Pakistan Reports

Sialkot: Seminar on “History of Subcontinent and Revolutionary Legacy of Bhagat Singh”

By Babar Patras

On 23rd March, Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) and  Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) Sialkot organized a seminar at Press Club Sialkot to mark the 86th anniversary of Bhagat Singh & his comrades. The seminar was attended by youth, students, workers and others. The main speaker of the event was Executive Editor Asian Marxist Review, Awais Qarni while seminar was chaired by Babar Patras. Prominent labour lawyer  Waheed Bukhari was the chief guest.

The seminar opened by a revolutionary recitation of poetry from Ramzan Jani which was highly appreciated by the audience. Qarni, while shedding light on the glorious history of subcontinent said that bourgeoisie have distorted the history to consolidate their rule. However, subcontinent had a unique Asiatic mode of production system which differentiates India from rest of the world. This soil had revolutionary heroes like Shaheed Udham Singh, Kartar Singh Sar-Abha, Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, Dulla Bhatti and Bhagat Singh and many others who sacrificed their life for oppressed masses and revolt against British Raj and other invaders. Among them, all Bhagat Singh evolved from a nationalist to socialist revolutionary. His writing proves he had the vision for a socialist revolution. Now we must learn from the past and should not repeat those mistakes. After his speech different comrades contributed and enriched the discussion. At the end, Qarni closed the seminar by paying tribute to Bhagat Singh and pledged to continue the struggle to fulfil the Bhagat Singh’s dream of a Socialist Revolution in the Subcontinent.

After the seminar, participants marched towards Allama Iqbal Chowk and chanted revolutionary slogans. Participants paid their gratitude to Bhagat Singh’s struggle and vowed to carry forward his legacy till socialist revolution.