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Pakistan: May Day Activities Held by PTUDC


Due to the Corona pandemic, this year’s May Day activities in Pakistan, as well as internationally, could not be held traditionally with large gatherings and rallies. However, keeping in view all the Corona SOPs, symbolic and limited events and activities were organized across the country by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) along with a virtual online rally. Here we are publishing a brief report of this year’s May Day activities for our readers.

Online Rally

Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign organised an online rally in regard to May Day, which was broadcast live on social media outlets on 1st May and hundreds of people from all over the world took part in this rally.

Addressing the rally, the speakers discussed the plight of the workers during the Corona pandemic and said that the unplanned lockdowns in the Corona pandemic have severely affected the common man and the workers. The government provided relief to the capitalists but completely ignored the workers. The government is pursuing a large-scale privatisation policy at the behest of the IMF, which has led to the forced layoffs and dismissal of millions of government employees, the ruling elite is preparing for further layoffs. Instead of mass vaccination, masses are forced into unplanned locked down again. In this situation, there is resistance from the workers everywhere from Balochistan to Kashmir. However, combining all these scattered battles, there is an urgent need for rebellion against the capitalist system.

Speakers of rally include Central Chairman PTUDC Nazar Mengal, President People’s Unity of PIA Ramzan Leghari, Rahul of PTUDC Hyderabad, Central President Central President OGDCL Ittehad Union Raja Saleem, Central President Employees Unity Civil Aviation Authority Sheikh Khalid Mahmood, Central Deputy General Secretary OGDCL Ittehad Union Ansar Warraich, Raza Khan Swati of NADRA Employees Rehabilitation Movement, Muhammad Aslam Khan of All Pakistan Employees Pensioners And Labor Movement, Provincial President PTUDC Sindh Anwar Panhwar, General Secretary Scorp Workshop Workers Union Shahbaz Phulpoto, General Secretary CDA Islamabad Izzat Kamal Pasha, Central Vice President Railway Labor Union Raja Imran, Raja Majeed of Municipal Labor Union Rawalpindi , Asif Rasool of Railway Labor Union Workshops Division, President PTUDC North Punjab Shahid Anwar, Fouzia Leader of PTUDC and Pakistan Railways, President People’s Labor Bureau District Attock Siraj Khattak, Baba Naz of Local Government Employees Federation, Malik Fateh of WAPDA Hydro Electric Union, Muhammad Hussain of Gusta Tando Allahyar Sindh, Syed Ijaz Bukhari of All Pakistan Oil and Gas Employees Federation, Saad Nasir of Azad Kashmir Teachers Association, Arzam Khan of Teachers Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khawa, Janat Hussain of PTUDC Karachi, Bushra Aziz of PTUDC Kashmir and others.

Online Rally can be visited Here


A prestigious event was held at the irrigation office Quetta keeping in view the Corona SOP’s under the auspices of Balochistan Employees and Workers Grand Alliance. The event was addressed by Grand Alliance leaders Dad Muhammad Baloch, Mama Abdul Salam, Ali Bakhsh Jamali, Abdul Salam Ziri, Qasim Khan Kakar, Darmuhammad Longo, Peer Muhammad Kakar, Nizamuddin Sarangzai, Shamsullah Kakar, along with Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) Central Chairman Nazar Mengal, Ali Mongol and President Balochistan Professors and Lectures Association (BPLA) Hameed Khan among others.

During the address, the speakers said that May Day is International Worker’s day, the purpose of commemorating this day is to highlight the problems of workers, as well as to raise the voice for the solution of these problems. The day is the result of a protest in 1886 in Chicago to protect Worker’s rights.


On International workers day, PTUDC organized a seminar in Umer Asghar hall, PILER Centre, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi. Former Chairman PTUDC Riaz Hussain Lund Baloch presided over the seminar. Workers from different factories participated in the seminar with great numbers. Organizer Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) Karachi, Fyaz Chandio performed stage secretary duties.

Comrade Babar Panhwar initiated the debate on the importance of international workers day and today’s struggle. Arslan Shani of JKNSF, Jannat Hussian of PTUDC, Abdul Wahid, Ahmed Bajwa, Amir Sahil Jamali, Karamat Ali and Chairman Sindh Professor and Lecturer Association Professor Ali Murtaza addressed the seminar and said they will continue the struggle of Chicago martyrs till the end of Capitalism. Their Blood can only be avenged through a Socialist Revolution.

Pakistan Steel Mills

The International Labor Day was celebrated in Pakistani Market Steel Town by the All Employees Action Committee of Pakistan Steel Mills, which was attended by hundreds of workers from Pakistan Steel Mills and other institutions to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago.

The members of the Action Committee Council appreciated the participation of hundreds of workers in spite of the obstacles faced by the management of Pakistan Steel Mills and other agencies and the dire situation of Corona. Speaking on the occasion, Akbar Memon said that on May 1st 1886, the workers of the United States called for a strike across the country demanding 8 working hours and other issues. The oppressive state of America and the capitalists together inflicted the worst violence on the workers resulting in the martyrdom of workers in Chicago. But the workers did not stop and continued their fight. They were beaten, imprisoned, sentenced. The demands of the workers met later due to the continued struggle.

The leaders of the action committee demanded the immediate reinstatement of 5,052 employees who were recently forcibly sacked from Pakistan Steel Mills and also demanded the immediate reinstatement of Pakistan Steel Mills and its Oxygen plant, the country’s largest oxygen plant, that still has the capacity to produce 15,200 cubic meters of oxygen per hour in its current worst case scenario. Which can meet the expected oxygen shortage in the country. It should be noted that Pakistan Steel Oxygen Plant had been providing free oxygen to all major hospitals in Karachi like Jinnah, Civil, NICVD and others in the past. The plant is still fully operational, but the IMF and World Bank brokers do not seem intent. Speakers of the event include Akbar Memon, Naveed Aftab Akbar Narejo, Ali Haider Gabol and Asim Bhatti stressed the need for nationwide unity of the workers.


On the occasion of May Day, a demonstration was organized by PTUDC in front of Hyderabad Press Club to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago which was attended by trade union leaders, workers and students from various organizations. SOPs and Social distance was observed in view of the pandemic. Protesters held posters and placards with demands. The demonstration was led by PTUDC leaders Isar Das, Nisar Chandio and Jay Prakash. The protesters demanded that all workers should be vaccinated against corona immediately without any discrimination. It also called for the abolition of policies such as privatization and downsizing, including the contract system. The demonstrators said that the real tribute to the struggle of the workers of Chicago could be paid only if we abolished this capitalist system with a socialist revolution.

Mirpur Bathoro

PTUDC took rally paying homage to the martyrs of Chicago in Mirpur Bathoro.

Khairpur Mirs

On April 29, WAPDA Scorp Workshop Workers Union organized a program at WAPDA Scorp Workshop Khairpur Mirs to offer a tribute to the martyrs of Chicago on the occasion of International Workers’ Day. The program was presided by Saeed Khaskheli of PTUDC while the General Secretary of Scorp Workshop Workers Union Shahbaz Phulpoto hosted the program. PTUDC and Workshop Workers Union leaders including Fayyaz Soomro, Shahbaz Malano, Waqar Ahmed, Ishrat Ali, Faraz Red and others addressed the gathering. 

Torch-bearing rally in Phool Bagh

On the evening of April 30, as every year, a torch-bearing rally held at Phol Bagh Khairpur Mirs to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. Due to the Corona situation, the duration of the program was shortened. The rally was addressed by Saeed Khaskheli, Shahbaz Phulpoto and Amjad Lashari.

Khairpur Mirs II

On May 1st, PTUDC and United Labor Federation Khairpur Mirs organized a program to pay homage to the martyrs of Chicago. Chief guests of the program were General Secretary United Labor Federation Khairpur and Leader PTUDC Ijaz Abbasi and Senior Journalist Ghulam Hussain Fateh Mirani. The duties of stage secretary were performed by Shahbaz Phulpoto.

Comrade Mukhtiar Khamisani welcomed the labour leaders participating in the program. Speakers included Saeed Khaskheli, Faraz Red, Shahid Phulpoto, Amjad Lashari, Zahid, Syed Karam Shah, Wahab and others.


The Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT), Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) along with WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labor Union and Highways Labor Union held a ceremony in Dadu regarding May Day. Participants gathered at the Municipal Park and demanded free provision of corona vaccine, facilitation of drinkable water and better sanitation and drainage system in Dadu, reduction in tuition fees, elimination of unemployment, privatization, inflation and load shedding. The fierce protest was staged against the property mafia Malik Riaz and Bahria Town for demolition and bulldozing of centuries-old settlements.

President PTUDC Sindh Anwar Panhwar, Sattar Jamali of BNT, Imran Zounr of RSF, Zahid Zounr, Morrell Panhwar and others addressed the public meeting. During the speech, the speakers said that the sacrifices of the martyred workers of Chicago will not be in vain. It can only be avenged by a socialist revolution that will lead to the permanent elimination of problems such as unemployment, inflation, health, education and economic inequality.


PTUDC and BNT organized an event in memory of the martyrs of Chicago in Sehwan. Anwar Panwar spoke to the participants. Ninety per cent of the working class has been affected by the Corona epidemic, he said. They are starving due to the lack of employment. He said that despite this epidemic, the rich are getting richer and the poor are becoming poorer. The only way for emancipation is to put an end to this oppressive capitalist system.

Shahdad Kot

To pay homage to the struggle and sacrifice of the martyrs of Chicago, a ceremony was organized by the Trade Union Federation at Shahdadkot Town Hall, in which workers of Mehran Workers Union, Bedi Workers Union, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC), Rice Factory Workers Union, Construction Labor Union, Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) participated. Speakers of the event include Muhammad Urs Celero, Ghulam Ullah Celero, Qadir Bakhsh, Wahab Pendrani, Gul Jan Brohi, Sikandar Celero and others.

A minute of silence was observed in memory of Kabar Khan Celero, Ahmad Khan Leghari, Saleh Celero and Ghulam Rasool Sehto.

Bhan Syedabad

BNT, RSF and PTUDC organized a program in Bhan Syedabad to commemorate May Day and pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. Speaking on the occasion, Iqbal Memon, Badruddin Panhwar, Sajjad Shahani and Anwar Panhwar said that despite the passage of 135 years from today, the working conditions of the workers have not changed. Unemployment, inflation and poverty have risen and the Corona epidemic only worsens this situation. As long as this capitalist system is in force, the conditions of the workers cannot be changed, it can only be changed through a Socialist Revolution.


International Workers’ Day was also celebrated on a limited scale, due to pandemic, in Nawabshah and a protest was organized by PTUDC in this regard. Workers from different institutes joined in, holding placards paying tribute to the martyrs of Chicago.

Khairpur Nathan Shah

Khairpur Nathan PTUDC, Labor Resistance and Awami Workers Party organized a function on the occasion of Labor Day. Candles were lit to pay homage to the workers. Various institute workers’ of the city were present on the occasion.


Due to Covid, this year’s May Day commemorated in symbolic terms in the workers’ colony near Fauji Fertilisers Company(FFC). Ababs Taj served as stage secretary while Finance Secretary Mazdoor Union (CBA) Fatima Fertiliser Company Ali Hassan, General Secretary Employees Union FFC Nawab Din Lashari and Central General Secretary PTUDC Qamar Uz Zaman Khan Spoke to the event.

Rahim Yar Khan

PTUDC and District Workers Action Committee organized a protest on 1st May at the district press club against inflation, unemployment, privatization and labour rights violations. The demonstration was led by the senior labour leaders Syed Zaman Khan, Safdar Khan Kanju, Naeem Mahandara and Haider Chaghtai. Workers, students and youth from Employee Welfare Association Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Pakistan Peoples Party, Bazm-e-Farid, Punjab Teacher Union, RSF, Uniliver Workers Union, Coca Cola, MRDW, and Young Allied Health Professionals Association participated in large numbers.


PTUDC held public meeting at Jampur to pay tribute to the struggle of Chicago martyrs. Speakers pledged to continue the struggle till the socialist revolution.


May Day activity was held at Lahore Diesel Engine Shed organized by Railway Labor Union. Comrades of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) along with workers of different instititues participated in the event.


On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, Labor Qaumi Movement took a rally in the industrial sectors including Sadhar, Chanchal Singh and Bao-wala. After the rally, workers participated in a program of women workers organized by the Labor Qaumi Movement at Aman Ghar.

At the programs, speakers paid tribute to the great sacrifice of the martyrs of Chicago and talked about the problems facing workers and the worker’s movement today. Furthermore, the speakers congratulated the workers on their recent gains, increase in wages and unionization of Sitara workers. All participants reiterated the need to advance the struggle of the working class.

A delegation of PTUDC led by Information Secretary PTUDC Dr Umer Rasheed participated in all the programs. The delegation included Ammara Zia Khan, Ali Turab, Adeeba Kausar, Ismat Parveen, Shumaila, Sharjeel Musa and Naveed.

Addressing the workers, Umar, Ismat and Ammara made it clear that the root of the workers’ problems is the capitalist system and its imperialist institutions like the IMF and the World Bank. Without overthrowing the yoke of Capitalism and Imperialism the success cannot be fully achieved. The eradication of hunger, unemployment, a provision of free health and education to every human being is possible only through Socialism and Communism.


A May Day program was organized by the Municipal Labor Union, Metropolitan Corporation in Rawalpindi in which President Raja Haroon ur-Rasheed, General Secretary Shahid Raza Padri, Chief Patron Raja Abdul Majeed, Senior Vice President Abdul Qayyum Khan, Masood Fazal, Arshad Khan, Chairman Javed Ahmed, Nisar Kayani, Abdul Waheed, Tariq Yusuf, Amir Shah and Tipu Sultan participated and spoke. Comrades from PTUDC, RSF and JKNSF joined the ceremony and paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago.

Railway Loco shed Rawalpindi

Under the auspices of All Pakistan Railway Trade Union Grand Alliance and Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC), a rally was held at Loco Shed Rawalpindi to pay homage to the martyrs of Chicago. The rally was led by the Central Railway Labor Union.

Hassan Abdal

Another symbolic program by People’s Labor Bureau Attock District and PTUDC was organized outside the office of Jallu Stop to pay homage to the struggle of Chicago workers. The speakers to event include President People’s Labor Bureau Attock District Siraj Gul Khattak, President PTUDC North Punjab Shahid Anwar Advocate, Organizer PTUDC Saqib Sohail and Syed Montazer.


A program was held by CDA Employees Union Pasha Group and tribute was paid to the struggle of the martyrs of Chicago. Senior leader of PPP Abrar Rizvi, Central Secretary General of Radio Pakistan Union Muhammad Ijaz, Organizer RSF Islamabad Abdul Rehman, Central Joint Secretary of PTUDC Dr Chengez spoke on the occasion.


On International workers day, Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) and Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized a seminar on “The struggle of martyrs of Chicago and problems faced by workers in the current era and solution” in the JKNSF office, Lower Plate, Muzaffarabad. Workers, Students and Youth participated in this seminar. Former President JKNSF Rashid Sheikh, Joint Secretary Secretariat Employs Association Tariq Chughtai, Organiser PTUDC Awais Ali, Vice Chairman JKNSF Muravat Rathore, Former General Secretary PSF Majid Awan, Fida Chaudhary, Majid Khan, Raja Tanveer, Zubair Mughal, Ahmed Butt, and others addressed the seminar and paid tribute to the struggle of Chicago workers. They acknowledged that the mission of Chicago martyrs can only be fulfilled by overthrowing this tyrant Capitalist system that causes poverty, inflation and exploitation. Speakers also supported the Municipal Workers’ strike and strongly condemned the oppression of the state.


Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) and Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized public meeting in Rawalakot, Kashmir to commentrate May Day and pay tribute to the martyer workers of Chicago.


A brief meeting regarding May Day was organized by JKNSF and PTUDC in Bagh, Kashmir.