1st Congress of the ISL: Resolution on Authoritarianism and Fascist Danger

By International Socialist League

Considering that;

  1. We are witnessing a social and political polarization that is tending to deepen. One of its expressions is the intensification of attacks on democratic rights, tendency towards authoritarianism and rising activities of far right and fascist organizations, though the latter represent minorities and manifest in certain countries. All of this represents a concrete danger for us. As the crisis of capitalism deepens, far-right solutions are becoming attractive alternatives for the rulers. We see that the traditional institutionalism of bourgeois democracy and liberal hegemony have been shaken.
  2. The impoverished middle classes, the unemployed and unorganized workers, devastated by the economic crisis, are the main targets of the far right. Far-right demogogues turn immigrants into scapegoats and take these groups under their influence. Different forms of far right political trends continues to gain strength with the economic crisis, hostility to immigrants and Islamophobia.
  3. Although right-wing populist leaders do not directly promote fascist street movements, they reinforce and encourage far-right ideas and carry out extensive attacks on democratic rights. Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, Erdogan, Orban etc. are not accidental figures. Nor are movements like Vox in Spain. New examples such as Caste in Chile, Zemmour in France, Milei in Argentina also show that authoritarian right-wing populist leaders are universal phenomena of our time.
  4. When the radical left alternative is weak in the face of the capitalist crisis, the far right, right-wing populism and fascist gangs fill the gap. The reformist left and the trade union bureaucracy, on the other hand, do the greatest favor by curbing the mass movement with their conciliatory roles. This privileged layer of left bureaucrats has a great share in the rise of the extreme right with their role of undermining the class struggle. In this respect, it is of great importance to defeat the reformist left and establish revolutionary hegemony in the workers and youth movement.

The 1st Congress of the ISL Resolves:

  • The danger posed by populists and demagogues of the extreme right, fascist street movements or authoritarian leaders are not to be underestimated. Combating each of these forces according to their own realities must be made a priority.
  • Raising class struggle. The surest way to curb far-right reaction is to raise the class struggle. Because class struggle and socialism are the precise solutions to the capitalist crisis. Working class actions narrow the space of the far right. Therefore, the struggle against union bureaucrats and reformist forces that undermine the working class struggle is also very important for the antifascist struggle.
  • Protecting all kinds of democratic rights. The struggle for democratic rights is the basis of the struggle for socialist revolution. We defend the right to peoples´ self-determination. The right to assembly and demonstration, freedom of the press, fundamental human rights, women’s and LGBTI+ rights, freedom of expression and organization, and trade union rights…
  • Taking the lead in the anti-fascist movement. The street movement of the fascists should be stopped and crushed if possible. When fascist gangs find the opportunity to organize, they get stronger and carry out violent actions against the left and the oppressed, with the support they receive from the states. It is out of the question for the revolutionaries to watch this process passively. Revolutionary socialists must take the lead in the anti-fascist movement and must be in a struggle to constantly narrow the areas of the movement and organization of fascist thugs. It is of great importance to gain the anti-fascist forces, which create a strong dynamism in many parts of the world, for Marxism and class perspective.
  • Struggle against anti-immigrant policies. Concentrating on the fight against anti-immigrant, xenophobic and discriminatory policies is of great importance for the unity of the working class. It should be emphasized that the reason for the economic crisis and life difficulties is not the immigrants, but the capitalist exploitation system. This struggle is essential to break the hegemony of the right. Our main motto in this regard must be: “Refugees are Welcome Here, Put the bankers into Jail”.