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Hyderabad: International Working Women’s Day 2018

By Hamza Saleem

On 11th March, A seminar titled ‘Women and Revolution’ was organized by the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) on the occasion of International Working Women Day in Hyderabad Press Club. A great number of men and women from diverse fields joined the seminar including various educational institutions.

The seminar was started after the one-minute silence, to pay tribute to Comrade Jam Saqi.

Sanam Chandio performed the duties of the stage secretary and invited all the guests to the stage. Speaking at the seminar, Gulbuddin Javed, Lata, Lanjvanti, Zara, Sorath, Sapna, Naddya, Mokhi and others said, for the working women 8th March is a symbol of struggle. Even in the developed countries, all the benefits that women have today, are the results of struggle. They said that the development of any society could be determined by the womens’ condition in that region. Today the women of the working class in the subcontinent are living in the worst situation and their condition reflects in the fall of entire society. Physical violence and sexual abuse are becoming common here. We should not only condemn these incidents, but we should also raise our voice against the exploitation of women. Basically, the question of womens’ freedom is associated with the overall economic freedom of women. We should build a society which would be free from cast and creed and there would be the complete independence of the working class. This could only happen with a successful socialist revolution. During Seminar, slogans were raised and Anjli, Raveena, Naddya, and Lata recited and sung revolutionary poems and songs. The seminar was concluded with Workers’ Internationale.