Analysis Latin America Youth

1st Congress of the ISL: Resolution on Nicaragua

By International Socialist League


  • That in Nicaragua a dictatorial regime has been consolidated against the mass movement and that there is a particular repression of all democratic activity of the workers’, students’, peasants’ and popular vanguard;
  • That in order to hold on to power, and to condition the population as a whole, the Ortega-Murillo government maintains hundreds of political prisoners since the rebellion of April 2018, who are added to the dead, wounded, and disappeared.
  • That the fundamental contradiction lies in the fact that the most visible opposition to the regime is capitalist, was associated to the current government for years, is advised by Yankee imperialism and obviously does not represent a positive way out for the poor masses and the youth;
  • That there is an objective movement with tens of thousands of exiled activists, mostly in Costa Rica, who constitute a field of concrete intervention to fight for our independent positions;
  • That our young foundational group has been putting up a relentless struggle against the dictatorship, against the campism justifies it and against the “lesser evil” tendencies towards unity with the Blue and White bourgeois opposition;
  • That within the framework of our strategy for a Federation of Socialist Republics of Central America and the Caribbean and workers’ and peasants’ governments, our current slogans for action are “Ortega-Murillo out”, “freedom for all political prisoners” and “for a Free, Sovereign, Democratic and Plurinational Constituent Assembly”;
  • That for all this, the key is to strengthen the construction of Alternativa Anticapitalista as a section of the ISL in Nicaragua;

This 1st Congress of the ISL Resolves:

  1. To carry out seminars, forums, conferences and agitation and propaganda activities to disseminate our positions in relation to this process.
  2. To promote a campaign for the freedom of the prisoners, with photos, videos, seminars and protests at Nicaraguan embassies, to be coordinated with the ISL leadership elected in this 1st Congress.
  3. To elaborate and deploy an orientation toward the Nicaraguan exile movement, especially those living in Costa Rica, in order to prepare for the return of our own exiled cadres and militants.

Courtesy International Socialist League