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ISL – Lebanon: A Step Forward

We put at your disposal the last statement of the Youth Movement for Change and the first statement of our new organization, ISL – Lebanon.

Last Statement

We regret that we are addressing you today under this heading, the last statement.
The Youth Movement for Change, which was born from the guts of the popular movement in 2015 and continued its struggle for years, until reaching the uprising of October 17, 2019, made an effort through its activists to work on different struggles, but could not achieve its objectives for various reasons, some objective, which is what we expected because we know that the powers of the ruling system, the security and military forces, the media, the banks and others will confront us with all their might to preserve their gains.

In the subjective causes, the activists of the youth movement have shown that honesty is the key to change and that transparency in discourse and revolutionary clarity are two essential levers for any political movement. We all know that in political action, there are difficulties that we must go through, and this is one of the external reasons that brought us here.

Many differences in views and in the reading of ideology were involved in the youth movement. These differences generated a divergence in the way of thinking, analyzing and reading about the crisis that the country and the world are going through. To be clear, these disparities existed from the first moment of launch under the name “Youth Against the System”, but organizational cohesion at that time had prevailed. In the last stages, and given the existing organizational gap, which was reflected in all instances of the movement and permanently weakened the work, continuing the organizational work under the name of “Youth Movement for Change” became almost impossible.

Since the organization is a means of struggle and not an end in itself, the Political Office of the Youth Movement for Change presented a proposal for the dissolution of the organization to the Organizational Office. This step was unanimously approved by the Organizational Office, as a step forward, not backward.

The dissolution of the Youth Movement for Change is not proposed as a renunciation of the struggle, on the contrary, all the arenas of struggle are open to all our people, how can the fighters who have gained operational experience be invested in new frameworks?

The Political Office of the Youth Movement for Change, in announcing the dissolution of the movement, calls on all the comrades who share the same points of view to organize themselves in new frameworks so that the course of the struggle does not stop.

We will come out of this stage, preserving the relationship of camaraderie among all the members, and we will continue our struggle, each one in his field until social justice is achieved.

ISL – Lebanon

As we made clear in the previous statement, we intend to continue our revolutionary path in Lebanon, and we have started a new plan of action trying to organize and participate in the struggles. Our action plan is based on 3 main points:

  1. Organization of the unemployed:
    The economic crisis in Lebanon has paralyzed much of the working class, either due to business closures, or low wages, as some wages are insufficient to cover transportation costs to and from the workplace.
    Therefore, we see the essentials to organize within a democratic framework to fight for the basic rights of workers and to use methods of struggle such as demonstrations and general strikes.
  2. Student and youth work:
    Convinced that the first and most vital line of our time are young people, we launch the Youth Action Line to defend the rights of young people to education and work, to build a secure future in our country and not force them to resort to the migration route.
  3. Feminist work:
    Against the marginalization of women in general and of working women in particular, against the sexist violence that is exercised against women in the Middle East and the world.
    To build a just future for all, we must stand united against the patriarchal capitalist system that oppresses the women of Lebanon.

We call on all the comrades to commit to the construction of these new bases because we are convinced that our only salvation is the revolutionary party that can directly intervene in the class struggle and at the same time complete the path in the construction of the workers internationalism, from sharing the struggle and solidarity with our comrades around the world.

Courtesy International Socialist League