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Global Socio-environmental Forum: Day 1

The first day of the ISL’s Socio-Environmental Forum has ended. With thousands participating in person and virtually from dozens of countries on five continents, we can say that the event is already a great success. Here we share some images of today’s three panels.

Panel 1: Territorial resistance: productive matrix, struggles and proposed alternative

Khkula Bacha, Peshawor University student and organizer of the KPK Revolutionary Students Front (Pakistan), Rafic Daw (Beirut, Lebanon), Mauricio Matos, Ecosocialist Struggle Collective and Luta Socialista (Belen-Para-Amazonia, Brazil) and Awais Qarni, organizer of the Revolutionary Flood Relief and Protest Campaign.

Panel 2: The footprint of the former USSR. Socio-environmental assessment of bureaucratized socialism and capitalist restoration in Eastern Europe

Alejandro Bodart, ISL Executive Committee (Argentina); Oleg Vernyk, president of the “Zahist Pratsi” Independent Trade Union (Kyiv, Ukraine), Dmitry Zaidov, activist of the “For Clean Air” environmental organization and member of the Ukrainian Socialist League and Manuel Romero García, Colectivo Cibercom (Spanish State).

Panel 3: There is life beyond extractivism. Plunder, commodification of nature and protests in Brazil and Argentina

Renán Vega Cantor, university professor, Marxist historian (Colombia), João Ambrosi (Curitiba-Brazil) and Jessica Gentile from the Ecosocialist Network – MST and member of the No More False Solutions Coordination (Argentina).

Some of the participant’s opinions

Today the Forum continues with the following three more panels.