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Karachi: Inauguration of “History of Russian Revolution”

By Jannat

This year’s centenary celebrations of October revolution 1917 are being carried throughout the world. In this regard, on 15th October, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and The Struggle, in the collaboration with of Arts Council Karachi and PILER, organized book inauguration ceremony of the recently published Urdu translation, by Imran Kamyana, of Leon Trotsky’s masterpiece “History of Russian Revolution”  to pay tribute to the revolution that shook the world.

The ceremony was attended by  a large number of participants from PTCL, Port Qasim, Pakistan Railways, Pakistan Post, PIA, State Bank, National Bank, National Shipping Corporation, Garments Hosiery Workers, Doctors, Lawyers, Intellectuals, Journalist, Artists, Writers, students and staff from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Law College, Karachi University, Urdu University and other educational institutions. Despite harsh weather condition a huge number of comrades, youth and workers make their participation possible.

The program was started at 3 o’clock with a revolutionary poem of Habib Jalib by Sheema Kirmani and her team. The stage was jointly conducted by Irfan Ullah Khan and Majid Memon. The guests were then invited on stage. President Arts Council Karachi, Mohammad Ahmed Shah welcomed the guests and discussed Russian Revolution and the significance of the book. After that progressive writer, Mahnaaz Rehman discussed the role of women in the Russian Revolution and that how Bolsheviks ended gender discrimination between men and women. Afterwards translator of the book, Imran Kamyana discussed the importance of the book and its relevance in today’s era to carry out struggle against capitalism. After that renowned artist, Sheema kirmani said, half of the population is being duly exploited but a male dominant society with patriarchal characteristics is nothing more than a by-product of capitalism. Men and women have to fight together on the class basis for a better future. Executive Director PILER and General Secretary of National Labor Council, Karamat Ali made a detailed statement on trade union movement and workers’ situation. After this Member Commission of Human Rights, Anees Haroon discussed the different stages of revolution and with that Editor Sindhi Awami Awaz, Dr Ayub Sheikh presented his views about the Bolshevik Revolution. After this, a well-known BBC journalist, Wussatullah Khan praised the translator in his speech and said that this translation depicts the deep theoretical and political commitment of the author. He added that despite his differences with Leon Trotsky, the Russian Revolution could not took place without Trotsky. Muqtada Hussain said in his speech that today’s Pakistan and Tsarist Russia has a deep resemblance. He urged the youth to read this book. Afterwards, renowned columnist, Zahida Hina highlighted the events of 1917 and 2017 and praised the struggle of Leon Trotsky.  After that International Secretary PTUDC and Editor Asian Marxist Review, Dr Lal Khan discussed various aspects of revolution and said that October revolution was neither Bourgeois Democratic Revolution nor Peoples Democratic Revolution, it was a Socialist Revolution. He explained “April Thesis” by Lenin and the Theory of Permanent Revolution. After his speech, Dean of Social Sciences Department SZABIST, Dr Riaz Ahmed Sheikh said Russian Revolution is one and the only greatest event that took place in the last century. Working class is still being exploited, the Socialist Revolution is necessary to eradicate all the social injustices of this system. After that Senator Pakistan Peoples Party, Dr Kareem Khawaja discussed the book and its importance. At the end, Leader Nation Party and Minister for Maritime Affairs, Mir Hasil Bizinjo said that Revolution is not far away, the demise of Soviet Union does not prove that Socialism is not relevant today. We have to carry forward our struggle.

During speeches students and youth chanted revolutionary slogans. Many Labour leaders, Literary figures and critics, artists and students representatives were present at the Book Inauguration Ceremony. At the end, Sheema Kirmani with her team sang the workers Internationale.