Pakistan Reports

Sukkur: Inauguration of “History of Russian Revolution” and Centenary Celebration of Bolshevik Revolution

By Ahsan Jafari

On 20th October 2017, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and The Struggle Publications organized the inauguration ceremony of Urdu Translation of Leon Trotsky’s epic writing “History of Russian Revolution” at Sukkur press club. A huge number of students, youth and workers from different institutions participated in the ceremony.

The stage was conducted by Saeed Khaskheli whereas Dr Lal Khan, editor Asian Marxist Review, presided the event. Ahsan Jafri opened the ceremony and welcomed all the participants. Saddam Khaskheli, in his speech, stressed upon the importance and relevance of the book in current periods. Hakeem Zangejo from Awami Jumhori Party Sindh, Ijaz Bhugio, Abdul Huq Khatyan, Qamar Uz Zaman Khan and Anwar Panwar from PTUDC spoke to the audience. Dr Khadim Mangi from progressive Writers Association Sind recited his revolutionary poem and read his essay regarding the book. Dr Lal Khan, in his speech, said that this is not just a history book instead the writer himself was the architect of that Revolution, whose history is discussed in this book. Trotsky, along with Lenin, not only orchestrated the revolution but like a surgeon, he pinned out the weaknesses of it and also suggested the cure for the degeneration of this Great Revolution. The ceremony ended with workers’ Internationale.