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The Struggle 35th Congress 2016 (Day 1 in Pictures)

On Saturday, October 22nd, the 35th annual congress of The Struggle opened in Lahore. This is an important milestone in the building of forces of revolutionary Marxism in Pakistan. Supporters of The Struggle from all over Pakistan had gathered into the largest hall in Lahore, the Aiwan-e-Iqbal. Atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and revolutionary spirit. In spite of long distances and most difficult socio-economic conditions more than 2000 comrades are attending the congress this year. Under price hike, vast unemployment, rising state oppression on progressive currents and extreme logistic problems the organization of congress this year had become a daring task more than ever.

Two sessions on ‘World Perspectives’ and ‘Pakistan Perspective’ were held on the first day of the congress respectively. Discussion documents on each session were written, printed and distributed well before the congress meeting. Congress opened on 10 AM. First session on World Perspectives was chaired by Hameed Khan and led off by Imran Kamyana. It was summed up by Rashid Sheikh. Second session on Pakistan Perspective was chaired by Majid Memon, led off by Ghufran Ahad and summed up by Zafar Ullah. Many comrades intervened in the discussion which were followed by lead-offs. Sessions were followed by commissions on trade union, women and youth work.

Special editions of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) bulletin ‘Mazdoor Nama’, Asian Marxist Review (AMR) and The Struggle’s Urdu magazine ‘Tabqati Jeddojehad’ were published on the congress. Detailed report of the two days of the congress would be published soon. Here, we are publishing pictures from the first day for our readers.