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March 8: International Working Women Day in Kashmir

By Saima Batool

On the occasion of International Working Women Day, March 8th, Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) organized events and seminars titled ‘Role of Women in the People’s Rights Movement in Jammu Kashmir’ in different cities and towns of Pakistan held Kashmir. The participants also expressed solidarity with Palestinian people.

Speaking at these events, the speakers said that the women living in this region are facing numerous problems. Due to rising inflation most of the women are deprived from education. That results in the forced domestic slavery for the majority. The number of women dying during childbirth is increasing. Especially female students face sexual harassment and blackmail in educational institutes. Despite all these problems, even if they get education, the employment opportunities are very limited. There has been a long-standing movement around basic demands in the region and women are just not part of it but playing a vital role in the movement by breaking out of family constraints and bearing social pressure.

During the state attack, women not only organized sit-ins in many places, but also thwarted the state’s ambitions with great courage. Students and working women have ensured their participation in this movement which has forced the reactionary elements to kneel down and recognize that women constitute half of the population and no movement can succeed without their active participation.

The speakers also said that Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) is the representative organization of youth and women of this region which is engaged in struggle beyond gender discrimination. JKNSF has the ideas of scientific socialism and only with this ideological weapon this system can be fought and all kinds of deprivations can be eliminated.


A large number of students and women participated in the seminar organized by JKNSF at Rest House Hajira. General Secretary Abbaspur unit Saima Batool performed the duties of stage secretary while General Secretary Degree College Unit Kubra Yusuf, Information Secretary District Poonch Samia Batool, Organizer District Poonch Saifullah, General Secretary City Unit Hajira Ehtsham Sabir, Rauf Khan, Zonash Nair, Asma Batool, Aqsa Ishaq, Central Deputy Chief Organizer JKNSF Arsalan Shani and other spoke at the event.


A seminar was organized in Khaigala. Comrade Batool chaired the seminar. Rehana Majid, Benish Kazim, Shazia Nadeem, Nabila Taif, Sadia and others addressed the seminar.


A ceremony was held on the occasion of the International Working Women Day, organized by the students of Jamia Kashmir in Muzaffarabad. A large number of students participated in the event. Peoples Revolutionary Front (PRF) central organizer Rashid Sheikh, Sehrish, Sughra Nissa, Faheem and others addressed the event.


On the occasion of International Working Women Day, a seminar was organized in Rawalakot. Central Joint Secretary JKNSF Anam Akhtar, Maryam Shoaib, Shobia Salman, Sabia Akhtar, Mehek Zahid and others addressed the seminar. Maryam Harris chaired the seminar.


Central President NSF Khalil Babar, Shehzad Ismail, Ashmil Nashadar, Huma Khan and others addressed the seminar organized by NSF in Datot on the occasion of International Working WomenDay.


A seminar was organized by JKNSF in Bagh. Leaders of JKNSF along with students from Women University Bagh participated in the seminar. JKNSF central senior vice president Adnan Khan, Zubair Hussain Zuberi, central leader Bushra Aziz, Salma Hameed, Maria Khan and other leaders addressed the seminar.