Analysis Imperialism Latin America

1st Congress of the ISL: Resolution on Latin America

By International Socialist League


  • That from the debate on the point regarding Latin America in this Congress, there emerges an important general agreement on the perspectives about the growing crisis, new rebellions, leap in the class struggle and increasing social and political polarization, with strong opportunities for the revolutionary left;
  • That in this context, the governments, whether of right-wing variants, reformist or progressive alternatives, intend to apply austerity plans and respond to the needs of imperialist capitalism to attack labor and social rights, and allow the advance of extractive and polluting corporations throughout the region;
  • That regarding this situation we need a deep political framework as a basis to be able to develop our politics and express them publicly, reaching important sectors. Greater political spaces will open up specially in the fight for the leadership of working class, popular and youth sectors, as long as we deploy a strong anti-capitalist and socialist policy and challenge the campists, reformists and possibilists that have significant influence in the continent.

The 1st Congress of the ISL Resolves:

  1. To elaborate, on the basis of the Latin America point developed in this Congress, a document on the situation, politics and tasks in the continent. And for it to be studied and debated by all the militants of the sections of the region, at the service of strengthening the strategic construction of our groups and parties.
  2. To strengthen with said document, and with other public materials on the ISL website, the political framework to deeply fight for leadership in the political and class struggle against the politics of reformism and bureaucratic leaderships.
  3. In the framework of supporting social struggles in general, to prioritize driving solidarity and actions of support towards each workers’ sector in which there are intentions to advance in labor reforms. The same in the face of environmental struggles against extractive corporations and destructive and polluting projects. And against the intervention of the IMF with its austerity plans in any country of the continent.
  4. To promote the claim for the liberation of those imprisoned for struggling in the context of the rebellions and other social and democratic struggles. To demand the end of the impunity enjoyed by human rights violators.

Courtesy International Socialist League