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Kashmiri women weave tales of resistance


On October 10, in response to the call of the Awami Action Committee, women of all ages with the children from all over Pakistan administrated Kashmir poured into the streets and roads and shouted their demands so loudly that they shook the fragile foundations of reactionary religious bigotry and oppressive state violence. The Marxist cadres of the Jammu and Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) and activists of other progressive nationalist organizations are playing a decisive role in organizing the masses, especially women.

The glimpses of these women-led protests are highly unusual in this part of Jammu and Kashmir, where religious parties have been nurtured by the state and imposed on Kashmiri society in the name of jihad and where the puppet political regimes have been installed to exploit the Kashmiri masses. However, as we are witnessing now, the youth, women, workers, and masses of Kashmir have never accepted such inhumane and reactionary thoughts.

In Khaigala, a suburb in the Poonch district, a very unique protest took place, where young school kids led the rally in favor of the Awami Action Committee’s demands. These young souls chanted slogans and made fiery speeches.

Elderly women participating in Kashmir protests expressed their frustration and anger at the system. They said that our children are wandering in Middle East and all over the world in search of jobs. What does this government give us? And on top of that, they are imposing a lot of their illegal taxes.

Solidarity protest also been held in different parts of Pakistan including Karachi and Islamabad by socialist organisations such as Revolutionary Students Front (RSF), Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF), Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Action Committees formed in these cities.

Today, Kashmir witnessed an unprecedented scene of women’s participation in the resistance movement. This historic development is a testament to the courage and determination of Kashmiri women, who are playing a vital role in the struggle for justice and freedom.

The protesting masses of Kashmir extended solidarity with the Palestinian people by holding placards and chanting slogans at protests and rallies.


On 17th October Youth and Students will take the street and roads of Kashmir on the call of Awami Action Committee and also solidarity protests will take place in Islamabad, Lahore and other parts of the country. Here are few glimpses of these protests, rallies and public programs.





Khaigala II



Teetrinote, Crossing point






Neelam Vally, Ath Maqam