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Lahore: One Day Marxist School and Seminar

By Yasir Rasool

Observing One-Minute Silence in the memory of Comrade Mehmood Butt

On 23 February, a one-day Marxist school was organized by Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) in Lahore, in which more than 50 students and comrades from Lahore, Sialkot and Faisalabad participated. Before  the formal opening of the school one minute silence was observed in the memory of Comrade Mehmood Butt. The school has two sessions. Ilyas Khan from Lahore welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of such activities.

The first session on “World and Pakistan perspectives” was led by Saif Mandhar while Awais Qarni chaired the session. Saif analyzed the imperialist aggression on Venezuela. He stated that one of the main reasons for the disastrous crisis in Venezuela is the economic sanctions implemented by the global imperialists. He further discussed the economic crisis of the European Union, the Brexit and the revolutionary movement of the yellow jackets and its impacts on the other countries.  The emergence of Burney Sanders in America and British Labour Party leader “ Germy Corbyn” was also discussed. He discussed the fascist BJP regime in India and the probability of its defeat in the upcoming general elections. He also discussed the Indo-Pak war hysteria and the reasons behind that. After the leadoff and questions Imran Kamayana, Farooq Tariq, Haider Butt and Ilyas Khan participated in the discussion. Omar Rasheed summed up the whole discussion on the World and Pakistan Perspectives.

After the lunch break, the discussion on the second session “Socialism and Art” was led by Imran Kamyana and  Ammar Yasir from Lahore chaired the session. Imran discussed the topic in the light of a newly published book by The Struggle Publications with the same title. After leadoff Rana Mehran from Faisalabad and Awais Qarni made contributions in the discussion and Babar Patras from Sialkot summed up the discussion in the light of questions.


Book Stall by The Struggle Publications

Next morning, On 24 February, Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) organized a seminar titled ” History and Present Tasks of Students’ Politics”. Students from different institutions participated in the seminar. Deputy organiser RSF, Saif Mandahar, performed the duties of stage secretary.  Umer Rasheed, leader of Inqlabi Council Arid University Faisalabad, Adeeba, Students rights activist GCU Faisalabad, Shaher Bano, Student Activist LUMS Lahore, Haider Ali But from Progressive Students Collective (PSC), Khan Shehryar Zulfiqar from JKNSF, Hassnain from All Pakistan Students Alliance, Central Information SecratryPSF Punjab, Sibte Hassan, Zahid Ali from Haqooq e Khalq Movement (HKM), Farooq Tariq from Awami Workers Party (AWP) and Imran Kamyana spoke to the event and discussed the rise and fall of students politics and the emerging movements among the students. All the speakers showed concern for the combine activities, schools and seminars in the future. Central Organizer RSF, Awais Qarni, concluded the seminar by discussing the history of students politics, he also stressed upon the potential among the female students and their revolutionary role in students’ politics. In the end, One Day Marxist School and Seminar concluded with the Workers’ Internationale.