Pakistan Reports

Faisalabad: Seminar on “70 Years of Partition and Endless Misery”

By Saif

On August 14, 2017 Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) organized a seminar on the topic “70 Years of partition and Endless Misery” at Faisalabad. Saif chaired the event, while Umer Rasheed delivered the opening lecture on the topic. He said even after the 70 years, working class has nothing in their hands. But the ruling elite of both countries is getting rich day by day at the expense of masses. The working class has no other option, except a direct attack on the means of ruling. Unity among working class and their conscious involvement to fight for their basic needs is the only way forward. Socialist Revolution is the only way to get real freedom of this exploitative system. Sharjeel, Naveed and Umer Anjum participated in the discussion. At the end, Umer Rasheed concluded the event.