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Pakistan: Marvelous Delegate Congress Paves Way for Marxists

Karachi, March 24-25, 2018

On Saturday, March 24th, the Delegate Congress of “The Struggle” opened in Karachi. In spite of long distances facing extremely difficult socio-economic and transportation conditions, 236 delegates participated in Congress. The delegates were elected by the membership in regional and aggregates mostly at the ratio of 1:10 in all the fourteen regions of Pakistan.  Atmosphere was instilled with revolutionary enthusiasm and spirit of camaraderie in the struggle for a socialist transformation. Under burgeoning price hike, mass unemployment, fierce state oppression on students, youth and workers struggles and extreme logistic problems the organization of Delegate Congress was a daring and hard task more than ever. But this congress shall prove to be an important milestone in building the forces of revolutionary Marxism in Pakistan and far beyond. Comrades from India, Turkey and Europe couldn’t attend the meeting because of visa restrictions and financial constrains. They however sent solidarity messages and revolutionary greetings for the Congress.

Hassan Jan

Awais Qarni

On the first day of the Delegate Congress two sessions on ‘Present World Situation and Perspectives ’ and ‘Pakistan analysis and tasks ahead’ were held. Congress opened at 10:00 AM. First session on World Perspectives was chaired by comrade Jannat Hussain from Karachi and introduced by comrade Hassan Jan Quetta, Baluchistan. Comrade Ijaz Bhugio, from Dadu, Sindh, chaired the Second session on ‘Pakistan situation and tasks’ and comrade Awais Qarni based at the Centre in Lahore introduced the topic. Many delegates intervened in the discussion that followed the lead-offs. The several delegates intervened and asked questions relating to the different theoretical and strategically important issues. The questions were answered and debates summed up by the comrades who had introduced these sessions.

Leadership of JKNSF with Comrade Ali Wazir at Delegate Congress 2018

Four commissions followed the plenary sessions in the evening. These commissions discussed and formed the organisational strategy on the Paper, Publications, Finances, expanding and consolidation of the Women’s work, and developing the Youth activities and recruitment.

Lal Khan

After two rich sessions full of enthusiasm and revolutionary spirit on the first day of the Delegate Congress, there was a brilliant mood on the second day on March 25th as the sessions began. The first session was on ‘PTUDC, Mass Work and Strategy’ chaired by comrade Qamar Uz Zaman from Sadiqabad, South Punjab and introduced by comrade Lal Khan based in Lahore. After his speech on the topic, delegates from various parts of the country passionately participated in the discussion and debate. Comrade Lal Khan replied to the questions and summed up the debate.

Imran Kamyana

The final session of the Delegate Congress was based on the ‘Building of Revolutionary Party’. Comrade Basharat Ali from Rawalakot, Kashmir, chaired and comrade Imran Kamyana based in Lahore center introduced the topic. The Regional Reports from all over Pakistan followed comrade Imran’s introduction. Next came the reports from the commissions, held the previous evening, were presented. After the discussions and debate all the positions put forward and debated in the sessions were voted upon. Vote was also taken on the special draft document on Pakistan Perspectives, written and presented for this Delegate Congress by the EC. Most of the voting was unanimous after the clarifications and elaborations during the debates in sessions.

Comrade Lal Khan gave closing remarks to the Delegate Congress in the last section of the Congress. The meeting ended with the enthusiastic singing of the Internationale by the participants with the comrades raised fists burst into roaring slogans of Long Live Socialist Revolution in the parting moments of this Karachi Delegate Congress. The high morale, raised passions, and the will and determination of the comrades inspired, invigorated and encouraged and strengthened the belief of the participants in a socialist victory of the toiling classes in these inspiring and memorable moments that would remain entrenched in the consciousness of all those who attended. This marvellous Congress has marked a new stage in the growth and development of forces of revolutionary Marxism in Pakistan, South Asia, and across the world wherever the audacious message of this congress will reach.

Closing With Workers’ Internationale

Pictures Day 1

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