Qamar Uz Zaman Khan and published in the “The Struggle” titled “May Day 2024: Chhin Ke Lena Hoga Haq”. The article covers the historical background of the day, the labor struggle for reduced working hours and other class demands, the challenges facing the labor movement today and revolutionary socialist ideas and strategies to deal with them. The article condemns the exploitative and anti-labour policies that includes privatization, inflation and downsizing, being imposed under the dictation of IMF, it also severely criticizes the political leaderships and parties, including the Pakistan People’s Party on shamelessly implementing such anti workers policies. After that, the mushaira was officially started, in which prominent progressive poets of the country including revolutionary poet Comrade Tahir Shabbir recited their poetry of resistance and vowed to continue the struggle against capitalism alongside the workers. At the end, the special guests gave their speeches. At the end of this enthusiastic session, which continued from 8 pm to 11:30 pm, General Secretary Progressive Writers Association Lahore Mr. Maqsood Khaliq expressed his gratitude to all participants and guests.

Rawalakot, Kashmir

A protest rally was organized by Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) and Peoples Revolutionary Front (PRF) in Rawalakot on the occasion of “International Workers’ Day” to pay homage to the martyrs of Chicago. The rally started from Kachhari Chowk Rawalakot. The participants of the rally shouted slogans against inflation, unemployment and privatisation. The rally concluded at District Complex Rawalkot after going around the city.

A delegation from Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation and PTUDC participated in the program organized by PWD Workers Union on the occasion of May 1, at the end of the rally. Former editor of Azam and organizer of PTUDC Poonch District, Altamash Tasadduq addressed the program along with labor leaders.

Muzaffarabad, Kashmir

On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, to pay homage to Chicago martyrs a protest rally against poverty, privatization, unemployment and inflation was organized in Muzaffarabad by JKNSF and PRF District Muzaffarabad. The rally started from Upper Adda, Muzaffarabad, which passed through Jamia Kashmir and ended in the form of a public meeting at it return on Upper Adda. PRF Central Organizer Rashid Sheikh, NSF District Muzaffarabad Chairman Azan Ali, PTUDC Kashmir Organizer Naveed Ishaq, PTUDC Muzaffarabad Organizer Amjad Butt, General Secretary NSF Muzaffarabad Mufid Abbasi, PTUDC Muzaffarabad leader Owais Ali spoke at the event.

Press Club, Karachi

On 1st may, a rally was organized at Karachi Press Club by various labor organizations to pay homage to Chicago martyrs and against anti workers policies. The participants raised slogans against inflation, unemployment, terrorism, World Bank and IMF. Slogans against Israeli aggression were also raised in the rally and Palestinian flags were waved as an expression of solidarity with Palestine. A delegation of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) led by Hatim Lond Advocate and Ayoob Baloch participated in the rally.

City Courts, Karachi

On 2nd may, Red Lawyers and PTUDC held a public meeting at the City Courts of Karachi to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and against increasing inflation, poverty, unemployment. The seminar was chaired bt Advocate Hatim Khan, whereas Advocate Ayub Baloch opened the program by reciting revolutionary poetry. That followed by speeches from Advocate Raja Karamat, Advocate Shoaib Marri Baloch, Advocate Rehman Korai, Mazdoor Kisan Party leader Aurangzeb Bangash, Abid Buzdar, Advocate Hanif Dilmurad and Karachi Bar Association President Amir Nawaz Waraich.


On the occasion of International Labor Day, a rally was held at Peshawar Press Club by different trade unions and labour organisations. Representatives and workers of Railway Union, WAPDA Union, APCA, Communist Party, Revolutionary Party, Labor Bureau and other labor organizations participated in the rally. A delegation of PTUDC and RSF led by Islamuddin, Sahil Bacha, Ashan Khan, Nawazish Ali participated and expressed solidarity and paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and emphasized on the student and workers unity.



On May Day 2024, a seminar was held at University Plaza, Bannu organized by Pakistan Trade Uinon Defence Campaign to pay tribute to Chicago martyrs. After the seminar a protest was held against IMF dictated anti worker policies of government.

Rahimyar Khan

The great struggle of the working class, the eternal sacrifice of the martyrs of Chicago, May 1st is a torch for every rising movement in the whole world. In Rahimyar Khan a central rally, led by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and District Workers Action Committee in Rahim Yar Khan was held with traditional enthusiasm like every year in which various Workers and employees from different institutions and factories participated in the form of rallies. The rally started from City Bridge and turned into a protest rally at the Press Club. It was joined by different trade unions, labor unions and political organizations of Rahim Yar Khan. The labor representatives in the rally demanded that minimum wage and minimum working hours laws be strictly implemented, industrial and non-industrial workers be registered with Social Security and EOIB, all dismissals workers including of Unilever should be restored, social security hospital and new labor colony should be constructed immediately, arrested farmers should be released immediately and their demands should be accepted, contract workers of all institutions including Sheikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital should be made permanent. To end privatization and downsizing, and to nationalize all key sectors, institutions and industries, to ratify APCA’s Charter of Demand, to strongly condemn the massacre of the Palestinian people and Israeli aggression. The rally expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people. This protest rally was led by the central leader of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Haider Chughtai, Mahmoodul Hasan, Chairman District Workers Action Committee Muhammad Naeem Mahendra Advocate, Patron Syed Zaman Advocate, APCA Central President Chaudhry Muhammad Boota, District General Secretary Nadeem Durrani, District Leader Umar Ijaz Waraich, Tanveer Shakir, Class IV Central Leader Arshad Butt, Unilever Action Committee Leader Nadeem Malik, CCBWU Joint Secretary Mirza Naseem Abbas, National Education Secretary Abbas Raza Saleem, MRDW President Sami Baloch, Haider Khan, Pir Akmal, Workers Welfare Society Labor Colony Kunwar Nimat Ali, Asif Gul, Leader of Unilever Employees Union Hasan Malhi, Central Leader of Sheikh Zayed Hospital Union Imran Arshad, General Secretary Khawaja Naeem, President of M L Tap Ali Malik, Bazm Farid Central Leader Khalil Bukhari, Mazhar Saeed Gopang, Jahangir Andhar, Pakistan Saraiki Party Leader Qazi Abdul Waheed, Kisan Wing leader Abdul Qayyum Shakir, Former General Secretary District Bar Muhammad Ahmed Kanju, Senior Advocate Nazir Ahmed Lad, Insaf Ittehad Painters Union President Afzal Soomro, Jag Welfare Movement’s Pir G Ashraf, Abdul Rab Farooqui, Bahawalpur Teachers Association President Rana Riaz, PSF District Leader Umeer Khan Daher, Malik Naveed, Behzad Khan, PPP Human Rights Wing District President Chaudhry Izhar Ahmed Advocate, District General Secretary of People’s Cultural Wing Rais Tariq Mehmood Khokhar, PTUDC Leader Umair Bhatti, District President PYO Zainul Abideen Bhatti Advocate, NSF Leader Ahmed Ghori, General Secretary of PPP City Rahim Yar Khan Syed Hasnain Shah, Maulana Ammar Baloch, Public Relations Secretary of PPP District Rahim Yar Khan Fayyaz Khan, Coca Cola Dismissed Workers leader Raees Irshad, Dr. Ijaz Tanveer addressed the protest rally.

WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union, Multan

On the occasion of May Day WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union took a rally at Bakhtiar Labor Hall, Multan. PTUDC delegation led by regional organizer of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Multan Advocate Nadeem Pasha prticipated in the rally and expressed solidarity. Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool Gujjar, Chaudhry Khalid, Sajjad Baloch, Yameen Rashid, Nadeem Pasha, Tayyab, Chaudhry Zahid and others addressed the rally.

Torch Bearer Rally, Multan

On the occasion of International Labor Day, PTUDC, RSF and Awami Action Committee Multan took a torch bearer rally from Jalal Masjid Chowk to Gol Bagh Gulgasht Colony Multan to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and protest against privatisation, low wages, inflation, unemployment, and against anti-farmer and anti-labour imperialist policies. The rally was led by Regional Organizer of PTUDC Multan Nadeem Pasha Advocate, Regional Organizer of RSF Multan Zeeshan Butt, Comrade Aslam Ansari, Tariq Chaudhry, Zeeshan Shahzad, Comrade Daniyal, Dr. Abdul Shakoor, Ahmad Sulhari, Shahzeb Khan, Bushra Butt, Sarmad Shahzad, Farhan Mandoor, Malik Umeer, Jawad Ahmad Khan Advocate, Fakhr Khan and others. Paying tribute to the martyrs of Chicago, the speakers said that the workers of Chicago sacrificed their lives to reduce working hours and conceded their demands and the eight-hour work period. But even today the workers slave bound to work around the clock to make ends meet. While in many institutions including WAPDA, workers are called to work even on Sundays. The speakers demanded that IMF loans be confiscated immediately. The minimum wage should be equal to one tola of gold. Privatization, inflation, unemployment, Forced layoffs, contract system, anti-farmer and anti-labour imperialist policies should be abolished immediately.


On May Day 2024, PTUDC held a protest rally and meeting in Malakand. Leaders and workers of various labor organizations including Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, PWD Labor Union, APCA District Malakand, All Class IV Association District Malakand and Education Unit participated in large numbers and paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago martyrs. PTUDC Senior Vice President Advocate Ghafran Ahad, APTAM leader Sahib Rowan, Nasir Ameen from WAPDA Hydro Union, Fazal Wahid of Irrigation Department, Grade IV workers union leader Taseef, PWD Provincial President Gul Zamin, Akhtar Ali Khan and Advocate Idrees of PTUDC spoke at the event while Iqbal Zaman performed the duty of stage secretary. The speakers stressed upon the unity of workers in the struggle against inflation, unemployment, privatisation, contract system and IMF policies.

Tando Allah Yar

To pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and to raise other issues and demands of the workers including end to privatisation, unemployment and inflation, a rally was taken out by PTUDC from Latif Gate to Press Club Tando Allah Yar. Addressing the rally, PTUDC leaders Jamshed Jarwar, Abbas Jaskani and Amjad Jarwar said that inflation has made life miserable for the workers, the workers have to organize and unite their struggle against the anti-labour policies dictated by IMF and being imposed by the rulers. The speakers further said that the need of the hour is that the workers have to fight against this rotten capitalist system and establish a workers’ rule through a socialist revolution.

Mirpur Khas

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, Revolutionary Students Front and Unemployed Youth Movement Mirpurkhas took rally to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and for other demands of workers including an end to privatization, unemployment and inflation. The rally started from Station Chowk and ended in the form of demonstration at Press Club. APCA, Railway, State Life, Paramedical and unemployed youth participated in large numbers in the rally. Slogans were raised against privatization, layoffs, unemployment and IMF policies. The rally was addressed by Parshottam, Khalid Hussain, Ramesh, Ramesh Kumar, Pir Ashraf Shah Jilani, Sarmad Leghari, Mushtaq, Sajid Leghari, Jamna, Shazia, Muhammad Hussain and others.

Shiekh Bharkiyo

To pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and to raise other issues and demands of the workers including an end to privatization, unemployment, inflation a rally was organised by People’s Mazdoor Union and PTUDC from Sheikh Bharkiyo Hyderabad Mor to the gate of Faran Sugar Mill. People’s Mazdoor Union President Manoor Ali Mughal, General Secretary Ghulam Rasool Thahim, PTUDC leaders Comrade Maqbool, Comrade Karim Laghari, Advocate GM Laghari, Comrade Amir Bakhsh Rind addressed the participants of the rally and paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and discussed the current problems of the workers. The speakers rejected the IMF dictated anti-labour policies of the rulers and vowed to fight until their demands are met.

Hassan Abdal

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and People’s Labor Bureau organized a protest rally to commemorate May Day in Hasan Abdal. Addressing the protest participants, various trade union leaders including Siraj Gul Khattak former candidate for National Assembly Constituency NA 49/50, Railway Workers Union CBA Joint Secretary Asif Rasool, Railway Labor Union Senior Vice President Raja Imran, Peoples Democratic Union Pakistan Steel Mills Chairman Khawar Qureshi, General Secretary RSF Rawalpindi/Islamabad Arooba Mumtaz, JKNSF Rawalpindi Branch President Israr Ahmed, Sardar Iftikhar Ahmed of PPP, Shabir Babar Founder Leader PPP, Syed Muntazir Hussain Shah General Secretary PLB District Attock, Central Joint Secretary PTUDC Dr Changez Malik and President of People’s Unity of PIA Employees CBA Ramzan Laghari said that 138 years ago the workers laid down their lives in the city of Chicago, America, demanding working hours to be reduced to 8 hours, but also gave a message to the workers of the whole world that when the working class enters the battlefield against the capitalist system and their governments, then no force on earth will fight them. Today, the horrors of the capitalist system are increasing all over the world. The imperialist countries waged wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world killing hundreds of thousands of innocents and now they are massacring the Palestinians in Gaza. Once again, the message has been given that the horrors of this system are tormenting humanity. The United Nations, which is basically the kitchen of the capitalists, looks helpless against these atrocities and barbarities, but the workers of the whole world are against them. We, as working people, will continue to strongly condemn these actions and resist the actions being taken against the workers, farmers and students on the auspices of the IMF.


May Day was celebrated with revolutionary enthusiasm in Jampur on 1st May. A grand meeting was held at the Municipal Park and at the end of the meeting, a rally was taken out to the traffic chowk. The stage secretary of the meeting was Comrade Suqrat Lond and Qaswar Buzdar. Malik Shahjahan Advocate, Arshad Mirza and Yasir Khachi sang revolutionary songs. Nasir Dinah, Hamad Dajli, Rashid Aziz, Zahid Mastoi, Abdul Karim Mohsin, Salim Ansab, Abdul Qayyum Amil and Malik Ishaq Aleem among the famous poets warmed the spirits of the participants with their poetry recital. Comrade Khalil Bhatti presented the resolutions in the meeting. In which demands were presented for the end of privatization of public institutions, end to price hikes of basic human needs including petrol, electricity, education, medication etc… end to the exploitation of farmers, the confiscation of IMF loans, the restoration of student unions, free provision of education and treatment, condemning the torture, arrests and trials of protesting farmers in Punjab and demanding their immediate release. The resolutions were unanimously approved by the participants. Speakers of the event include Ishaq Mustafa Hijana, Sachal Sarmast Advocate, Tayyab Rafiq, Majeed Patafi, Asad Amin Gopang, Allah Bakhsh Baloch and Rauf Lond. Speakers paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. And said that the real tribute to the martyrs would be the struggle for socialist revolution. The speakers strongly condemned the imperialist design of the rulers against the masses and workers of Pakistan. They emphasized on the abolition of anti-human laws and policies against the people. The program concluded with a rally. On the way to the rally, all the participants chanted slogans against capitalism, feudalism, the IMF, privatization, inflation.


A seminar was organized by PTUDC and RSF in Sialkot on the occasion of Labor Day, which was attended by workers of various factories, students from different colleges and people from other walks of life. Ahsan Butt and Asif Amjad opened the program with revolutionary anthems. Ansar Baghi recited revolutionary poem. Ayaz Tipu chaired the seminar. The participants were addressed by Murtaza, Haider Ali, Hasan Malik and Babar Patras, explaining the importance of Labor Day. The workers paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago, and emphasized that the salvation of the workers is linked to the end of the rule of capital. The seminar concluded with the Workers’ Internationale. The participants also took a rally through Darmanwala Chowk and to the Lahai Bazar and around different squares of Sialkot city.


PTUDC and Revolutionary Rickshaw Union Sehwan organized a rally from Mela Ground to Press Club Sehwon to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. All the participants reached the press club in rickshaws, carrying placards and banners. The rally was addressed by Sikandar Otho, Ashiq Chandio, Ghulam Rasool Kalhoro, Sahib Khan Bhambhru, Masood Chana, Murtaza Solangi, Haider Rand, Shahzad Rudnani, Bilawal Rind and Arab Mallah.

Bhan Syedabad

PTUDC and RSF organized a torch bearer rally from Government Hospital to Press Club Bhan Syedabad on the evening of April 30 to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. The participants were carrying placards, banners and torches in their hands while chanting slogans against IMF and in favor of socialist revolution. Addressing the rally, Badruddin Panhwar, Noorullah Baghio, Shah Muhammad Panhwar, Sohail Ahmed, Urs Panhwar, Akbar Bhand, and Anwar Panhwar said that the struggle of the martyrs of Chicago has only one message to get their rights.

Nawab Shah

PTUDC Nawabshah organized a rally from Sagar house to Press Club Nawabshah to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. The rally participants carried placards and banners and chanted slogans against the IMF, unemployment, privatization and inflation. Addressing the rally, Mumtaz Arisar, Hanif Lakhu, Ijaz Sheikh, Wazir Rind and Ghulamuddin Gopang said that the rulers of this country have led the country to verge of bankruptcy with the help of IMF and other imperialist institutions. Due to which inflation in the country is not being controlled. Due to inflation and unemployment, it has become impossible for workers to live. Therefore, the workers of this country will have to unite and fight for their freedom and prosperity.

Khairpur Miras

A rally was organized by PTUDC and United Labor Federation from Khaki Shah Bridge to Chhatri Chowk Khairpur Miras on the occasion of International Labor Day. The rally participants carried placards and banners and chanted slogans against the IMF, unemployment, privatisation, inflation and capitalism. The rally was attended by Ejaz Abbasi, Amjad Lashari, Mukhtiar Khamisani, Shahnawaz Dhot, Arab Khoso, Fayyaz Abbasi, Mohammad Hashim Sial, Faizullah Soomro, Mian Fateh Mirani, Anees Jalbani, Ustad Bashir Junejo, Ali Gul Abbasi and other labor leaders to pay tribute to Chicago Martyrs. Addressing the rally speakers said that despite the passage of 139 years, the conditions of the working class have not changed. In the name of overtime, instead of 8 hours, 16 hours work is norm. While working conditions and social conditions have become worse and more alarming. The level of exploitation of capitalists has reached its peak. Therefore, the only way left for us is to organize and unite the peasants and workers of this country for a socialist revolution, only then the working class can get rid of capitalist exploitation.

Thari Mirwah

PTUDC and Watan Dost Mazdoor Federation jointly organized the May Day rally at Thari Mirwah. The participants of the rally carried placards, banners and flags and shouted slogans against inflation, unemployment and privatization in the country. The rally ended by reaching the press club Thari Mirwah. Sharjeel Shar, Naseem Ijaz, Qatal Shar and other leaders spoke there.


PTUDC and Trade Union Mazdoor Federation Shahdadkot held a joint rally and public meeting to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. On May 1st, a rally was taken out from Labor Hall, passed through various routes and reached Sabzi Mandi and turned into a public meeting. The meeting was addressed by Sikandar Selro, Mohammad Urs Selro, Wahab Pindarani, Nader Magsi, Gul Jan Pindarani, Khalid Selro, Ghafar Pindarani and other leaders.

Pachiot (Shaukatabad), Kashmir

To pay tribute to the Chicago martyrs, a protest rally against inflation and privatisation was organized in Shaukatabad on the occasion of May 1 organized by JKNSF Pachiot Unit. JKNSF Central President Khalil Babar delivered a special address. Apart from this, NSF District Poonch General Secretary Danish Fida, PRF leader Aftab Syed, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front leader Ibrahim, Jammu Kashmir People’s Party leader Nassar, and others spoke at the rally. At the end of the demonstration, slogans were raised in support of the Palestinians.

Holar, Sahnesa, Kashmir

Organized by the Peoples Revolutionary Front (PRF) and PTUDC, a protest rally was held on the occasion of Labor Day against inflation, unemployment, privatization, anti-labour policies of the IMF. From the protest rally, PRF Kotli leader Sajid Naeem, PTUDC leader Yasir Arafat, Syeda Ijaz Shah Advocate,
Arshad, teacher association representative Abdul Majeed and Mohammad Asad spoke. At the end of the program, the delegation of PTUDC and PRF participated in a sit-in organized by Awami Action Committee Hollar Sahansa in connection with the ongoing “Peoples Rights Movement” in Kashmir.

Hajira, Kashmir

A protest rally was organized on the occasion of May 1st under the organization of JKNSF Tehsil Hajira. Revolutionary Students Front North Punjab Organizer Omar Abdullah, NSF District Poonch Organizer Saifullah, NSF Poonch In-Charge Study Circle Mansoor Majeed, NSF Abbaspur Unit General Secretary Saima Batool and leader of NSF Degree College Unit Ehtesham Saber spoke at the event.

Kotli, Kashmir

A seminar titled “History and Present Status of Labor Movement” was organized on the occasion of Labor Day by JKNSF District Kotli. The seminar was addressed by Central Deputy Chief Organizer of JKNSF Arsalan Shani, PRF Leader Comrade Shakoor, and students of NSF Kotli University Abdul Manan, Imran Aristo, Comrade Asim Jameel and Comrade Shadab. The seminar ended with the workers internationale anthem.

Ali Sojal, Kashmir

JKNSF and PRF Ali Sojal City Unit organised a rally to pay homage to the struggle of Chicago martyrs and protest against inflation on the occasion of International Labor Day. The protest rally ended in a demonstration. PRF Central Secretary Finance Tanveer Anwar, NSF District Poonch Vice Chairman Comrade Naeem, Zammar Ishaq and other speakers addressed the protestors.

Palandri, Kashmir

JKNSF and PTUDC district Sudhanuti organized a seminar titled “History and Present Status of Labor Movement” at Tehsil Palandri to commemorate International Labour Day. From the seminar, organizer of PTUDC District Siddhnoti Saad Nasir, leader of PRF Siddhnoti Abdul Wahid, Central President of Paramedical Staff Association Waqar Hussain Jafri, Central Chairman Health Employees Afzal Shaheen, Chairman Paramedical Staff Association Ashiq Butt, former President APCA Sardar Rahim and others spoke.