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Punjab University to Reduce Reserved Seats of Balochistan Students

By Baloch Council Punjab University, Lahore

The Punjab government had earlier announced a package named “Balochistan Package”, according to this package several seats were reserved for the students of Baluchistan in different universities of Punjab Province. University of Punjab, Lahore had reserved 100 seats in each Program of every department for the students of Balochistan since 2012. Over six hundred students have been graduated from the university under this process. Unlike previous years, this year the university administration has changed the policy for the admission criteria and the number of seats, which is quite concerning.

Official circular By authorities of Punjab University for reducing the reserved seats

Some important points worth to be noticed. Firstly, the 100 reserved seats have been reduced to 53 this year by the university administration without any prior notification to the concerned provincial authorities.

Secondly, prior to current policy, Two seats one in BS (4years) and another one in MSc (2years) were allotted as reserve seat for Balochistan students. But unfortunately this year each department has only one seat, it can either be for master or bachelor.

Thirdly, some departments have been removed from this list, i.e. Department of Computer Science, Software Engineering and many more. Another important thing to note here is that the seats have shifted to Directorate Quetta, whereas before this year, each department was responsible for the selection of the students.

Baloch Council of Punjab University and Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) condemn this brutal act of the authorities and not only demand the immediate restoration of previous policy but in addition to that, we demand free education for all students without any discrimination.