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Rawalpindi: International Working Women’s Day 2018

By PTUDC Rawalpindi

On 8th of March 2018, working women’s day activity took place under the collaboration of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign  (PTUDC) and Pakistan Railways working women. The chief guest of the program was APO Waqar- un- Nisa and was chaired by Fozia Rajpoot.

While discussing the role of Women in society Rihanna Akhter said that this day which has been turned into just women’s day is actually Working Class women’s day. Since it’s not only women who are oppressed in this capitalist system but working-class men are also the victim of this exploitation, therefore, women shall have to strive forward not as individuals but as a class. In every institution and segment of life, women have played their role alongside men on equal footings. Since labour doesn’t discriminate between genders, therefore, it’s a responsibility for both the genders to make a collective effort for a revolution in the society.

Khadija Waqar, Saima Niazi, Neelam, Sobia, Farha, Kainat and Saima Riaz also contributed to the discussion in the context of the Working women’s role and importance of the day.

At the end of the program a leaflet was distributed and a monthly study circle of Railway’s working women was also announced.