Pakistan Reports

Multan: Inauguration of “History of Russian Revolution” and Centenary Celebration of Bolshevik Revolution

By Zeshan Butt

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC), Revolutionary Student Front (RSF) and The Struggle Multan organized a book inauguration ceremony of “History of Russian Revolution”, Urdu Edition, at Multan Tea House on 03 December 2017 in which more than 250 progressive students lawyers, intellectuals, workers and women participated.

Nadeem Pasha performed as a stage secretory in the ceremony. Imran Kamayna, the translator of the book, opened the discussion by introducing the theme of the book. He explained the historical development of Bolshevik Revolution and asserted that the book is relevant to the current conditions of Pakistan. The religious fundamentalism, the situation of the peasantry and the role of the state was almost same as in Tsarist Russia. In this regard, the book is very relevant to Pakistan’s political scenario. Meanwhile, Haider Abbas Gardezi highlighted, in his speech, the charismatic personality of Leon Trotsky and elaborated in what circumstances the book was written. The other speakers including Ilyas Khan advocate, Akbar Aziz Baig advocate, Professor Khalid Saeed, Nadir Gopang (RSF), Ishfaq Rajput (Leader of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Worker Union) and Rauf Khan (President Peoples Labor Bureau Dera Ghazi Khan Division) enriched the discussion.

Dr Lal Khan explained the importance of Bolshevik Revolution and explained the current political scenario of Pakistan in a Marxist perspective. Speakers stated that the capitalism has reached its limits, today, there are 8 individuals who own the wealth equal to half of the world’s population. Without the socialist revolution, not even a single issue could be solved.

During the program, Rana Anum and Shehriyar Zauq recited revolutionary poems. Sardar Khizar recited Jaun Aliya’s poem “Do Awazien” and Sarfraz Aarish, a young progressive poet, presented his poetry. Mishi Khan, Hajran Bibi, Mam Razi, Rabia Malik, Meer Ahmad Kamran Magsi, Rana Naik Muhammad Zahid, Professor Awais, Aslam Ansari, Ahsan Khan, Ameen Balouch, Farhan Gilani, Sohail Khakwani advocate, Tariq Khan advocate, Malik Tariq Saeed advocate, Naweed Hashmi advocate, Hussain Farooq advocate, Tariq Jalil advocate, Zahid Habib Gujjar advocate, Malik Bashir, Ishaq, Ahmad Faraz, Tariq Choudary, Asim Khan, Rana Izhar Khalid and specially Abdul Razzaq Jharna’s (martyred by Zia dictatorship) sister Syeda Nusrat Ali were among the paricipants of this historical event.