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Hyderabad: One Day Marxist School

By Munesh Dharani

On May 12th 2019, one-day area school was held at The Struggle office, Hyderabad. Students from different educational institutes and universities participated in the school that was chaired by Azad Jhaman. Rahul paid tribute to the great revolutionary, economist and Philosopher, Karl Marx. He discussed Marx’s teachings, philosophy and revolutionary struggle.

The first session on “Environmental Disaster and Socialist Alternative” was led by Lata. She discussed her detailed analysis of global warming and climate change. She stressed that the capitalist mode of production focuses on profit maximization, even the price of that is as high as the human race. She said the use of fossil fuel is causing the exposure of greenhouse gases that is one of the main reason for rising temperature and melting glaciers. She also discussed the alternate energy source that a planned economy under the democratic control of workers can obtain. After that Lajwanti, Walhar Khan, Kapil Dev, Fahad Memon, Vinod Kumar and Nathu Mal took part in the discussion while Munesh Dharani answered the questions and summed up the session. The school was concluded with the Workers’ Internationale.