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Ali Wazir: We Shall Fight… We Shall Win…

Comrade Ali Wazir is contesting General elections 2018 from NA 50 constituency, of Wana, South Waziristan as an independent candidate. Ali Wazir’s saga is a tale of courageous struggle, enormous sacrifices, and defiance. The Al-Qaida, Taliban, and other forces of black reaction martyred seventeen of his family members. He has endured State repression, fundamentalist terror, and socio-economic hardships all his life. Despite the sufferings and attacks, his fortitude to fight for the emancipation of youth and working class not only of Waziristan but the whole region has never wavered. Whatsoever Social movements of people’s rights, political struggles of the oppressed classes or resistance against the State and their sponsored terrorists – Ali Wazir always stood firm and fought against tyranny that has become legendary. From rigid mountains of Waziristan to metropolitan cities of Pakistan, he has become a forceful voice against this cruel and coercive system. In the coming days, this class struggle will continue on every platform, from Parliament to the countryside from the universities to the colleges, shantytowns and factories.

Comrade Ali Wazir stands for a radical transformation of the capitalist system, its state, and society. His program and basic demands for Elections 2018 are as the following:

  • To put an end to the obscurantist terror and State oppression on oppressed masses of Waziristan and the whole region.
  • Decent and humane behaviour and dealings of security forces with the ordinary people who have to cross check posts manned by the army and police.
  • Reconstruction and compensation for all damaged and destroyed houses, markets, dwellings etc.
  • To provide free and accessible Education, Health, Clean water and other basic necessities within the constituency and throughout the country.
  • To build new schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals according to the needs and demands of the inhabitants of the area.
  • To ensure employment for all or alternately provide a decent living unemployment allowance for the jobless.
  • End to Imperialist aggression, religious bigotry and violence, state oppression and class exploitation.
  • To safeguard the social, economic, political rights and freedoms of the ordinary people.
  • To provide equal rights and opportunities for all oppressed nations, women, religious minorities and deprived layers of society.
  • The real aims and objectives of the struggle for the emancipation of the people of Waziristan can only be achieved by linking it to the class struggle in Pakistan and throughout the South Asian subcontinent that can only be victorious through the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism.

Comrade Ali Wazir’s Election Campaign 2018 Leaflet