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Lahore: Why Socialism? A Discussion on the Relevance of Socialism Today


On 2nd of March 2018, a discussion was organized by Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) in collaboration with Progressive Students Collective (PSC) and National Students Federation (NSF- Azad). The topic was “Why Socialism? A discussion on the Relevence of Socialism Today”More than 50 male and female students, teachers, artists and youth from Government College University, Forman Christen College, Punjab University, Diyal Singh College, University of Central Punjab and other institutions came to participate this most important discussion. Representatives of of many other progressive students organizations aslo participated.

Sasha Javed Malik

Sasha Malik conducted the program and Awais Qarni opened the debate by explaining the aims and objectives of Revolutionary Students Front and the importance of Students politics. He also shed light on the issues faced by Youth in general and Students particularly. He stressed upon the unity of progressive voices to fight against Capitalism.

Imran Kamyana

Imran Kamyana, as the prime speaker, led the discussion on the topic. He examined the current world political and economic situation, the history of students politics of Pakistan and the decline of the Soviet Union and its socio-political impacts around the globe. He explained the organic crisis of capitalism and the reasons how it cannot recover from it. The capitalist decline resulted in wars, fundamentalism, religious extremism and political chaos, he added. The difference between the rich and poor is expanding, wealth is shrinking into the hands of a tiny number of people, while the majority has nothing to eat, drink or sleep. Technology advancement is at its peak yet the humanity is suffering from hunger and deprivation. Capitalism is obsolete, instead to put humanity forward it is dragging it into barbarism. And despite the vicious imperialist propaganda, the ideology of Marxism is more relevant than ever before. Only the Revolutionary Socialism can put to end this capitalism and all of its misery and exploitation.

Mohibba Ahmad

Mohibba Ahmad talked about the capitalist exploitation of women on the basis of gender. She also discussed the basic roots of patriarchy and male dominance and its socio-objective reasons. She discussed the women question from many angles. Without working women there will be no socialist revolution, She stressed. Raza Gilani, in his speech, focused on the importance of revolutionary ideology in students politics. He explained the role of students in spreading the socialist ideas among workers.


Haider Butt

Mustehsan Abbas spoke on the students’ issue including alienation, stress and unemployment etc… he said capitalism kills the talent of individuals and put them into the race of survival, it stains every human relations with the greed and lust.Imran Kamyana summed up the discussion by answering the questions. Haider Butt thanked all the participants in his closing remarks.

A book stall was also organized by the struggle publications, Its latest publication titled “What is Socialism?” grabbed the attention of all participants. Participants left the hall with revolutionary spirit and aimed to continue such discussions with even large gathering in future.

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