Pakistan Reports

Faisalabad: Inauguration of “History of Russian Revolution” and Centenary Celebrations of Bolshevik Revolution

By Saqlain

On 8th December 2017, The Struggle Publications, Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) and Pakistan Trade Unions Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized book inauguration ceremony of Urdu translation of Leon Trotsky’s masterpiece “History of Russian Revolution” at Press Club Faisalabad.The ceremony was chaired by Umar Rasheed while Dr.Lal Khan, editor of Asian Marxist Review and International Secretary of PTUDC was the chief guest.

Imran Kamyana (Translator of the Book)

Babar Patras recited delicate Revolutionary Poem. After that Imran Kamyana (Translator of the Book) opened up the discussion. He shed light on History of Russian Revolution and also read some passages from the book. Sana from National Students Federation (Azad) spoke about the relevance of the book in contemporary politics. Naaz Fatima (Progressive Poet) recited enchanting revolutionary poems. She also reiterated her commitment to the struggle of ordinary workers through her delightful verses. Rana Naeem Dastagir (City President Pakistan Peoples Party Faisalabad) shared his views on current socio-political situations of the country. Nadeem Afzal Chan (General Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Punjab) delivered a thoughtful speech. He admitted that current PPP has been hijacked by the capitalists and also reaffirmed that PPP is the party of workers and peasants who are being neglected, adding that he will continue his fight for the dignity of political workers in PPP. He also criticized the prevailing assertion by the establishment in politics. Baba Najmi (Progressive Poet and evergreen speaker) amused and rejuvenated the participants with his revolutionary Punjabi poems. He also shared his views on the struggle for oppressed.

Dr Lal Khan delivered the speech on History of the Russian Revolution. He shared factual facts about the relevance of Revolution in the current political impasse of Pakistan. He also spoke on the historic struggle of workers and peasants of Faisalabad during 1968-69 revolution. He criticized the role of current PPP leadership which is establishing alliances with right-wing mullahs while denouncing that it is neither legacy of PPP nor its heritage. He reaffirmed that poor and oppressed will rise again like they did in 1968-69 for the curtailment of current political and economic inflects of the current regime. He also discussed the involvement of the state in the formal and informal economy. He also said that, in fact, Malik Riaz (Real Estate tycoon) owns PPP and all other prevailing political parties. He said that the only way to get rid of this exploitative system is a socialist revolution. Participants chanted revolutionary slogans and the program concluded with Worker’s Internationale.