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Kashmir Rejects State Repression

By Awami Action Committee

On the eve of 29 September, the state police of Kashmir in collaboration with Pakistan’s police unleashed brutal crackdown in Kashmir, arresting dozens of protesting activists and sabotaging peaceful protest camps during night long houses raids. In the morning, the SSP Sidhnoti demanded additional 600 troops to tackle protests. Several police officer refused to take charges in different areas. 18 of the activists arrested from Rawalakot last night shifted to the Bagh in the late hours but, forecasting the protest pressure, the Bagh police and central jail refused to take the detainees. The Rwalakot police is not willing to take detained activists to Rawalakot and they are lock in a small room of local police station there. Similar conditions can be witnessed throughout the state.


Right after the crackdown last night, the leaders of Awami Action Committee and many other organizations and parties called upon an already announced protest in Rawalakot with much more zeal and appeal every citizen to join the protest for not only the release of arrested comrades but for the just demands that resulted in the crackdown i.e., free electricity and subsidized food items.

Rawalakot, The brave women protestors reestablished the sit-in at same place that has been vandalized last night with brutal force.

Today morning, in Rawalakot and from surroundings thousands of masses including women and children pour into the streets and roads. Heads upon heads can be seen till the human sight. The brave women protestors reestablished the sit-in at same place that has been vandalized last night with brutal force.


In Muzaffarabad the state retaliated with heavy tear gas shelling, baton charges and arrests.

The protestors grew in numbers and formed huge public gathering in front of press club.



In Khaigala, Awami action committee activists blocked roads and marched in hundreds.


In Hajira, Hundreds surrounded the police station.


In Abbaspur, masses shutdown the whole city and gathered and surrounded police station.


In Palandri, Action Committee activists started gathering at the same place of protest camp that had been vandalized last night.


Bagh’s Haider Chowk filled with hundreds of protestors in morning.


In Kotli, peoples started gathering at the protest sight right after the crackdown last night.